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Merry Christmas, you have prostate cancer

Hello All my name is Tony, I am 58, I was diagonised with prostate cancer 3 days after Cristmas (Merry Christmas to me) .. My PSA was in low 7's and G-score was 6 ..

Saw the surgeon last Thursday and he told me on a scale of 1 to 10 I am a 1 right now .. he suggested surgery but I wanted to have mri done (going for a 3d mri tomorrow) first to see how close the tumor is to the nerve to see how much if any of the nerve he would have to remove if I optin for surgery ..

I haven't met with a radiologist yet wanted to wait until after I had mri so they would be able to see it and see if they had better options ..

While waiting I am on a ketogenic diet, filling myself up with protein trying to make my body akaline to eliminate the sugar in me ..

I have been reading some of the posts on here and I would appreciate any suggestions that have worked using other methods besides radiation and surgery with success..

Thank you and to all that's in this with me GOD Bless You and keep the Faith!!!

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Hi jbsnv

Just gone through your stats. You are far far away from facing death. So at least this should be a relief for you.

I understand you are currently undergoing ketogenic diet which I am not familiar with. But since it is in regards to Alkaline then I proposed you study what I have treated myself and the regimen I am currently undertaking where by I am pain/fatigue free.

Unfortunately I am 1/2800 in this forum doing this.

So if you decided to jump on this band wagon let the buyers beware,

Best wishes,

Roland (Honorary Doctorate?????)


Can you explain your protocol please? and Thank you for replying!!!GOD Bless!!!


Burnett1948.jbsnv. Your numbers are similar to mine in 2005. I had PSA of 7.6 and initially a Gleeson of 3+3 then retested by a different Doctor and upgraded to 3+4. What I didn't have messaged was the size of my prostate gland. I did go to 3 different Urologists including one who wanted to use radiation which I didn't agree to. I ended have surgery with a robot and was told my prostate was big after the operation. I later found out that the surgeon missed 6 mm of my prostate. I don't know if that was because of the large size of my prostate. Anyhow I had radiation in 2009 and now have recurrent PCa.


Thank you for your reply! that is may concerns, I am leaning towards surgery and radiation is not on my list but I will find out more afyer the 3d mri today .. Thank you again and GOD Bless!!!


Hi jbsnv

I am replying to your particular comment.

Patrick has on numerous occasions pointed out the path that you planned to undertake quite often end up exactly like Burnett1948.

So after prostatectomy and you still end up in the same situation so the question is should you proceed or go and enjoy yourself until what Burnett1948 current recurrence.

Another thing since you enquire about my protocol I advise you to keep checking on my post/replies as I insist people who is going to benefit from my hypothesis also do a monthly donation $50 to malecare and the Deaf& Blind.

I was fortunate when I donated $4000 to the Council of Deaf & Blind.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


What a Christmas gift. Sorry that you are here but a Gleason six is very good news. It means that you can be cured !

You have a lot of options available from active survalence to radiation (internal or external) or surgery. Other options that have come on line are cryotherapy or ultrasound. However they do not have the history that radiation and surgery have. Please know that if you pick radiation you can not have surgery at a later date. The radiation causes to much scar tissue. However you can have radiation after surgery. If you go with surgery make sure that the surgeon has done thousands of these procedures. Best chance on saving nerves.

Information is key. There are two good overviews on prostate cancer. The first is from the Prostate Cancer Foundation. They fave a booklet that you can download. They can be found at

The second one is from the American Cancer Society. You can find them at

Please know you are part of our family. You well never be alone. As they say, “people like us we have to stick together “!


One point that Dr_Who makes has become a bit historical in the last year or two. Select surgeons have been successful in doing salvage surgery after radiation. It is not widely available, and I'm sure that certain conditions apply. I'd not plan on it, yet, but know the technique now is viable.

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Well said B Bear. They are constantly making advances. Two years ago I had to argue with my surgeon even to operate as the cancer had spread to the pelvic area. Now it is becoming standard practice to remove the primary source of cancer (the prostate) even when it has metastasized.

Just does to show you that there are constantly coming up with new treatments and procedures.


If you choose active surveillance, there are many anticancer protocols you can adopt that will slow or even reverse the cancer at this stage.

The ketogenic diet is a good choice if you need to shed a few pounds, otherwise low carb mostly vegan is best IMO.

Sprinkling your meals with organic allspice, dried cilantro and dried parsley are great additions. (

Combining Lycopene and Cayenne supplements are effective if your stomach can handle the heat.

A product called DIM will also be a great addition as well as mushroom supplements (reishi, lions mane, turkey tail). High dose Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2 as well. IP6 and other chelators are effective to remove heavy metals from your system.

Pau d'arco and Chaga tea are also things I consume regularly. (made from bark/powder using a small crockpot.)

A great protocol for killing cancer cells is combining oil of oregano with liposomal vitamin c. Nattokinase and Serrapeptase are also excellent as well.

So much valuable information on this site. Of course all of this requires a complete change of lifestyle and mindset, otherwise surgery is probably easier.

Best Wishes.


Hi Tony...welcome!


Isn't it exciting! I was diagnosed 3 days before my 53rd Birthday...

Oye Vey


There are many options. For me, gleason 7, 6.9 psa at age 49. I read a lot of patient stories, and surgery became the least favorable option for me. I chose Proton Beam back in 2011 at Loma Linda UMC. With every treatment including surgery there is a risk of reoccurrence.

You have time. Do your research and make your decision based on information and personal feeling. I chose the minimalistic approach (least side effects) due to my age. My cancer returned and I will do HIFU now as a treatment choice for the same reasons.


Tony, I am sorry you are part of the club now. It is time for decisions, decisions, decisions. You, who knows the least about PC are supposed to read a bunch of literature and come up with a treatment plan. It is like asking the passenger in seat 25B save the day by landing the airplane! As usually happens, if your urologist is a surgeon, you will probably have surgery. If he is a radiation guy, you get radiation, cryo guy, you get cryo, etc. So, good luck as you formulate a treatment plan. If the cancer is caught early enough, and your doctor is good enough that all of the cancer is eradicated, then you will probably be cured. I too am a fan of the ketogenic diet. Stay away from animal fats. They will definitely shove your cholesterol sky high. Get the sugar out of your diet as much as you can stand. That means low carbs. That leaves lean meats and fatty fish, fatty vegetables (avocados), lots of nuts and beans. Keep those veggies coming! Too many vegans dive deep into the pasta bowl and wonder why they are gaining weight.

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Hi David, Thank You! .. I am sorry I am too but love the support from everyone ..


I had surgery 2 days before Thanksgiving.


WOW .. How are you doing?


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