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My Path to Precision Medicine

Greetings! Looking to network, educate on the path I took, and learn from the rest of you who've been in the trenches. I got tired of standard of care (diagnosed 3/14, surgery 4/14 (gleason 9, 85% of prostate with tumor, seminal vesicle invasion - just a mess), pelvic bone mets found 6/14 (6 week post-op PSA of 3.76...crazy), started eligard and 6 rounds of docetaxel 7/14 thinking I was still hormone sensitive, bone biopsy in 1/15 affirmed that small population of tumor cells still growing - so mCRPC I guess). In Jan '15 I pushed for genomic sequencing to find molecular abnormalities that fueled my advanced aggressive prostate cancer. Sequencing showed hyperactivity along Pi3k signaling pathway (P53, pi3k and PTEN loss) and i used that data to get on a pi3k inhibitor clinical trial drug. 14 months later cancer still shut down (progression free). I'm a big fan of unlocking the molecular alterations and going after it with targeted drugs. If my cancer starts growing again, I'll just sequence the met (blood biopsy most likely) and go after the new culprit. Happy to answer any questions folks have. I'm very curious about immunotherapy and if guys are on Pembro or Ipi and have had success.

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Thanks for sharing. You have been through a lot. Good luck.

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