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Searching for DIGITAL PET scanners in Europe.

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Time for my PSMA PET/CT approaching, I am searching for places in continental Europe with digital PET scanners like the Siemens Biograph Vision or the GE equivalent. The rationale behind this is to improve, by a bit, the low ditectability of my low PSA (<0.2). I can have the test in my home town on an analog scanner (Siemens Biograph mCT) at a reasonable cost. Yet, willing to travel to central/southern Europe for the increased sensitivity and SNR of a digital machine. I have already found one but the quoted price is only suitable for a Russian oligarch. If you know any, please advise. Thanks.

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I am not entirely sure but you could make enquiries at Radboud umc at Nijmegen. I had a combidex scan and a PSMA scan. Combidex scan picked up Lymph node involvement at a PSA of 0.11 while the PSMA scan only picked up something equivocal at same PSA. I am not sure which Siemens machine was used to be honest as I was primarily interested in the Combidex scan but the facilities seemed pretty advanced and would be worth an enquiry.

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Thanks for your response. I am aware of it but the two have different targets. PSMA is more of an all rounder while Combidex is more targeted towards lymph nodes. The latter is scanned on a MRI machine while the former on PET CT or PET MR. Also the cost ratio is of the order of 3;1 including travel. So, it makes sense to order them as PSMA first, if in doubt, Combidex to follow.

Docrates cancer clinic in Helsinki Finland performs PSMA PET CT. They also have highly trained staff that is very good in analyzing the scan. This is important too. All are English speaking.

Been there done that myself

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Thanks, will check it. Cost?

The only one I have used is Cobalt Heathcare in Cheltenham. Not sure if it is the specification you want? Seems to be incredibly accurate from my results.


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Thanks will look into it too.

PS: According to their site, not what I am looking for:

"We have recently installed a new Siemens state of the art 128 mCT Flow Edge PET/CT scanner at our innovative Imaging Centre in Cheltenham."

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