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night time issues

I'm 34, male and for more than 2 months now I've been experiencing some strange, vague symptoms which are actually hard to describe.

It's like a very slight urge to pee which is more prominent at night disturbing my sleep. Maybe it's not really that severe, I wake up around 1/2am or 3/4 am on and off for these 2 months with that slight sensation. However, I only feel this for a moment or so and usually fall back to sleep. Sometimes I don't and I'm awake for the rest of the night however that sensation disappears within minutes. Also during showering I'll sort of pee a few drops, a few times.

My actual urination frequency is largely normal, that's volumes (about 2-2.5l a day) and number of times I'm going (4-5 times/day). My bladder has always been very strong and large as I can hold up to 700ml and this is the only time I'll get a really strong urge to go. It's just that at night time I keep waking up without having a full bladder at these odd times even though I didn't drink anything before bed.

I've had urianalysis samples done 4 times, all normal, tested my blood glucose level and that's normal too (for diabetes). I then finally had a DRE and to my surprise, the doctor said my prostate was enlarged however it was very smooth and normal in that regard. I didn't expect someone my age to have this but the doctor wasn't overly concerned about it and said it's not abnormal and this can happen. Doctor thinks that my symptoms are more likely due to an over-active bladder than anything else but said I can do a PSA if I wanted. I'm really scared to do this though.

I suppose the overactive bladder would explain the intermittent symptoms.

Also I've never had pain or burning or straining when peeing and there's no pain whatsoever anywhere else. I thought if an enlarged prostate or prostate infection was causing me issues I would have more noticeable symptoms, like pain during urination, weak flow etc. but that's all normal. I'm just worried and frustrated as I've never had urinary symptoms or anything like this before in my life. Always been in very good health.

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Go ahead and get the PSA done. It's easy, inexpensive, and gives you a baseline reading for future comparison. If it's high be happy you had it done at the young age of 34. We had a fellow of your age join a few months ago who had stage 4 aggressive disease. In my 12 years here I recall guys down to their mid-20s.

There is a suggestion that men who get PCa young, particularly those who have a family history of PCa, are more likely to have aggressive versions of the disease. Whether that observation is valid matters little, you have the enlarged prostate, some odd urges, and some concerns. So get that extra important piece of information that will clarify things.

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Hearing that is pretty scary to be honest. Those young guys must have had a strong family history whereby their fathers had very early PCa themselves? I do have an uncle (mum's brother) who was diagnosed last year, late 60s/early 70s. Not sure if that increases risk?

I did hear it was and is very rare for men to get it at this age but when you say aggressive I assume you mean by way of symptoms, right?

I mean those guys would definitely know there was something wrong. I mean, I don't even have any pain.


Your uncle counts.

Aggressive means it develops and grows and spreads rapidly.

The factors of youth and family history are separate but appear additive.

A feature of PCa is that it is typically sympomless - at least for most men and/or until it advances. That's behind the recommendation for an annual PSA & DRE starting at age 40. (As I recall the 34y/o with stage 4, was only when the metastases in his bones got painful.) "Feeling symptoms" is probably rarer than getting cancer at 34.


"Feeling symptoms" is probably rarer than getting cancer at 34."

Sorry what do you mean by this exactly?


Basically, no one ever feels symptoms of PCa.


Oh right I didn't mean feel as such, I mean more sensations I guess and the urination frequency.

I suppose if I did have something seriously wrong with my prostate, the GP would not have felt a smooth one but rather it would have been rough, hard and have nodules etc.?

I'm scared to take the PSA test. I'm really worried about the possibility that it could be a high number which in turn will make me panic and think cancer. I tend to think the worst case scenario. I don't like waiting to just hear some number and then still not know exactly what could be wrong if that number is high. If it is, it would mean more tests which is going to make really panic and the wait would be agonising.


Aggressive, in the post above, doesn't mean the symptoms. It means prostate cancer (in younger men) is typically more virulent - grows faster, spreads faster, and is more likely to kill you. As far as symptoms, that will vary widely between people, particularly in earlier stages. You're young. Get the PSA test given you have symptoms - because while the odds are low for you to have anything to worry about, if you do, you might be managing a very different (nasty) beast than someone over 65.


Get the PSA test. PCa is very treatable when caught early. Yes, the fear and waiting for the diagnosis can be agonizing, but not as agonizing as realizing that you might have had a better prognosis if you had acted sooner.

Take a deep breath—the odds are high that you don’t have PCa at your age anyway.

Good luck, and keep us posted!


Physical June 2017. PSA 11. First PSA in too many years. It didn't go from 0 to 11 overnight. I was diagnosed 5 Oct 17. Only 'symptoms' I had were night time pee calls, between 1 & 3 a night. DRE smooth, no lumps or bumps. Get the blood test. At least you will have a baseline to make future decisions on. I'm 61, Gleason 9 in 5 of 6 cores. They already have the blood to test, the lab adds PSA to the list. More information is better than no information. Good luck and God bless. The folks here won't steer you wrong.


Your chance of having prostate cancer is really, really, really low. However, getting a PSA test won't do you any harm. If it turns out that the PSA is above normal, it's still likely that you don't have cancer but rather prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate. That could be due to a bacterial infection but that's unlikely given that you've had your urine tested four times. However it could also be caused by a viral infection or by mineral deposits in the prostate. Neither of those are serious problems and neither will show up on a urinalysis.

If you get a PSA test, do not exercise right before the test and do not ejaculate for at least two days before the test. Either of those could give you an artificially high reading.

I think there are psychological factors that can be causing your urge to urinate. When I turn on the water faucet to wash dishes, or if I stand in front of a urinal, I feel an urge. It's ridiculous isn't it? Obviously, those actions have no effect on the bladder. But, nevertheless, they have an effect on my mind. Lots and lots of people have similar experiences. I suspect that your situation is similar. You may just expect to feel a need to urinate when you wake up at night and so you do. I agree with your doctor that this is not something to worry about.

Good luck.



I am 50 and in August went to the ER for ankle swelling, ended up with a three week stay, almost died, prostate appeared “irritated” but not enlarged. My PSA was 556 and I had severe bone marrow involvement, lymph nodes and now after chemo I know I have bone mets as well- they show up on CT now that they are healing. I had no symptoms of prostate cancer. Now I’ll have my 9th round of chemo next week. Get the PSA. If this had been caught this earlier possibly could have changed my course drastically.

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15 years ago went for a cholesterol dr did psa was 54 Gleeson 9 If I was more aware I would have had psa at 50 things might have been different then. have the psa now

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The whole reason I went to see a urologist to begin with is the multiple urges to pee during the night. That is called frequency. In addition, there were the absolute urges to pee right now during the day. I used to call these the 5 alarm fires as I raced to the bathroom in fear of peeing my pants. Luckily, I made it each time. This is called urgency. Those two things do not mean PC per say. It appears you have had this investigated. However, if a doctor suggests you do a PSA, and you refuse, what does that say about you? PC does not go away on its own. Doing nothing in face of PC is a death sentence. I would have been dead two years after my diagnosis if I had done nothing.


I got the PSA done and it was normal so that was a relief. My symptoms are less regular now as well although I'm still waking up at night time the odd night or two (but no real urge to pee).

Thanks for all your responses.

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Please follow through not knowing is not good time is everything with this disease. There is a lot of information, options, and support. Best wishes !


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