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Unusual problem with pet dog


This is probably on the fringe of current topics, but has anyone had issues with family pets since discovering their prostate cancer? Recently after MRI scan and whilst awaiting biopsy (2.5cm lesion discovered), my faithful pet Border Collie who has been my constant companion for over 2 years has suddenly started to reject me!! I cannot hold her eye for a second before she turns away and will not come to me when called, slinks past me with tail between her legs instead of looking for a treat; this is something that has never happened before. Nothing that I can think of has caused this behaviour and I can only presume that it might have something to do with my condition. Has anyone else had this experience with a family pet?



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Interesting. I have not heard of rejection. I would think he would show more affection.

A dog is capable of "smelling" cancer "on" a human. Really, studies have been done on this and proved to be true.


Here in the US (at least), dogs have been used to "sniff out" cancers. Oddly enough, they work. But they are not pet dogs, rather service animals. Still, your dear pet may be experiencing fear after smelling your cancer. Maybe?

StuartS in reply to Jeff85705

Hi Jeff85705...., I think you may be right...! I took her last week to our local vet and they gave her a complete check up, also took a blood sample. Followed up with our vet this morning and the lab tests have come back negative..., so nothing amiss with her health wise. When I mentioned my condition he concurred with your comments and advised that he had had a similar case last year. Appears that certain breeds react strangely when detecting an specific enzyme on the breath of someone with cancer.

I have my biopsy scheduled for 12 Sep, so we will see if she (Islay) is right or not..., though I am hoping she is wrong..., but I am not holding my breath..., (excuse the pun)!

I hope Islay gets more comfortable with you. Dogs are so special. Mine didn't act differently when my prostate Ca was diagnosed. Maybe her sniffer isn't as good as Islay's!

Yep, I had a similar experience with our Westie. Nothing special pre biopsy - but afterwards he would come and sit at my feet and stare for quite long periods - quiet, big eyes and intent. I'm convinced he sensed something going on.

StuartS in reply to Dadog

As an aside...., 48 hours after my biopsy my border collie suddenly reverted to normal and was all over me as if I had just returned from deployment...., and she has been ok since. Strange the way canines can sense changes.

Not yet. (2 Pomeranians and 1 black Lab)

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