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Heart Event, 1996

Heart Event, 1996

I just turned 79. On Labor Day weekend, 1996, I experienced pains across back and shoulders and began popping, ASPIRIN because I could not find any Tylenol (LUCKY ME!). Checked in to local hospital about 4am, and by 3pm that afternoon discovered I had a 98% blockage in my LAD. Cardiologist, Dr.Grieco, opened in during the heart catherization and inserted a stainless steel stent. He put into an intensive heart rehab program, improved my eating life-styles, Rx.325mg aspirin in morning, with ACE inhibitor and Lipitor in evenings. I have been in this life style change since Sept.1996. I still work out in gym 2-3 evenings a week and am on the same Rx program. My EF is a steady 54% (it had dropped to 48% about 9yr.ago but got into 7-weeks of EECP Therapy which raised it to 51%) Over the past years it has improved to a steady 54%.

Dr. Gustavo Grieco, is still my Cardiologist (see picture taken 2016)

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Looking healthy and happy.

Good luck.



Which one's the Cardiologist?


Thanks Joe. Of course I know you're joking....yeah, he is in great shape. He also teaches Maritial Arts and boxing. He is very conservative in Rx-ing pills and believes in physical therapy for his patients.

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