Metformin and recurrent PCa

I have read Snuffy Myers videos about Metformin and the limited evidence he cites as well as others support its use for non-diabetic PCa patients. However, since the clinical evidence is not conclusive, I have had some problems in getting a prescription either from a PPP or even 2 prostate cancer oncologists. I finally got a prescription from my local urologist after citing a scientific abstract on Metformin's value. Myers says takes 0.5-1.5 years to have any impact and normal max dose of 2,000 mg must be gradually attained because of diarrhea. I have a prescription of 500 mg, now and will continue until see it has any effect on PSA. I did have recurrent PCa, been treated, and am monitoring now, PSA=0.04. Any advice or experiences on value of Metformin and higher dosage?

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  • Evreca:

    I am taking 4 500mg daily. 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM for a total of 2000mg.

    This appears to be the normal daily dosage.


  • I am on 1,000 mg/ daily with a script from my rheumatologist. I am also taking Methotrexate for arthritis and there seems to be a positive synergy between the two. I have been taking in for only 3 weeks and have found that my last PSA was level (no increase which it had been doing). However, the jury remains out because this last PSA test was not done with the same reagents, so I will need to see about the follow up PSA before I know if this was a true reading.


  • apparently there are two different PSA tests. One is a "WHO" test and the other is "Hybritech". reference:

    I asked at phlebotomy today, and no one I talked to seemed to know or care. Mistook the question for a Total PSA vs free PSA issue.

    Not a good sign.

  • The two assay methods I have had are Bechman/who and Roche. Despite what one might think, they are not comparable. The practice I see recently switched methods and went through a 6 mos calibration period. I requested both values on my tests and they were not comparable so now I have to reset normal for me.

    In addition any activity that can irritate the prostate can cause a rise in the PSA. Things such as bike riding, exercise, and sexual activity.

  • After hearing Dr Myers presentation at the PCRI Conference this summer, I asked my Oncologist to start me on Metaformin. He stated that there is no solid evidence that it would help me, and if I could bring him evidence he might prescribe it. Guess I will have to research some of the 13,000+ papers that Dr. Myers has published. I think my Doctor has published one paper, probably about standard treatment!

  • At 2016 PCRI, Dr Moyad said that the key clinical trail that showed a benefit had three arms not two, and the third arm was a lifestyle modification - more exercise. The third arm was better than either the placebo or the metformin arm. I looked briefly, and do not see the study on gov.trials however.

    I also asked my PCP for metformin. He declined.

  • Thanks for your views - I also attended the PCRI conference and noted Dr. Moyad's conclusion that lifestyle and diet beats the use of metformin - I too, have not run across the paper. I am also on a regular exercise program, on a good diet, and not obese by any means. However, knowing that I am a recurrent PCa "victim", I have concluded that even based on the limited evidence, if metformin assists in anti-tumor activity, has little side effects, and is inexpensive - I should go for it. My PCP also denied a prescription, so I went to my local urologist, showed him a recent scientific abstract and he wrote me a prescription, although at the minimum level of 500 mg daily. I'll keep monitoring my condition to see it has any effectiveness, particularly reducing my A1c, which is marginally pre-diebetic at 6.0.

  • a reference to that study (!)

  • Thanks, Martin. That citation was posted in 2013- wonder why Moyad thought that was a new, earthshaking result? Clearly, the jury is still out.

  • Just got the DVDs today, finally. I will see what he said. I know he also talked about the results of some fruit juice claim that was apparently tested this last year, and showed little effect. Pomegranate. I see it in the store - fairly expensive, in a dark purple snowman bottle.

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