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Artificial Urinary Sphincter ~ Post-op UPDATE

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Hi again Folks,

June 2nd 2017 my AMS-800 AUS (Artificial Urinary Sphincter) was Activated today :-) :-) Thus far, BLISS but I expect the bladder will need to be retrained to only want to empty a few times a day .... not continuously as for the last 18, miserable, pad ridden months.

Roland J UK

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That wasn't my experience. Worked beautifully from day one, BUT all of a sudden stopped working when I was taking Lyrica for my arthritis pain. Stopped taking the Lyrica, back to taking OxyContin and not leaking. Not a happy camper back on opioids.

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RolandUK in reply to GreenDick


Never heard of that effect before .... I'm on Lyrica [pregabalin] for nerve Neuropthy problems and thus far no problems. The Surgeon knows my medications and never mentioned a possible complication with Lyrica.

Can't really understand why you've had problems as the device is entirely mechanical in operation. Have you googled your problem ?

Roland UK

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GreenDick in reply to RolandUK

No I haven't googled it. All I did was read the complications info that came with the Lyrica prescription package, and it warned that it could cause incontinence. You are right, the device is mechanical, and you would think there shouldn't be a complication. All I can say, it's so nice to go commando again, and not have to wear pads or diapers 24/7.

I have had my AMS -800 (artificial Urinary Sphincter for 2 years now and it has been a God Send. Thank you to whomever developed this unit. As far as "retraining" the bladder, I have seen no difference in its workings than before incontinence started. The same message of urge to pee is there and the beauty of this AUS is that I AM ONCE AGAIN IN CONTROL! Gentlemen, if you are sick of wet pants or looking for the restroom, look into this contraption. It is worth every penny and the slight discomfort of having it installed.

I'm sold! Six and half years is probably enough. Just gotta find a new urologist....

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RolandUK in reply to BillNittler

Hi Bill,

It's hard to understand why your Urology Team would not have discussed and or recommend the AMS-800 if you have been using pads for so long.

Although it's early days for me ..... the simple pleasure of sitting, standing, getting in and out of bed etc etc and not leaking is SO liberating.

Go for it Bill ☺


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tjdillon in reply to BillNittler

Just as when you sought treatment, seek out a urologist who has installed MANY AUS devices - not every urologist has extensive experience inserting the AUS.

I fired my urologist for being a lazy dick who unnecessarily cost me thousands of dollars. I've been treated for the last year by my MO here in Atlanta and I am enlisting her help in finding a new one. Chemo, a few bouts of bronchitis, and the fact I am a professional saxophonist have made made being damp a given for me. I'm looking forward to being even a little dry, thanks for your positive encouragement.

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RolandUK in reply to BillNittler

Good luck with your search for the next urologist. Keep the group posted on your progress.

Hey, I am a Prostate Cancer Survivor, 4 years post Da Vinci prostatectomy. Just had the Artificial Urinary Sphincter put in about 4 weeks ago. It is working fine, great to finally stop leaking. However, one quick question: How long before the suture area stops snagging and feeling uncomfortable? No bleeding, no scab left, but man, when I walk, it gets real sore rubbing on my underwear or pad!

Hi Alex,

Well it seems I'm only a couple of weeks ahead of you. .... with the AUS experience.

I had the same problem and my successful solution was to cover the perinial sutures with 2 inch wide Micropore Tape which is a breathable medical tape which will prevent your sutures snagging on your underwear. I also put a smaller piece of tape over a knot at the end of the abdominal incision.

We all heal at different rates depending on disposition and or age. So, no definative answer on healing times. All I can say that it took about a month for my sutures to dissolve.

I don't know what country you are in ..... so the tape may go by another name in a different country.

Roland UK

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