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Prevention of prostate cancer


Thank you for allowing me to join. I am 82, with a psa reading of 3.1, which has slowly been increasing for the past 10 years. A biopsy of my prostate 3 years ago was negative. My father died from this terrible disease so I have tried to learn as much as possible about preventing PC. I have completely eliminated sugar from my diet for the past 5 years, has this helped me as I am not sure.?

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I am glad you don't have prostate cancer. I am not sure the role that diet plays in preventing prostate cancer.

addisong in reply to BobJensen

Thank you for your comment

BobJensen in reply to addisong

You are welcome.

The only proven preventative is Proscar or Avodart.

addisong in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you for your reply. Do you have any sources that explains prevention with Proscar or Avodart. Are there any testimonials more or less proving this?

Tall_Allen in reply to addisong

You can't have testimonials - how could anyone know if their PC was prevented? They learn this by comparing men who took this medicine to those who didn't take it. Here are some studies:

addisong in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you for the links.

My maternal grandfather died of prostate cancer at age 84. I began getting prostate exams at age 40, instead of 50. I had prostate cancer in 2015. I am now cancer-free.

Mollyjones in reply to BobJensen

Grateful of a success story

Bob, what did you do that cured your cancer, medications, etc.?

BobJensen in reply to addisong

I had surgery to completely remove my prostate. The cancer was completely encapsulated inside my prostate. He saved the nerve bundles responsible for erections. I am thankful for that. I did not need chemo or radiation.


Hello. I personally know of nothing that will actively prevent PC like a vaccination might prevent an infection. I believe there is some research into a vaccination, but I heard it only works if you have it before the age of 10.

There is a genetic element as you're probably aware of, but I don't think it's currently known exactly what gene or genes, (plural and more likely) are involved. Even if that were known, it doesn't mean it can be entirely prevented only identify who's at risk.

PC does depend on testosterone levels to some extent. The lower the level, the lower the risk. Low testosterone has its own problems so I would think lowering it to prevent PC is only desirable if it's too high and/or you're genetically at risk and OLDER. Testosterone tends to lessen with age naturally. Treatments which reduce testosterone are used in the treatment of PC for some men.

Like all cancers really, PC is more likely to occur when the immune system is poor. Generally speaking, it's underdeveloped in the very young and declines in older years. Anything you can do to the boost the immune system then, may help prevent PC. OR anything you do to prevent it being damaged.

This means a "healthy" diet with an adequate but not excessive amount of protein plus the other ingredients of a balanced diet. There is an increasing awsreness that there are many benefits to a meat free diet including reducing global warming. Foods or supplements that have antioxidants mop up "free radicals" which cause all sorts of damage.

Things which should be avoided are too much sugar, excessive alcohol and smoking tobacco.

Your general health is also a factor in this, so is disease of any major organ, heart, lungs liver, etc.

Treatment - this varies. There are all sorts available but it largely comes down to surgery, different forms of radiation or different biochemicals.

You PSA is possibly lower than many men younger than you who still don't have PC.

Sorry to remind you of this. If you live in the US you are already over the life span of the average American male. Even if you are in good health otherwise and were diagnosed with PC you would probably be advised NOT to undergo any treatment aimed at curing it as it might reduce the quality of the life you have without necessarily lengthening it. Any treatment you might be advised to have would probably be aimed at maintaining quality of life only.

Stress is something which damages the immune system. I would tentatively suggest you discontinue the PSA testing. Go see your primary physician if you have any moderately uncomfortable urinary tract symptoms.

I wish I were in your situation, as regards your age and PC, that is you are significantly older than me and I was diagnosed with PC 7 years ago. If I survive to your age and still as healthy as I am now, I will think myself blessed.

Don't worry about treatment.

addisong in reply to Hidden

Tim, I really appreciate your comments. I most certainly agree with you concerning the immune system, everything should be done to strengthen it. I certainly concur with you concerning eliminating sugar and all similar products, alcohol, and tobacco. After researching extensively on cancer and its life, I am convinced that cancer cannot survive without sugar, etc. My wife and I have only used stevia and honey for the past several years. I lost my father (age 81) with prostate cancer, my first wife with colon cancer and my younger brother with bile duct cancer.

I sincerely believe that chemo and radiation should be outlawed as a cure for cancer.

There is cancer being cured in our country, however no one is taking heed.

Thanks again for you message. Addison Griffith in Arkansas

Glad to hear to you do not have prostate cancer. Because exact causes are not known, there is not a lot of research I've found regarding prevention. In terms of diet, there is quite a bit of information available about general "cancer prevention" diets but as noted in prior post, there is not much empirical evidence on the extent to which these help. With that stated, I've done a lot of research on nutrition and prostate cancer and while there may not be conclusive research, there may be some benefits to nutrients such as polyphenols of which there are a number of subgroups. To the extent that nutrients like these are beneficial, their impact is mostly about limiting interfering with prostate cancer by interfering with the cancer's androgen receptors. Included a link for one article on this topic but there are many more. Good luck.

addisong in reply to gamma909

Thank you Kurt, There is a lot of information from the link you sent me.

Like you I have done a lot of research on diet/nutrition the past several years and even tho there is no verified conclusion, I sincerely believe diet is the answer to not only prevention but cure of most all cancers, not 100%, but very close. I exercise an almost meatless diet, maybe a meal of salmon every 2-3 weeks. I know without a doubt cancer cells cannot survive without sugar. My wife and I have only used stevia and honey for a number of years. It is almost a crime to see the numerous processed foods that contain HFC.

I know that most cancer patients are treated with chemo and or radiation. Surgery can be a double edge sword, maybe cure some cancer, however it may spread the cancer through out the body. My father was treated with radiation for his prostate cancer and the last 6 months were horrible. he died at the age of 81. My first wife died of colon cancer and my younger brother of bile duct cancer. So I have very good reason to learn everything that I can about preventing and curing cancer.

Again, thank you for your response.

If you got it youll die of old age b4 it is a worry ....enjoy life...dont dwell....go get a young girlfriend....or spoil your wife....and thank your god fro sparing you the mind fk we all go thru.....

Good comment, thanks

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