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Over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Gleason of 3 + 3. Have been on active surveillance and have PSA tested every 3 months. My PSA levels range around 5 - 6 with a high 6 months ago at 6.99. My latest PSA came back at less than .1 which is my lowest score ever. Has a miracle happened? What should I make of this?

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  • Get another test to confirm.

  • Yes, another test to confirm!

  • Even a normal prostate will give you PSA levels higher than 0.1 .

    . . . I'd repeat the test.

    . Charles

  • Retest

  • As others indicated, this is really an impossible result. It sounds like your PSA sample got mixed up with someone else's at the lab. Hopefully, that fellow, with a <0.1 PSA didn't get your result - which would scare the hell out of him.


  • LOL! (but true)

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. More to come after discussing with Doc.

  • Get another test. There is a mistake somewhere. Get a prostate exam also. Get a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam).

  • I had prostate cancer with a PSA of 0.7 %. PSA tests are not always reliable.

  • Had another PSA....5.41. Lower then my previous test but definitely higher and more believable then the the one done last Friday.

  • Get a biopsy

  • He had at least one biopsy, he's reporting Gleason scores.

    And he's on active surveillance. I have a similiar history and I'm biopsied every 2 years.

  • I lasted 6 years on watchful waiting. My PSA stayed around 4 to 5 but my byopsy results got to 4/4 and below . I then had brachi, radiation and 6 months of hormones. Doing well now.

  • Good for you opting for what I prefer to call Active Surveillance! I've been on Active Surveillance since Dec06 diagnosis and am not doing Watchful WAITING...for the Other Shoe to Drop.

  • My next biopsy is scheduled for December with a MRI.

  • I have been on Active Surveillance since Dec06 diagnosis. Had three biopsies. Last one in November 2010. Not a big proponent of multiple biopsies. PSA stands at 0.8. I am now 70 years young.

  • Congratulations on your "miracle "! I have been on Active Surveillance since Dec06 diagnosis with Gleason 6 (3+3) when it was 2 of 12 cores at 10% or less with PSA of 4.2. My PSA in Feb17 was 0.8. Studies have shown Exercise benefits seemingly curing low-grade non-aggressive Indolent disease!

  • Sorry for these multiple posts. I thought I was responding in different threads. If you have Gleason 6 PcA and are considering Active Surveillance give me a ring at

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