My question really is that is it allways after radiation your left with impotence and or is it only to do with you not producing sperm, or is it that the sperm is useless, and what is the % of each of the above after treatment...sorry if it's confusing.

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  • I don't know the answers to your questions. I did not have any radiation. I hope you find some answers.

  • I had surgery, radiation and hormonal in that order. Mr Happy was up to the task until I started Lupron. At that point, Mr. Happy gave it his best effort but came up short.

  • I was able to get it up after the radiation, but then when you have a dry orgasm, you about freak out, and never will do it again. Well, not exactly, but the giz thing will, and it happened quick. The ADT will also effect you, if you go that route. Best thing to do is read up on Pca, and ask here, there's a lot of info.

    Good Luck, Joe

  • The impotence, as a side effect of radiation, is either due to damage to the nerves or damage to the blood flowing to get an erection. This damage, of course, is from radiating the prostate and tissue in that area.

    Impotence is not caused by damage to the sperm, IMO. I am a layman, not a doctor, and that is my understanding.

    I has SBRT and I think the radiation did not affect the testes so my ED is unrelated to sperm but directly related to the above

    Most doctors will say radiation treatment results in impotence.


  • your Prostate provides the seminal fluid that carry's the sperm from your testes

  • My surgery did not spare many nerves and the subsequent radiation sealed my fate as far as erections go. Unlike Joe, above, I have learned to appreciate the "girlgasm" I now experience. Hey, the old grey mare ain't what he used to be but I'm not ready for the glue factory yet.

  • ED (erectile dysfunction) is a side-effect of both prostate surgery and radiation. After surgery, the effects are immediate, and you may improve over the next months or years. After radiation, there's not much immediate effect, and you may get worse over the next months or years.

    ED doesn't stop you from having orgasms. Use lots of lubricant, and lots of stimulation, and most men will eventually respond.

    Most of the seminal fluid (what you spurt, when everything is working normally) is produced by the prostate. Because the prostate is missing (after surgery) or severely damaged (after radiation), the orgasm will be "dry". However, if you don't have an erection, urine leakage is common.

    Booklist on sex and prostate cancer:

    Useful videos by Dr. John Mulhall on ED and related problems:

    . Charles

  • Great advice.

  • I'll add a tiny bit to what others have already said.

    I was told by my radiation oncologist that about 50% of men become impotent after radiation. Those who already have some potency problems are more likely to become fully impotent than those who are doing well before treatment.

    As cpcohen said, the reason for the dry or nearly dry orgasms is the lack of seminal fluid produced by the prostate. In theory, the sperm are still good. I saw a study claiming that many men are sterile (unable to father children) after radiation) but many are not. It said not to rely on your radiation experience for birth control.

    I gradually became impotent after radiation. It took about five years before I was no longer stiff enough for penetration, in any position, even with Viagra. After that, orgasms were still possible though they're getting harder to achieve, but then again I'm 70 years old. In spite of the problems, my wife and I continue to have a pleasurable sex life.


  • Thank you everyone .best Alex

  • Since my surgery was done 24 years ago, the nerve-sparing procedure was not recommended at that time as it had the potential to miss some of the cancer that was present in order to save potency. Several urologists in our area at that time told patients to "find another surgeon if maintaining an erection was more important than eliminating the cancer." There was no robotic procedure at that time.

  • Also meant to add...., BUT I'M ALIVE AND CANCER FREE!

  • If erection is the issue, consider a penile implant. They work, nicely.

  • My doctor( prostate cancer specialist) told me that radiation was the nail in the coffin for erections.I n my case he was wrong.Thank God.Two yrs. latter I get morning wood at times and while slepping.My wife is sexy, vivacious,and has seen me thru it all.She is my blessing I am notnow and i will never be what i once was sexually but the important thing if you have someone that loves you is pleasing them not ourselfs..Am not9- the stud that i used to imagine myself as being.Now I just thank God that i can share even an occasional intemacy with my love. 9-1-16 chose Orchiaectomy,even still Im at least able to share my love for her.For both of us, thats what counts..Cannot lose that contact,

  • Yes he was for me to, anyway thanks for your input I am now more aware and am bloody angry at why radiation is given in my case because it has done nothing to sort out my problems in regards to my pain and bladder best Alex

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