OPKO 4K test

Does anyone have experience with the 4K Opko blood test used to predict the aggressiveness of PC?

Based on the (http://deb.uthscsa.edu/URORiskCalc/Pages/calcs.jsp) individualized risk assessment tool I had a 14% chance of having aggressive PC. My Opko score came back with a 67% chance of aggressive PC.

After biopsy my Gleason was 4+3, 3+4, and 3+3.

Thanks for any input

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  • I did the Opko test last year. I found it helpful, though the Opko company really sucked in overbilling me and then taking months to rectify.

    From what you wrote, seems like your Gleason 4+3 is significant in context to the other metrics that the Opko score includes. I would take that seriously and, depending on age and other health issues, I would consider a more aggressive treatment. The online uroriskcalc are more game like than useful...I would not hang my hat on that metric.

  • Darryl: Thanks for your reply. I decided to not reveal that I had a RARP 10 months ago. It was the OPKO test that clinched the decision to have the biopsy (PSA had been creeping up for 10 years- was 6.4 at biopsy). Then I sought a second opinion from a Urologic surgeon who had just completed his training at Duke. He advised having the surgery. I still have ED, am using daily 5mg Cialis and recently got a prescription for sildenafil 20mg which I wanted to try and learn if it might be more helpful. Does anyone have experience using both medications (say...cialis in the AM and Viagra in the PM ~ adjusting the dose of each). I'm using the pump also with mixed results.

    I'm 68 yo and am in excellent health otherwise. Any advice on how to proceed? I've read that my current regime should be used for 2-4 years before attempting implants. My gut reaction is that by then I'll just accept that I'm alive and cancer free and forgo another surgery.

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  • I used the urine test right from the University of Michigan - MiProstate sent to the doctor. Had to pay 80% out of pocket, but it was useful to know ( 95% chance of c and 65% chance Aggressive). Provided that one more piece of hints that something is not right and proceed with the biopsy.

  • Thanks for the reply!