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Urine retention.

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Radiotherapy for Intermediate Favourable seems successful 26 months later, PSA down to 0.83 and dropping each time so far. But I've noticed a weaker flow over the last few weeks and yesterday I was very ready to pee, but could not even produce a sample to test for infection. Waited two hours at the Drs until finally managed. No infection. Back to normal flow for me now, but all very worrying and uncomfortable. Dr said maybe the rt had narrowed the urethra or it was scar tissue. If it is urethral stricture I believe it can be dilated, but interested as to why it happened and how it 'fixed itself.'

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Late term urinary issues do happen. I had it a year after prostate SBRT. It went away on its own after 1-2 months. Avoid overdiagnosis. Treat symptomatically with Flomax if you need it. If it gets really bad and you can't pee at all, go to the ER to get cathetered.

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Doc will arrange a scan and take it from there. No further problems during the last four days.

I’m 67 and struggled w urinary issues after radiation therapy for 15 months before resolving gradually. Fingers crossed because urinary retention and urgency can be a painful problem. Agree w Tall Allen. Treat symptomatically w Flomax. Be careful about intrusive “fixes” urologists may recommend. The after effects could present further problems because scarred, radiated tissues do not behave necessarily like non-radiated ones.

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