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Blood clot


Hi all so nearly a year on and I have managed to get myself a blood clot in my left calf all started with my foot and ankle swelling up till it looked a bit comical, so took myself of to the doctor's, after seeing two doctors who thought I definitely didn't have a blood clot and they sent me home with the advice to keep it elevated and rest. This I did till swelling started to go up a little bit further than my ankle so went back to the doctor's a different doctor from the first two he decided as he can't see inside my leg to send me for an ultrasound and for blood test my blood was doing its normal trick and said everything was ok,but the ultrasound found a blood clot they have now but me on apixaban a blood thinning tablet for three months. Also when they did the ultrasound they found that my remaining lymph nodes are swollen so waiting to be referred back to the hospital. If you find yourself down the road with similar symptoms I hope you remember this post, and remember your blood doesn't always tell the truth. Don't get fobed off if you think things aren't ok look to someone else.

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I found myself in a similar situation, where I ended up in the hospital because of a Pulmonary embolism

with a couple of blood clots in my lungs. I have had chemotherapy for the last 10 months. The Chemo, I found, increases your risk of getting blood clots. My doctor says this is quite common. I am now taking eloquis to thin my blood.

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Thanks for the reply that's some serious stuff the blood clots getting on to your lungs I am so pleased that you are able to reply to me take care buddy.

I was aware of clotting risk with cancer before my DVTs in two veins in the left calf. I assumed that with vitamin E, omega-3 & other supplements that supposedly reduced clotting risk, that I was protected.

I wish I had known about D-dimer for testing for an active clot & nattokinase for clearing it. Better than ending up in ER hell.


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