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ADT (Lupron) vs COVID vs Vaccine?


There is some speculation that ADT, Lupron in my case, may provide some protection against COVID 19 because absence of testosterone may not allow certain proteins to form. Does this mean that it might also resist a vaccine and make it ineffective? I just had my first Pfizer dose and I'm only on Lupron for 4 more months so I want to be sure I'm protected beyone that.

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No. It may IMPROVE your immune reason.


There's been a huge amount of rumor and speculation about why the vaccine may be dangerous or ineffective but I wouldn't take any of it seriously unless it comes from a seriously scientific source.

Given that 562,504 Americans are confirmed dead from the virus, and that unknown numbers of people died for whom no study was done to confirm the cause of death, and that the numbers of people who didn't die but suffered terribly is probably much larger than the number who died, I think it's a big risk to not get the vaccine as early as you can. I wouldn't wait.

SailorRob in reply to AlanMeyer

Thanks, already got it. Just hoping it works.

I have been on ADT this time for 11 months and before that several years ago for 24 months I never had flue shots and have never been sick.

However your question is one I will research.

If I find anything I will post it. Hope you will do the same.

Thanks and will do. All the best.

I have been on ADT since Dec 2020 and am proceeding with my Lupron shots now. Got my first covid vaccination Jan 20, second Feb 17, Moderna . All OK, less injection site discomfort than annual flu shot. Continue with your Pfizer schedule. Wear a mask, follow safety protocols, be safe !

SailorRob in reply to btca

Thanks, that's my plan. All the best.

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