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Finished radiation


45 treatments. IMRT. Not much in the way of side effects. Bit of an occasional mild burning sensation during urination. The hardest part was hitting the facility with a full bladder and an empty rectum at 11:00 am every day.

I'll get PSA and testosterone test in a couple of weeks.

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> The hardest part was hitting the facility with a full bladder

That would be uncomfortable. I wonder why they do that? Maybe to protect the bladder.

I think it was to push the prostate forward?

Sandy752 in reply to dixiedad

I was told that having a full bladder and empty bowel every day at radiation time would help ensure the prostate would be in the same place every day.

Steve507 in reply to Sandy752

My prostate was removed. I'm doing Salvage Radiation with 38 ZAPS.

Jimhoy in reply to Sandy752


JPnSD in reply to Sandy752

Yep....with salvage and other PC radiation is to be sure everything is in same place everyday. Even excessive gas can move things internally.

I am at 20 doses as of Friday. They don’t want gas or anything else in your rectum as it hurst their ability to see things. Full bladder helps position the prostate. Timing (and diet) is everything

dixiedad in reply to Stevemart

You bet.

Steve507 in reply to Stevemart


Jimhoy in reply to Stevemart

One of thing they don’t tell you (applied to me anyways) is that 1/2 way through Rt they switch from broadcasting the beam over the pelvic area to concentrate the beam on the gland! Well.... I was walking in public with my Grandson and all of a sudden I had a massive assplosion! The following Monday, I complained about this and “That can happen he said” because of the comment above will irritate the bowels! Just saying, don’t pass by a shithouse or you might become one!!!! Hope not but you’ve been told.... I was not!!!!Good luck!!



PSA test shouldn't be earlier than 3 months.

RBER in reply to Tall_Allen

That is right, I was told at least 2 and a half months after finish radiation.

hey Dixie! good to be through it all !!...I finished my 45 fractions in late 2016....psa continues to fall...been lucky and hope the same for you .....good luck ....peace

dixiedad in reply to fldrifter


Bladder and Bowel shuffle!I do zap 24 today

dixiedad in reply to Steve507

I drank about a quart of water between 10:00 and 10:20. It worked every day, plus I took probiotics and fiber capsules for the rectum part.

Steve507 in reply to dixiedad

Hmmm. I drink 3 liters of water an hour before and use stool softener. Apparently I have a large bladder accd to radiotherapists

How exactly did you accomplish the bladder and rectum requirement?

dixiedad in reply to maley2711

See above I just posted.

Best of luck to you! I completed HDRBrachytherapy the beginning of this past October. At 3 months PSA has fallen from 6.4 to 1.6; expecting it to continue downward. Other than being on .5 mg daily Cialis for flow issues no other side effects to speak of. So far so good. Wishing the same for you!

dixiedad in reply to CarverD


Congrats on it ending! I remember those days. The RO team becomes part of your extended family 👪

Depending on the length of time from your last radiation treatment and your upcoming PSA test, it might still be elevated due to the radiation.

Let us know how you are doing with your treatments!


dixiedad in reply to Joes-dad

OK. I doing ADT also. Trelstar.


Hello dixiedad,

Your PSA will likely be at or near undetectable, but not because of the radiation treatment. If your prostate cancer is hormone sensitive, and the great majority of them are before long treatment, your PSA reading will be low entirely because of the Trelstar. Unless you become "castration resistant" your PSA will be a useless measure of the effectiveness of your radiation until at least several months after the end of action of your last Trelstar injection, e.g. six months after your last 3 month Trelstar shot.

After that, it may still take time before your PSA reaches its low point. Radiation doesn't immediately kill all the cancer. If they gave you enough radiation for a guaranteed immediate kill of all cancer cells it would burn a hole into you. The cancer is damaged by the radiation but can take months or even years for all of it to die.

However, for a great many patients, radiation does work. We're all hoping it works for you.

Best of luck.


Thanks. That's what I've been told about PSA and ADT.

You were right / did the right thing with the 'hydration' and BMs ...

I had very similar treatment - I ended up with a great deal of fatigue - happened after the 'end' - caught me by surprise as to how much and how long it took me to 'recover' - but I had no other lingering side effects or further 'problems' with the treatment.

Hopefully, the worst is over - nevertheless IF you feel the fatigue coming on, it will pass in due time ...

Wishing you the best on your journey ....

dixiedad in reply to RonnyBaby

I have some mild fatigue, but I lead a pretty sedentary life anyway. I am exercising more to try and build bone mass. I have osteopenia. Some bone loss, but not yet osteoporosis.

I do about a mile of Nordic walking (with ski poles) every morning and now I'm up to two 30 minutes sessions daily on my recumbent stationary bike. While sitting I work out with two 7 lb. dumbbells.

I'd like to do more walking but I have no cartilage in the inside of my right knee joint. According to my orthopedist "not bad enough for a knee replacement...yet". I get the "chicken shot" in the joint every 6 months, but I'm still limited as to how far I can walk.


I'm 79, 6'2", 258 lbs. and trying to lose weight. I'm doing intermittent 16 hour fasting (8:00 pm till 12:00 noon) and low carbs.

I've gotten some 'advice' on this forum as to when I should get a PSA and/or testosterone test following IMRT. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll go with what my doctors say.


RonnyBaby in reply to dixiedad

It sound to me that you are more physically active than I have been - I think you're doing pretty good under the circumstances. I've already had knee Replacement surgery - but soldier on we must - I have severe arthritis, so I walk and golf and ride a bit on a bicycle weather and season permitting 'up here in the great white north of Canada '.

I have been lax to be honest, but I've been on an ADT vacation for over 2 years - it is UP and I'll be starting some form of ADT shortly - so I'll have to get moving !

My weight has changed as well - a 40 lb swing in less than 1 year - so I've had the shot across the bow - GOLF season is near and I've lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks - slowly but surely ...... FORE !

dixiedad in reply to RonnyBaby

Are you taking anything for the arthritis? I'm taking 'Triple Strength Joint Soother Compound' from Puritan's Pride. It seem yo help.

RonnyBaby in reply to dixiedad

I take a series of herbals - that address / counter inflammation. I have been very fortunate to have avoided any type of prescription medicines AND KNOW that there are natural remedies out there that really work.

I'm a living 'proof positive' example.

I used to take omega 3 (now off the list because it is controversial) fish oil, lots of turmeric extract, Vitamin C and D, and a few other herbals that changed over time but they needed to 'tackle inflammation' and there are several types out there.

I made a significant change a while back and tried ZYFLAMEND - that became a game changer for me. The New Chapters herbal joint pain reliever has reduced the swelling in my hands BIG time - my arthritis has actually caused deformation, swelling and bent fingers and toes - that is how bad it has been.

With Zyflamend as plan A, I continue to take my mainstream Vitamins and added K to the mix.

I also take 'black seed oil', and some rather 'exotic' herbals I won't name (latin/ chinese anyone?) but they were selected because they also assist in apoptosis of advanced types of cancer cells (in the form of CTCs) They ALL have anti-inflammatory properties and THAT is the key.

Last but not LEAST, I have done something new in the last 3 months that I believe is also helping.

Pre + pro biotics and Natural Enzymes daily with food - the GUT is a big part of the equation and inflammation can come from food reactions (aka allergic or partial 'rejection' of certain food compounds) - so I've also gotten better sleep and a bit more energy.

The last part was something that a friend had tried to address some food 'allergies or bad reactions to' that she had experienced her whole life - just the enzymes allowed her to tolerate those foods and 'expand' her diet. That was an eye opener for me and I suspect that I might advise others as I see continued improvement / progress in the way I feel.

dixiedad in reply to RonnyBaby

That's quite a regimen. Glad it's working for you.

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