Artificial Urinary Sphincter vs. Urinary Sling for Incontinence?

As some of you may have noticed, I have been in contact with a few men on this site concerning having Artificial Urinary Sphincters (AUS) installed to eliminate incontinence. I have one and it works great.  Before I got mine, I had a discussion with my Urologist about the other option called a Urinary Sling.  In my case he didn't recommend it because in his practice it didn't work as well. 

I would like to hear from anyone who has had a sling installed or knows someone who has had it done and how it worked.  Thanks in advance for any info.    

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  • Not only was the Urinary sling a total failure, the surgeon at Cleveland Clinic In Weston, Florida, damaged a nerve and 4 years after the failed installation, touching my scrotum is painful. Sadly,  you can't remove it as it is all attached to tissue. I had the artificial urinary sphincter installed last summer, at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  It works 90% of the time. A cough or lifting something heavy may force urine to pass through the sphincter.  I suspect also, that I need to go back to doing those keegles when I originally had the prostate removed back in '05.

  • Thanks so much for your reply regarding the sling. Not being really beneficial and possibly being more trouble than worth is what my urologist told me as well.  As far as my AUS leakage goes, Once in a great while I do have very minor dripping as well when exerting, but mostly it comes from being in a hurry to finish peeing and not allowing my urethra channel below the sphincter closure mechanism to completely empty.  A very minor problem compared to no control whatsoever.      

  • I agree. I've been having back problems. The first surgery was absolutely perfect and I was pain free for 3 years. But eventually problems went further up the spine. With the 2nd operation, an X-ray reveals a mini Eiffel Tower built around my spine, and sadly no improvement. So with pain meds and muscle relaxant meds, it's easy to see why the sphincter isn't working as well as it first did. Finally I have a good medical plan now working and I am about to start back to the gym and doing Keegle exercises.  We shall see!

  • Just had AUS in February.  90% sounds about right.  Do you have days though that are worse?

  • Yes, because I have 2 other conditions (failed back surgery and ostioarthritis) and take opioids (like OxyContin) which I'm sure affect it. I explored legal medical marijuana while visiting in Colorado. Sure helped with the pain from those conditions. Back in Florida, I've discovered Charlottes Web, made with hemp which has the same CBD oil as marijuana. And it is legal throughout the U. S.  because it is made from hemp. Wish the federal government would wake up and allow marijuana for medical reasons at least. Oh well ;-( 

  • I just qualified for a medical cannabis card in DC.  I will ask about this strain.

  • I have not really had any problems with my AUS other than slight leakage if I exert too hard or don't let urine empty completely.  The one time it leaked quite a bit was when I climbed on a bike and accidently squeezed the "on" button on the bike seat. 

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