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Urine smell

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I saw this question before but I don’t recall if it was here or somewhere else.

I’m still wearing pads for drips and spurts of pee. I’ve noticed there is a definite smell down there and not sure if my urine smells different, if it’s coming from urine in the pad or because things aren’t as dry as normal.

Any ideas?


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My husband didn't notice any smell. How often are you changing your pads? Are you well hydrated? Is it possible you have a UTI?

For a while when I first went on zytiga my urine had a really bad smell. But it eventually went away.

On xtandi I lost some control and leaked more. This caused an odor and I had to change pads more often.

All normal males smells go in the can . New improved chemistry has its own unique smell. I wonder as I pee in nature wtf ? The coyote thinks when he takes a wiff of that. . I’m sure he smells there is a problem chemically .

I lost underarm

Hair and smell too . No more doeed stick . I put on an old jacket that still had my musky smell on it. And it was strong. Over four years no more musk . Se La Ve !

Even a small amount of urine in the pad will make it have the familiar urinary odour. Changing it at least once daily should improve the situation

change the pads often - carry one in the back pocket

and yes - my underarm and body hair - gone - also the man smell so I spend a lot of time sniffing men try not to get caught but since I have a reputation as a perv ... ( wink )

Yeah: stop worrying. Some slight urine smell in your underwear/shield is expected. No one else can smell it.

I bought a toilet seat bidet. I wash my lower parts frequently. I cant imagine any older person not having one. Loose ability to wipe from a stroke? No problem. Wash and dry with the push of a button. Heated seat and heated water. For you guys, automatic seat lowering.

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JasonPgh in reply to oldbeek

I tried to reply and think I may have accidentally his report.

I’ve been thinking of one for a while but haven’t decided what to get.

Costco sells the bio bidet for $249.00 same brand as mine which is over 5 years old. I won't live without one. Back when I bought my first one it was $400.00. You can spend more for endless warm water but these have plenty of warm water. Only down fall is they require a 110v outlet near the back of the toilet. I am a jack of all trades so I just ran a new 110v line from a near by plug. I have them in every bath now. Edit:: this model does not have air dry like mine, but I don't use it anyway. But if I had a stroke I would buy one with air dry.

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JasonPgh in reply to oldbeek

Thanks I found it on Amazon

From all the meds you're taking.....(and supplements)...A devil's brew....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 03/05/2020 4:58 PM EST

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