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New Therapy Approach To Cut Off Prostate Cancer’s Fuel Source


I came across this article about research at Duke Medicine. I have come to believe the key to beating PCa is to cut off it's energy supply. The article backs that up while explaining why we end up mCRPC and gives alternative to ADT.

If this works we can kill the PCa without ADT torture, and survive mCRPC.

Now to figure out how to block this glutamine pathway. Would have been nice if the article had mentioned what the existing pharmacology was.

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Odd that we have to pay for access, considering that:

"The work received support from the Department of Defense (DOD-W81XWH-19-1-0411), the Prostate Cancer Foundation Movember Valor Challenge Award (2018), and the National Institutes of Health (K99- K99CA237618)."


I am old school, old farm stock. Grew up hearing "You get what you pay for." That holds true even more today when "it is all about money". I hope the D O D gets their money's worth when treating cancer is probably the V A's greatest expense treating veterans. It is expensive to do this research. If we who stand to benefit from work that might even save our lives pay a little for that information, seems only fair.

But we have already paid via taxes. We deserve to have access.

No clinical trials, or experience in humans. Just theory, "in vitro", and mice.

It'll be a long road to the cancer clinic.

. Charles

bud_manning in reply to cpcohen

Finally there is a clinical trial going to happen. Yes a long road, maybe too long and too late for most of us................

In fact, after some deep digging, I found the 'equivalent' 'formula that achieves the same net effect.

The problem is the dosing, but the ingredients are listed.

I ordered 'a batch' from Amazon.

Here's what I found - the aim is to suppress glutamine.

A daily COMBO of Ursolic Acid, Trans-resveratrol and Turmeric extract is 'suggested' as the best approach. No 'single' sub-group offered much success, but the combo(s) offered more 'conclusive' results. There is still missing data - how long do you continue and how much do you take, but I will do ONE CAPSULE each and see how I feel - I'm hoping for no digestive upsets.

A quick Google question -> what suppresses glutamine ? and you'll get a list of about 10 chemical compounds.

KEEP digging and you'll find fuller explanations.

Ursolic acid comes from apple peels, trans-resveratrol from red grape skins and turmeric extract comes from the 'longo' sub-family root. [THIS]

I am combining [THIS] with my recently started bicalutamide monotherapy. I'll see the results, I'm assuming, in a few months as we monitor my PSA. I believe I'd have to cycle OFF the monotherapy to see if anything happened.

I'll report back at that time, unless I suspect that it has worked better / faster than expected, which will lead me to cycle OFF my monotherapy sooner. I assume 'd need to wait at least a month to even get HINT as to whether it was effective at all.

It MIGHT be worth a shot for some of us - maybe it will slow the cancer progression - maybe more, but thinking 'cure' is a stretch with OTC remedies.

Thank you for the info. Could you give the source. I am not good at deciphering the science jargon. But I continue to search.

SIMPLY use Google Search - use the words 'glutamine suppression' a LOT of 'stuff' appears - just 'ask questions' (search) and it will appear - keep digging and you'll find the 'components' that are in supplement form - that's how I found it and got what I wanted from Amazon.

I am slow. Thank you, I am finding a lot. W O W!!!

Anomalous in reply to RonnyBaby

So an Apple a day

davebliz in reply to RonnyBaby

What is 'longo' sub-family root. [THIS] Thanks.

RonnyBaby in reply to davebliz

LONGO is a specific type of turmeric / curcumin. It is the only one that is considered as therapeutic. READ the label(s).

Thanks for this.

I am just starting out on my Hormone therapy treatment with Aberiterone. I wouldn't start messing with my medication just yet but fascinating that Glutamine is the source of 'food' for the cancer.

For others it has been seen as a helpful additional medication.

WE need to hear more about this?


PCa metabolism is very complex. and it is more adaptable than roaches, even goes dumpster diving, salvaging material from dead cells. Cancers (all) main food is glucose. That is why the parasitic drugs are working for many (blocks glucose metabolic pathways). PCa favors fatty acids, but will use what it can get. A D T treatment (hormone therapy) works until the cancer finds another path. I was on Lupron 3yrs, Abiraterone 1yr before adaptation. Some people make it a lot longer. Now I am mCRPC, so I have to block every pathway I can identify. In 02-2021 I started taking 5 off-label drugs and 7 supplements (after 2 yrs research). I am eager to get more information on RonnyBaby's post. My oncologist agreed to script the drugs and monitor. He will be getting this new information tomorrow. And YES, you have to be very careful about what you take and what drugs don't mix, and especially read up on what the dr. gives you.

Wow. Found this from Johns Hopkins

I'm glad you found that. Obviously, the 'supplements' aren't the same as the new 'drug' BUT you can mimic it by using the combos that I mentioned.

It's the science that is the most encouraging and we must HOPE that this can move to TRIALS ASAP - this could be HUGE ....while hoping that Big Pharma doesn't push back and kill it in it's tracks !

Thanks. me too

Similar info here:

It's a little over my head.

bud_manning in reply to LeeLiam

Thank you. This is the forth time I have seen these supplements evaluated. To put it in plain Okie (Okahoman, USA) ---curcumin (CUR), ursolic acid (UA), epigallocatechin-3-gallate (or EGCG), resveratrol (RES) ---Kick prostate cancers but.

After three years of searching, I believe blocking metabolic pathways is the best way to treat PCa. PCa is very resourceful. If one energy path is blocked (A D T) it finds another (glutamine, fatty acids, dumpster diving (salvage of material from dead cells, autophage). There is much information coming out recently from people looking at the metabolism of cancer, especially PCa, like Johns Hopkins and Duke Medicine.

I am mCRPC. A D T no longer effective. S O C says "you are gona die". So I am going to be my own lab rat, conduct my own not clinical trials, and see if I live longer. No, it won't be proof metformin works, or any of the other off-label drugs I am taking work. If I am still alive in 5 years or even 2, will be enough proof for me.

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