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Hi Guys, I am new to this forum, which looks pretty useful to those wanting to find info on Prostate Cancer.

I myself belong to a support group which I found very useful in getting me through Prostate Cancer and I can recommend it as an avenue for getting 'real' testimonies from people with Prostate Cancer.

The support group meets every month at Guys Hospital, London Bridge, every 2nd Tuesday of the month between 2 - 4pm.

For anyone interested the support group has a website, address below.


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Thanks for sharing. Welcome to our group.

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Welcome!  It might be helpful for you to share a bit more about yourself...your diagnosis....your treatment choices...your current outcomes.


in 2006  I  underwent  a radical prostectomy   conventional   surgery  involving  an incision from the pubic  bone   to  the   navel .  This  last  year  a  buddy had the  same procedure  roboticly   with  just  seven  small  incisions  whilst   I was  in   hospital  for  seven  days my  pal   was  out  in  two  days .  I  kept  a  diary   of   hospital  visits   treatments   biopsies  consultants   advice .  I offered  this to the  oncology/urology    specialist  nurse's.   who  suggested   along   with  a few other patients  we should  set up a  support  group   so  that  is  what   we  did . Having  regular monthly   meetings   along  with  a web  site   to   help  newly  diagnosed   blokes  having  a good  selection  of treatments   amongst  our  membership  to  reassure   people both  the  patient  and their  partner   check  us  out  at .  I  am  finding  this network  interesting  


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