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Non-Toxic Cancer Treatments or Support to Conventional Therapy

I'm new here (3/19/2021 Stage IV, GL 10, TYPE 5, 6 of 12). After learning of treatment plans from two different cancer centers in the USA, I started looking for alternatives before my RP surgery which was scheduled 3 weeks out. During that three weeks I researched alternative treatments/centers which would either help in my recovery or treat my cancer without me losing my prostate. I found that there are multiple things people can do to either treat their cancer using non-toxic methods or to support their immune system if they chose to undergo conventional treatments like surgery and radiation. I am not here to trash western medicine or any doctor. I'm here to share non-toxic things pretty much anyone can do which can help regardless of which path they take. The purpose of this thread is to share alternative treatments which you won't likely here about from the traditional side. I knew nothing of what I am about to share 5 months ago. I will be sharing different items which fall under one of Dr. Tony's 7 key principles in subsequent posts, but first, here are the key principles from the Alternative world.

7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy -

1. Non-Toxic, cancer-targeted therapies

2. Empowering treatments for the immune system

3. All-natural nutrition

4. Strategies to remove cancer-causing toxins

5. Cancer-depleting oxygen therapies

6. Treatments that restore the microbiome

7. Tools for emotional and spiritual healing.

DISCLOSURE: I am not a doctor and I'm not being paid for anything I post. Anyone wishing to follow any of these treatments should do their own homework and not reply on statements from me.

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1. Non-Toxic, cancer-targeted therapies:

The most powerful of these therapies is called SPDT (Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy).

Sono = Sound, Photo = Light

SPDT works at the molecular level. The process starts by ingesting a sensitizer agent that responses to certain lights and sound stimulation. The sensitizer of choice is SP-activate which is taken orally and allowed to absorb into the blood stream sublingually. The sensitizer absorbs preferentially into cancer cells. Healthy cells simply release it. The patient then uses an ultrasound machine set to a specific frequency applied to the tumor area for 15 mins a day. The light and/or sound activates the sensitizer within the cancer cells initiating a cascade of molecular reactions. Once activated, the agent passes this light or sound energy to oxygen molecules splitting them into high energy free radical oxygen, powerful enough to destroy the cell it occupies.

While the anti-cancer potential of SPDT has been known since the early 1900s, it's progress as a therapy was limited by the toxicity of the sensitizer agents used in those initial decades. Not very selective for cancer cells, these agents were very toxic - essentially, not very different from chemotherapy. Many of the early sensitizers caused high levels of photosensitivity in patients, making it impossible for them to step outside. In the late 1990s, significant progress was made in the development of sensitizers making them non-toxic with low sensitivity. SP activate does not show side effects even after prolonged use. Thus SPDT is among the safest and effective ways to treat cancer, especially non-metastatic prostate cancer.

How SP Activate Kills Cancer Cells:

SP Activate is made from algae and is chemically similar to chlorophyll. SP-Activate stays absorbed in cancer cells but is quickly released by healthy cells. When exposed to the correct light and sound frequencies, the SP Activate "explodes" into free radical oxygen, which destroys the cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells unharmed. The death of these cancer cells triggers an inflammatory response that attracts the immune system soldier cells to get involved in the process.

To activate the sensitizer absorbed in the cancer cells, use whole body light (light bed) or localized LED pads and ultrasound treatments. Near infrared saunas and lamps, which have their own therapeutic benefits, are also useful in activating the sensitizer.

Another benefit of SPDT is that it decreases angiogenesis, the process by which new blood vessels form in and around tumors. Tumors get their nutrition via these blood vessels, so by stopping the creation of new ones, the tumor is effectively deprived of its food source and flow of nutrient rich blood.

Additionally SPDT activates the immune system and recruits immune cells to migrate to the tumor site. SPDT has also been shown to eliminate tumor-associated pathogens. Because of the non-toxic nature of the SP activate, without side effects, SPDT can be used long term. SPDT is useful for all types of cancer except brain tumors because it doesn't penetrate through bones such as the skull. SP Activate only penetrates solid tumors so it is not useful for blood cancers like leukemia.

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There is an ongoing clinical trial in London (@UCL). The photo sensitive material, of Israeli origin, is a derivative of very deep ocean bacteria. At such depths light penetration is almost non existent, thing that made such bacteria extremely light sensitive. It is a promising method directed, for the time, to early PCa stages.

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This is welcome news depending on the make-up of the team doing the research. Israel isn't the only place to get the sensitizer. The one I'm taking was being made in California but I think they were recently forced off-shore.

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Cancer patients are very vulnerable to quacks. What differentiates quacks from scientists is experimental evidence. Read this to help arm yourself:

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Gottlieb Burckhardt, António Egas Moniz, and Walter Jackson Freeman II were scientists and doctors. I think most of us would regard them today as quacks and their "treatments" as barbaric.

A person with cancer is a very sick person with a badly compromised immune system. Hitting a sick person with chemo and/or radiation, both incredibly toxic treatments seems counterintuitive to me. As a former nuclear engineer, I was taught to minimize radiation exposure and we took great strives in the US Navy to do that. Yet, these two cancer therapies have been in use for 100+ years. These treatments decimate already weakened immune systems. They indiscriminately kill healthy and cancer cells and they fail to kill cancer stem cells, which SPDT and a healthy immune system can do. I suspect in a few more years, these treatments will be looked upon as favorably as the lobotomy.

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I'm not saying it does work or it doesn't. What I'm saying is it requires PROOF. Clinical Proof. Anyone can come up with something that sounds good. In science, that's called a "hypothesis." What is then required is a TEST of the hypothesis. In humans. That is the way medical science has worked for several hundred years. Anyone trying to convince cancer patients to undertake any therapy without PROOF is a quack.

Like many things, radiation is curative when used properly, but dangerous when used improperly. Many drugs, including chemo, are like that too.

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Well TA, you seem to be advocating for two known toxic protocols, chemo and radiation. Plenty of studies have shown they are toxic to healthy people so to sick people they are non-toxic? I think it would be a mistake to call "radiation" a cure. It can only kill regular cancer cells and not cancer stem cells which make up about 1% of all cancer cells. This is why cancer often returns or a secondary cancer form elsewhere down the road.

I'll come back to the proof in a bit but first I think it is important that if we are advocating one set of principles over another that we fully disclose any biases we have or any affiliations we might have to a group or groups which have financial interests in maintain the status quo. Full disclosure, I am a cancer patient and I receive no money from anybody or institution for anything a blog. I am only sharing my experience with other here inflicted with the same disease as me.

I think patients should do their homework and understand that there are other, less toxic, or non-toxic treatments taking place outside the USA that have been showing incredible results. I will continue to share my story. I'm 4 months out from treatment and have had remarkable results so far.

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I did NOT say they were non-toxic. You are making straw man arguments. What I actually wrote was "Like many things, radiation is curative when used properly, but dangerous when used improperly. Many drugs, including chemo, are like that too."

Since I have been cured by radiation, I promise it is not a mistake to call it curative for localized PCa. In fact, the cure rates are quite high - 95+% for low risk, 90+% for intermediate risk, and 80+% for high risk. With better screening for occult metastases, cure rates will be even higher.

No one pays me. I am on the medical advisory board of a number of organizations that use me from time to time for my expertise. They value my expertise, as many do on this site, because of my deep respect for science and empathy for patients.

NCCN as well as other organizations, like AUA, ASTRO, SUO, ASCO, CUO (Canada) and in Europe, NHS and EAU, extensively review the state of the SCIENCE and produce guidelines that establish the standard of care. The difference between them and "pseudoscientists" like you,is they rely on science to make recommendations, whereas you pull yours out of your a**.

in reply to Tall_Allen

I see I struck a nerve, sorry, didn't mean to offend you. "Science" is NOT what the organizations you cite rely upon. They fund the reports that they rely upon then call them "science." They manipulate the data. These groups, including the ones you represent, all have one goal in common, to preserve the status quo. More people live off of cancer than die from it. Cancer is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry and nobody is going to mess with it. Long before I got cancer I always said, "If they wanted to cure cancer, they would have by now." You see there is far more money in the treatments than there would be in the cure.

Thanks for sharing that you are not a paid stool pigeon for Big Pharma, and that you do their bidding for free. That's refreshing. It's not the Mexican or Columbian drug cartels we have to worry about, the American Drug Cartel is far worse and has killed infinitely more people. Ever see a commercial for a new drug? Pretty much all of them hype the minor symptom relief then go on listing a hundred possible side-effects, including death. But, I'm not here to trash you or Big Pharma. I'm sure you are deeply commit in your cause and the positions you hold. I'm here to share my experience going the ALL ALTERNATIVE way. If my path is ineffective, according to you, I won't be on here very long "spreading lies."

I am genuinely pleased that you admitted that the treatments you recommend are toxic. There is a saying in Latin, "ad remedium morbo peius est," the cure is worse than the disease. When my urologist reviewed my pathology report, he referred me to a medical oncologist to discuss treatments. The guy he sent me to was supposed to be the best in Las Vegas and among the best in the country. As I'm walking in I pass the chemo room and saw a woman about my age hooked up to the chemo drinking a Coke and eat Twizzlers. At the time I didn't know the first thing about cancer, but I did know this, cancer loves sugar. I asked the doctor about it and do you know what he said? He told me that its a lie that cancer loves glucose. I knew right then I was in the wrong place. I think even you would agree that a diet low in carbs and sugar is probably a good idea for anyone fighting cancer?

TA, I am very pleased that you are in remission and that for you radiation worked. Let's face it, nobody is ever really cured from cancer. A healthy person with a great immune system will never develop cancer as cancer cells are quickly killed but an unhealthy person with a compromised immune system and a poor bioterrain like I had, that's a different story. Your top cancer centers are now all focusing on nutrition and immune support as part of their treatment plans, which is encouraging.

The clinic I went to boasts a 96% survival rate with Stage IV, high risk PCa if the patient wasn't first subjected to radiation. I think that's higher than the 80% you cite. But the deciding factors for me were, 1) I get to keep my prostate, 2) I won't have the side effects of surgery like incontinence and ED, 3) far less likely to develop a secondary cancer from toxic treatments, 4) learn lifestyle changes which improve health and increase longevity, 5) I didn't go home sick after each day at the clinic; I actually went home feeling better and better each day.

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"A healthy person with a great immune system will never develop cancer...". I so wish that were true for everyone, but it just is not the case. Having a genetic mutation, like BRCA2 that I have, is a totally different story.

For any of us considering any and all potentially viable treatment options, either conventional or complementary, need to get genetic testing up front. This will definitely help guide our decisions, as no one can definitively tell any one of us what will or will not work.

It behooves each and every one of us to research all options, become knowledgeable enough to ask questions to challenge these care providers, and only then🤞 your fingers and hope for the best.

What is also essential is for each of us to always have a Plan B option to fall back on should one treatment fail.

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I guess I should have carved out the few exceptions like yours. I'm sorry you developed cancer and pray for your full recovery. Thank you for your post and I agree with everything you said.

The truth is less than 5% of cancers are genetic or hereditary. Because my father and older brother had prostate cancer I was advised to undergo expensive genetic testing to see if my two boys were at greater risk. My insurance would not cover this test. The results came back with one gene as suspect but the test was inconclusive.

In my case, I don't think family genetics put me at higher risk of cancer, however, growing up with the same eating habits likely did. I will be discussing nutrition in detail when we discuss the 3rd key principle to fighting cancer.

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Science is a process that involves hypothesis testing with experiment observation. When they organization you adore so much actually conducts such a test, on humans, please report back with the results. Your paranoia is a hallmark of pseudoscience. I'm sure you will find fellow conspiracy theorists on the Internet to support you. Good luck!

in reply to Tall_Allen

Science has been hijacked by greed, ego and politics. I think all of us in America should be suspicious of "science" when we see what they did with nutritional recommendations back in 1980. You don't need a study to answer the question, have we as a nation grown healthier or sicker since 1980? The biggest public crises in the world is not COVID or even cancer. It is Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Guess what? Science not only isn't addressing this problem, they created it.

Have you heard of Ancel Keys? He more than anyone is responsible for how sick we are in American and across the western world. In the late 70s he said that fatty foods and cholesterol were the reasons for cardiovascular disease. He falsified his data in an attempt to show a relationship between fat intact and heart related deaths called, "The Six Country Study" only it was a 22 nation study and he took out the countries that didn't support his hypothesis. Keys took 6 countries with high uses of margarine only as we see in the below chart.

Keys convinced the scientific community and government back then to adopt low fat, high carb dietary guidelines that have been widely used in the US (and many other places) ever since. Google the Food Pyramid. It is 100% backwards from a healthy diet. We've had it wrong for 40+ years and counting as we get sicker and sicker.

We can blame cancer to a large degree on science as well as cancer used to kill only 63 out of 100,000 in America back in 1900. Back then our diet was largely meat and fatty foods. Today, 158.3 people per 100,000 die each year in the US from cancer with a whopping 442 new cases per 100,000 per year today. The proliferation of highly processed foods, vegetable oils, fast foods and the toxins put in our soil has contributed heavily to the number of new cancer cases. Science was behind this.

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Excellent post! In that same vein....

The National Health Federation under Scott Tips has done wonders fighting for all of us at the U.N. working group that sets RDAs for all sorts of vitamins. They are constantly harping on these truths as the only NGO with a seat at that corrupt table. Check them out at

Full disclosure: Scott is someone I've had on my radio show a dozen times, but I am not on any boards of anything that receive major funds from Big Pharma, unlike some here. AND, unlike the paranoid who think some tiny clinic in Mexico is paying people to post here, I am unpaid, and my opinions are wholly my own.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to sm60

Sure. That makes sense. I see the writing on the wall.

Which are you? George or Ric? WV…..I wont totally expose you….yet.

So, you are a celebrity talk radio host along the lines of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson who has decided that the hate and vitriol on your radio show isn’t enough and you want to bring it here.

I venture that you don’t even have prostate cancer.

Shame on you. You suck.

Actually, it’s pretty serious. You have no business recruiting people who call into your radio show with trash to spread to come here. Yourself included. Sham is up dude.

And advertisers that don’t mind your conspiracy trash talk and pseudoscience pay your paycheck as you whine and falsely claim others are paid by big pharma. FU.

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sm60 in reply to Tall_Allen

Hey Allen... Just curious... How do you feel about the Big-Pharma/FedGov push to mandate the so-called "Covid 19 vaccines?" TIA...

I would prefer the term complimentary rather than alternative treatment. I use many "alternative" treatments with conventional treatments.

Some of the complimentary treatments I have used and still use are:

Vitamin D3

Essiac tea


Japanese green tea

On the mental health side:



Hope this helps

It is a mistake to take a "one size fits all" approach to cancers as if they are all the same, but I very much agree that body, mind and spirit must all be treated.

I guess we should call them "alternative" if the treatments are used in place of traditional, toxic therapies, or "complementary" if used in conjunction with traditional. I too use essiac tea and D3. Additionally I use 3-4 drops of hydrogen peroxide and Lugol's iodine. I also take CBD oil with Boron by day and CBD with a little THC at night for sleep. These things are fairly well known but some of the other treatments I will be discussing in the coming days are less known.

It is a fact that alternative medicines are associated with an increased risk of death. It is not the alternative therapies themselves that are causing death it’s because they are replacing effective therapies.

in reply to Gemlin_

A fact? I suppose you have a study funded by Big Pharma that backs up your statement?

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Hi, my name is John, I have PCa and say >>>

I find that *agreeing to disagree can be soothing to one's psych - EIEIO*

in reply to addicted2cycling

We can agree to disagree. I'm not here to trash anyone and although I'm critical of big pharma and their tactics, I'm here primarily to educate people to the benefits of alternative or complimentary treatments that they aren't likely to hear about from their doctor. There are other ways besides, surgery, chemical castration and radiation to cope with prostate cancer. The clinic I went to has been doing it for 20 years. In just 4 months my PSA went from 12.6 to 8.2. My tumor has shrunk 10% and its blood supply is gone. All of my labs are greatly improved with most now in normal range. My sexual function has greatly improved and I've enjoyed other improvements in my health because where I went, they treat the patient who has cancer rather than just treating the cancer within a patient.

My glucose levels went from 128 to 101. I was insulin resistant and had a bad fatty liver. Now all of my liver readings are normal. My chronic joint pain is gone. I used to heal slowly especially in my extremities. I once bruised and cut my lower leg. It took a year to fully heal. After being treated, I did the same thing to my other leg and it was fully healed in 3 weeks.

It's like I said at the outset, these powerful, non-toxic therapies I use can help those undergoing conventional treatments and improve their chances also. I'm not telling anyone to go alternative. I'm just sharing my experiences as everyone has heard what it's like to go conventional and to be honest, most of those stories are painful to hear. I'm not here to argue with anyone but having read many posts on here it's clear a new voice is needed.

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sm60 in reply to

Bu...but...where are the profits??

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Gemlin_ in reply to

Of course, a study founded by Big Pharma, did not think about it!

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sm60 in reply to Gemlin_

LOL. Statistics can prove a an elephant can hang from a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy.

Quote "Several studies published in Anticancer Research have proven"

"The clinic I went to boasts a 96% survival rate with Stage IV, high risk PCa if the patient wasn't first subjected to radiation"

And links to these studies? And any peer reviewed publications rendering the process by which these claims work? Mechanisms of action, etc. Patient tracking and history?

It is all good you understand, but there are people who like me, need to "SEE" the science! Need to see what it is, what it is doing, what it has done! The 96% statement is extremely difficult to digest when you consider all the facts associated with this staging of the disease. Of course if they say for one year, or two, it could be true... But I'd love to see the data behind this statement so I could know what the 96% represents.

I agree that many seek alternatives to the SOC, and that's ok. I've found the fact is most claims of successful treatment are mired in fancy mumbo jumbo that don't provide real data behind the claims.

I have a good friend that went to Mexico for Dendritic cell therapy. The entire process was a bit Hocus pocus, hush hush, but they claim to have a lock on a secret recipe that the western medicine empire has shunned and excluded from sitting at the table. He swears by it and that it has worked and I have high hopes for him that it did. His staging though, is one that would afford almost ANY therapy an effective chance at such.

It's all good, I found the premise very exciting, until the fact that there's really no patient data available to substantiate the claims! How could a clinic claiming to treat patients for years and years have no patient tracking and if so successful, then not release the data of tracking in a professional journal for peer review? If the science is correct and shown to exhibit the results claimed, it would be beyond reproach. Especially with patient data to support it. And then even more so if done in a controlled trial...

I'm not saying none of these hypothesis work! Or that the mechanisms they follow aren't fact. What I'm saying is if it's not readily transparent, then there's something wrong. I need to see it... I'm too curious to ignore the details. I always jump in the deep end of the pool and will watch with anticipation your posts, but please help by providing the data to support the statements for those with curious minds, like me!

Best Regards

in reply to Cooolone

Here you go. Middle of the page.

in reply to

Hope it takes this time.

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Cooolone in reply to

What is this...?

Be specific and post a link, thanks!

in reply to Cooolone

You can also go on YouTube and watching endless videos of testimonials from patients who went there. A few are negative but the vast majority are positive stories. You have to keep in mind that many of their patients come to them after they tried everything western medicine had to offer so this was their last resort. Sometimes the patient is too far gone to help or too compromised by the toxic treatments they received elsewhere.

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Cooolone in reply to

Anecdotal attestation is a problem...

I still see no reference to the 96% StgIV survival rate...

And no links to any "studies"...

But thanks anyway, I figured I wouldn't get a straight up answer or provided any useful information!

Tall Allen is the most knowledgeable guy on this site by far.

These are all very nice alternative treatment approaches and I encourage you to implement them in earnest because when the results do not match the literature you will need to accept that the proven treatments are the primary approach to cancer treatments. I just hope you come to this conclusion sooner than later.

Best wishes

Hey H4CCured,

I take quite a few supplements. I have also had what I take reviewed at times by a Dr. of Naturopathy, an herbalist, a PhD between research grants, my alternative/conventional Doc and my onco.

I believe in the synergy between supplements and foods and also that there can be harm done when combining the wrong things or wrong amounts and timing. I also believe in the synergy between conventional and alternative which most of us on this site have had some forms of.

Is the sensitizer used for the SPDT safe to combine with other foods, supplements or treatments? Will the sensitizer be excreted and how long does it take? Are there any methods used to facilitate it's excretion? Or--will the sensitizer be retained in the body as the gadolinium used in MRI contrast solutions has been found to do? If so at what level would the sensitizer be harmful? Would chelation be necessary to remove the sensitizer?

Myself, I would be wary of any treatments involving a stay a treatment center.


in reply to Currumpaw

Thanks for your post and questions. The SP Activate that I take is non-toxic and is quickly released by most healthy cells. It targets cancer cells over healthy cells 74:1. When the sensitizer is exposed to the properly light and sound waves, it converts to ROS and kills the cell it occupies. After the initial dose I take just one vial a week under my tongue. It's a blackish, tasteless powder and the amount taken is quite small. Nothing is needed to remove it from the body. The dead cancer cells are removed via several different methods that I will cover under the detox principle. The treatment I use consists of 25 mins a day of infrared light followed by 15 mins of ultrasound to the prostate area. This is done 6 days a week. The treatment is painless and can be used for long durations with no side-effects. My protocol is to use it for one year even if the cancer has been all killed. This therapy does much more as I outlined above.

The clinic I went to in Cancun is an out-patient clinic. We are put up at one of Cancun's best oceanfront resorts, which is located right across the street from the clinic. I was usually back to the hotel by 1 PM each day. The cost of 22 days for myself and my wife was included in the 42.6K price. The resort was all inclusive and they have a special menu for us. H4C also operates an inpatient clinic in Tijuana. Here they do low dose radiation, called IPT which stands for Insulin Potentiated Therapy. They use insulin to lower blood sugar levels starving the cancer cells for a period of time. Then they administer chemo in much lower doses, 10-25%. The patient is then given something sweet to drink. The starving cancer cells gobble up the chemo and the patient experiences far less sickness.

LOL...Smooth, too.

If western medicine was the only money grabber …..

Just for a bit of balance

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sm60 in reply to Aodh

Sure. There are quacks everywhere. Read everything, pray for discernment, and do what is RIGHT FOR YOU upon multiple consultations with both Western and alternate providers.

I'm glad you're getting good results.

You should at least have research that shows these particles you are ingesting are actually doing what you are professing. Send me a link.

I wish you the best in your endeavors. You're not the first or the last to post about alternative treatments.

It's unlikely you will be cured but it's your life so have at it.

Interesting.. H4CCured - you signed up on this site 5 days ago and now you're the expert.

You said "We can agree to disagree. I'm not here to trash anyone and although I'm critical of big pharma and their tactics, I'm here primarily to educate people to the benefits of alternative or complimentary treatments that they aren't likely to hear about from their doctor."

You are doing a fine job of trashing anyone who asks for any data or proof or disagrees with you. Facebook has the option to "Block" people who a user finds annoying, useless or toxic. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have that option here - perhaps @Darryl can enable something along those lines.

While you write "We can agree to disagree" your immediate attacks on anyone disagreeing with you, and the bogus accusation that people here are shilling for drug companies makes you less than a reliable source to me. It appears you have an axe to grind and you think you've found the place to do it. Sort of a shame since whatever useful you have to impart to this group is now tainted by your attacks on long-time well-respected members of this group. I don't always agree 100% with Tall-Allen, but I know enough to listen very carefully to what he writes. I've never found it to be bogus or without backing data.

I guess I'll just have to try to remember to ignore you. That's about what you've accomplished here.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to Don_1213

I believe he has a stake in the H4C Mexico cancer treatment operations.He is far beyond the typical angry at the world and big pharma venting PC guy.

He is a absolute salesman. He is pushing the sale hard. This is about selling you on this H4C place in Mexico. I swear he has a stake in it.

in reply to CAMPSOUPS

As I said before, I have no stake in H4C other than my investment in my own treatments. I am not paid by anybody for the things I post.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to

That’s good. Guys like you HL4Cured are toxic for society. They sometimes have some kind of science or engineering background like you and flaunt it like it gives them credibility, but they don’t respect or understand how the scientific method and peer-reviewed literature works.

in reply to CAMPSOUPS

How about the science of common sense? Would you recommend giving doses of chemo and/or radiation to a healthy person? If not, why not? If they aren't good for a healthy person, how can they be good for a sick person? We are still using 100+ year old technology people. Why is that? Could it be that these treatments are extremely profitable? Hopefully some day, we can look back on them as barbaric, which is what they are. Slice, dice, irradiate and poison. Sounds like a really wining strategy to cure someone.

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TomTom1111 in reply to

Your reasoning is so far off it's now clear you have some financial interest in this treatment.

We wouldn't give healthy people antibiotics but we do give people with bacterial infections antibiotics.

Your reply give the readers the impression that ROs just wheel people into a nuclear facility and immerse them in radiation. Come on...the newer radiation machines are particularly accurate and healthy tissue sparing.

You need to find another site to hawk this...because TA is right..its starting to look like a duck.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to TomTom1111

Duck yes but worse yet I think it is a hard sell for the H4C place he went to in Mexico. He makes sure to include the other location in Tijuana. Somethings up. Re-read this " sell you a condo " speech he posted: ( everything is all peachy and you will absolutely be cured and have a great time ).

The clinic I went to in Cancun is an out-patient clinic. We are put up at one of Cancun's best oceanfront resorts, which is located right across the street from the clinic. I was usually back to the hotel by 1 PM each day. The cost of 22 days for myself and my wife was included in the 42.6K price. The resort was all inclusive and they have a special menu for us. H4C also operates an inpatient clinic in Tijuana. Here they do low dose radiation, called IPT which stands for Insulin Potentiated Therapy. They use insulin to lower blood sugar levels starving the cancer cells for a period of time. Then they administer chemo in much lower doses, 10-25%. The patient is then given something sweet to drink. The starving cancer cells gobble up the chemo and the patient experiences far less sickness.

in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Just sharing my experience. Not trying to sell you a condo or anything else. You are free to enjoy chopping off your body parts, your poison cocktails and radiation. Perhaps if there's a nuclear blast you'll go outside and play in the fall-out. I know you aren't interested in anything I say and that you're here only to trash something outside your conventional box. I will just ignore you for now on.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to

I actually enjoy research and listening/discovering that which others have come across and share.However I don't like any thing thrown down my throat by a self professed expert who doesn't have respect for anyone who questions his beliefs. You wont accept an iota of doubt towards your belief in the treatment. Even SOC doubts itself often. That is how improvements come about.

One who changes the subject to the world becoming communist when people are trying to have a discussion or question the validity of something.

Are antibiotics a communist developed poison that you shun ?

I doubt in the antibiotic and other useful drug research scientists accused each other of being paid off for their research.

In your world I better hide or fight off everyone because they are out to get me and I should just eat mud to try to fight my cancer

in reply to TomTom1111

Like I said, and you fail to grasp is, my only financial investment in H4C is the money I spent on my own treatments. Enjoy your targeted radiation doses. Broad beam isn't very targeted and that's what they wanted to do to me.

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TomTom1111 in reply to

Post your scan results showing these results from your treatments. If not, it is bunk...anyone can copy/paste marketing material. Get a scan in the US and post the before and after treatment reports.

in reply to Don_1213

I have learned a ton since my 3/19 diagnosis. I am here to share what I have learned about alternative or complimentary treatments. Yes, please ignore me as you are NOT my audience. The western, traditional toxic treatment position is well represented on this site. I don't think a little balance is bad but since you believe in censorship for anyone who disagrees with you, you have shown your distain for one of the key foundations of freedom. I bet you would have me arrested and my prostate forcefully taken from me, if you could.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to

You said:. I bet you would have me arrested and my prostate forcefully taken from me, if you could.

Wow. I am done now. That is hilarious. You are definitely brainwashed.

Yep the old world is out to get you. To take away your god given rights.

There are spies in your computer, lurking in social media out to get you.

But you alone know this and can save the rest of us.

Give it a break !

in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Don wanted to silence me and throw me off this message board. I was responding to him. In case you haven't seen the new poll out today, a majority of democrats in the USA favor socialism over capitalism. Once socialism takes hold, communism follows right behind.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to

Why did you post on this socialist/communist site ?

CAMPSOUPS profile image

As I said before you are the expert. No lack of confidence. Not a smidge.We all must bow to you and believe you.

in reply to CAMPSOUPS

This is a picture of my best friend's girl friend's spine. She's 60 and had breast cancer 20 years ago. She was treated at the "best," MD Anderson and was told she was cancer-free for the first ten years. After that she didn't require any further follow-up. She figured the cancer was gone for good.

Then one day she was just walking and she collapsed. Her spine "melted" from bone metastasis as you can see in the below picture. The breast cancer had returned and is now in her lungs, spine and breasts. She underwent emergency surgery on her spine and they were able to repair it enough for her to sit up again after a few weeks. Now she is ready to start treatments for the cancer. She is going to City of Hope this time. Poor thing, she doesn't have a chance.

With western medicine, you are never truly cured. Cancer stem cells live on unless they are completely removed by surgery with no metastasis. Another western medicine failure.

Cancer in Spin
CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to

"With western medicine, you are never truly cured. Cancer stem cells live on unless they are completely removed by surgery with no metastasis."

Daaaugh really mister. I didn't know that.

Tell me something I don't know.

Oh that's right this all goes back to your cure: algae, led light, sound waves and magnets. Strange how the whole world has missed this cancer cure.

Oh that's right its a money driven conspiracy to keep us in the dark.

If its not money driven its the Communists----Hope you escape the bubble you live in for your sake.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to Fits you to a tee.

Of course I don't expect you to respect Wikipedia. In your view just another communist inspired social media outlet.

in reply to CAMPSOUPS

You mean it isn't?

SkyH profile image
SkyH in reply to

Keep posting because I am your audience and just ignore the negativity.

You really think we don't know who you are?

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to sm60

Who is it that you think I am?

I'm on pins/needles for this reply.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to TomTom1111

Read his other posts. You are obviously a descendant of the Rockefeller family and are racking in millions of dollars disguised as a regular guy with prostate cancer. I cant take it no more.

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Wait till my wife finds out...easy street now.

Okay..found this at MSK website

Unfortunately for those of us with G8 -G10, it's not even close for prime time and may never be.

All I'm getting so far is marketing literature and fanciful thinking..

To each their own. Who knows, maybe he'll get lucky...roll of the dice IMO

sm60 profile image
sm60 in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Glad to see you are learning.

AND...I will ignore Don_1213. See how that works?

I very much value everything I've read from this new user/poster. THAT IS WHAT HE'S ACCOMPLISHED, in addition to, I am sure, the same soon being said by several others.

If nothing else, he's providing desperately needed balance to the slash & burn (and BILL) crowd.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to sm60

sm60 profile imagesm60

12 minutes ago

AND...I will ignore Don_1213. See how that works?

Did a 6 year old just get himself on our site ? Next thing I know you will be typing Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, na.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to sm60

He’s not new to you.

He’s your brother or a guy who came on your talk radio show.

You promoted his Hope for Cancer Care (H4CC) place 5 days ago.

Maybe you should delete your old posts if you want to lie and be shifty.

So, it's OK for the pro-Western/Slice & Dicer to "Ignore" people, but not the rest of us... Gotcha.

We are going on 5 years with my BRCA2+ nueuroendocrine MCRPC husband. No surgery, Chemo, zytiga, etc. All of which we personally feel would have been the nail in the coffin for my him. He is doing great. Quality of life is what we were aiming for 5 years ago, little did we know he’d also perhaps have quantity by walking way from allopathic medicine. His body is healing from the soil up rather than the tumor down approach. It’s a full time job and expensive so I don’t recommend our journey for all. Many don’t have the resources.

I monitor his labs monthly and mostly watch LDH, CRP, SED for inflammation. If we can keep his inflammation low & immunity High we will continue to succeed. It ebbs and flows. We constantly have to change things up. The cancer cells figure out what we are doing and a way around it. That is SAME with western medicine. We just have more tools in our bag and less restrictions (called standard of care).

We use:

Many supplements but most effective:

Pectasol C





Tools in our home:

Full spectrum sauna (castor oil packs or activated charcoal to help detox)

PEMF mat

HBOT chamber

Red/yellow light therapy

He does IV vit C 2x week currently but not forever. Just a tool we cycle.

Hyperthermia in Germany annually

Coffee enemas, meditation (A LOT), and diet:

No sugar, carbs, alcohol or coffee for 5 years. (Small limited indulgence)

Tons of organic veggies!! Good sourced protein with both meals (eats in a 6 hr window). Great Oils, pilinuts, 100% dark choc, small amount of certain fruits. Yoga, cycling, weights, hiking but NOT over doing it. Body is healing. LIMIT STRESS!!! Maximize sleep!

It’s a commitment. It’s a life style. We learned over time a “new normal”. We slowly added items and slowly took away items. It didn’t happen overnight. What do we have to lose? Everything we do follows science and his body specifically. Not quackery. We consult Dr Nasha Winters and naturopathic doctors that have been trained by her. (metabolic approach to cancer). She has been living with cancer and not dying from it for over 30 years. That’s our goal as well!

in reply to Rsdutcher7

Wow, good for you guys!! A mutating cancer, that's a tough one. It looks like we are doing many of the same things. Have you looking into SPDT which I discuss at the top of this thread? Its very useful for a localize cancer but it there is metastasis you would need to hit multiple areas. Another thing to try is GCMAF. You can get it from a company called, GCMAF Plus located in Australia. I posted about it today. I'm doing the highest dose spray. Other than what he is already doing, these two things I think are worth exploring and talking over with your homeopath.

I can buy hyperthermia chambers in the US. I paid about $2K for mine but I know there are cheaper ones on Amazon. I too have an HBOT but I don't have the LED light pad. Can you recommend one?

Thanks and I certainly hope for a long and healthy life for you both.

Rsdutcher7 profile image
Rsdutcher7 in reply to

We use Red light bulbs in our home that come on at dusk, blue light blocking glasses and any modular therapy device like joovv works. We have the “truelight energy scarlet lux” from “truedark”.

I will look more into SPDT (is that like original RIFE machines”) And have heard of GCMAF but haven’t tried that yet!

Maybe read this

in reply to TomTom1111

There have been other studies which show promise for GCMAF when used as part of a full integrative approach which is what I am advocating for.

GCMAF is just one of the several immune support protocols I listed above. More research is needed but it's hard to get funding for them as all the money goes to conventional which has produced just two weeks of prolonged life, on average, over the past 50 years.

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to

That's barely a need a control group. Otherwise you cannot determining what is having an impact.

in reply to TomTom1111

Right. How about we devote 1/3 of the money big pharma and others are getting for cancer research and devote it to alternative? But the point is, this is one of several immune support components that can only help with cancer. It isn't a stand alone cure.

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to

Let's. Until that happens, the results you are touting here are speculative at best.

Without a RCT, you have no way of knowing what is actually producing results, if results are even being produced.

Many claims have been made about this treatment or that treatment only to come up empty in RCTs. Unless you have a RCT, the "Gold Standard" of pharmaceutical science, you are left with conjecture. Plain and simple.

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to

One final comment...this paper has several references to research by Yamamoto which were retracted.

I'm sorry to say. If this is the research you used to support your medical treatment choices, you've made a costly mistake.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to TomTom1111

Good link. Nice read. I'm all for immuno research and approaches but it isn't quite prime time yet.

As for all the mockers and haters on here trashing those of us who prefer alternatives to western establishment medicine, perhaps refrain from posting on this thread. There are many other threads where you can dominant the discussion. This thread was intended for those looking for alternative or complementary treatments.

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to

Not a mocker but you come on this site with "pca cure" without and supporting clinical trials. Have the decency to post your pathology report. Bone scans and CT scans or any scans for that matter.Otherwise you're just another charlatan in a long list of charlatans.

in reply to TomTom1111

Very well. This is a scan before and after my 3 weeks of treatments in Mexico. The first slide on the left shows a well formed tumor bottom right with two decent sized blood vessels. The second slide shows the same tumor but with 95% of the blood supply gone. I tried to get an MRI before I returned but my doctor in the US wouldn't order it unless I returned to him. I have a urologist back in Vegas that will do it once I return in 2 months. A new ultrasound was taken last week and revealed that the tumor shrunk 2 mm, which is a bit more than 10%. I don't have a copy of that report yet. All other reports are pre-treatment and thus don't reflect the positive changes.

You wanna see my labs too Doubting Thomas???

in reply to

forgot to attach.

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to

I do not believe US is good for monitoring tumor progression or reduction. There are too many dependent variables that influence the quality of the imagery. Why are you not get CT scans at minimum?

Cooolone profile image
Cooolone in reply to

Ultrasound for PCa detection? What's the glowing dots? Ultrasound has an agent used which shows avidity when excited with sound that attaches to PCa? New tech? I'm unfamiliar with it...

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to Cooolone

I'm all for advances in immuno treatment but he and his scan have me scratching my head. Need something concrete.

GCMAF has a really rocky history. Not to mention a Dr. who was found to quack it to Autism patients. However the poster says it isn't GCMAF alone. Need the LED light, sound bombardment and magnets to go with it.

TomTom posted a good link in case you didn't see it.

Cooolone profile image
Cooolone in reply to CAMPSOUPS

All his posts leave you scratching your head!

I see the link that basically denies the bold claims. But I want the person posting such claims to support them... 96% OS!!!

Thanks, T-A 2...always nice to hear from the tag team. Your other personae is much nicer, though, btw....

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to sm60 think I'm TA? I think TA would disagree...he's not a fan of me.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to TomTom1111

Watch out he'll sick his pet scorpions on you.He believes the stings from them will cure cancer.

Come to think of it I guess he wouldn't waste them on you believing they will cure his cancer.

Most of us here question the medical establishment and ourselves often.Our minds are free to do so because they are not trapped in conspiracy arguments and off subject finger pointing.

TomTom1111 profile image
TomTom1111 in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Any rational thinker would not take information from social media verbatim. A quick internet search on C4H treatment centers will help individuals determine if this clinic is worth the 40k or not.

My take away is stay away.

CAMPSOUPS profile image
CAMPSOUPS in reply to TomTom1111

I like the way that rhymes: take away is stay away.I'm sorry I am not as kind. The website and other searches leave me with:

It reeks. Its foul period.

" If you don't believe light rays have value hey we also use sound. And of course the tried and proven magnets work for everything snake oil sales technique.

There are plenty of complimentary alternative medicine protocols out there. These are supplemental to a treatment program but certainly are not a "treatment" in itself. Many of these have actually research papers and submittals that have been peer reviewed and are bonafide evidence to follow. And that still leaves the heterogeneous nature of the disease to allow for the old "it might not work for you" escape clause!

Does that mean they don't work? No, of course not.

Does that mean because there's a gap defined by "maybe" that you can jump in and err on the side of blind excitement and say they do? Of course not...

But when you are going to make statements that they "DO" work, you "MUST" support your position with more than just "trust" me or hey, there's a video, or someone said...

Maybe that works for a simple mind, that is easily swayed because it's clinging to hope and is susceptible to reaching for the unreachable!

The OP claimed a 96% OS for Stage IV patients... Anyone in this game longer than a few minutes knows this to be an extremely BOLD statement! And absent any acceptable methodology behind it, isn't any better than the old Snake Oil salesman.

Also noted was "several studies" in cancer research have shown... And I'm still waiting to see something "shown".

I'm not a doubter, I'm an enthusiast! But I'm also not a fool, and don't suffer fools so easily.

Post something normal, with actual science and actual data behind it so we could dig deep and absorb it all and understand the validity of these statements. Otherwise it's all just noise...

So you say in 6 months you'll be back posting actual test scans that can see PCa, or the lack thereof and present them for all (here) to see? What scans are you prepared to have done and are reference scans (baseline pre-therapy) being provided as well for comparative?

H4CCuredOMG seriously? ... Congrats on being an advocate for alternative treatment. To each his or her own. Got to hand it to you, You sir appear to be the #1 poster as far as length, breath, and scope (and verboseness) of all of this, especially this single post. I salute you.... Now where is the ignore button. Oh guess I'll throw away my mask because, oh never mindWings just wingin in it and not taking no more click bait.

oh by the way, none of us need any unkindness or unfound challenges about our ethics in our lives, ...out

Darryl profile image

This thread will be closed for further comment, since the poster, H4CCured, has left our platform. I do not know why s/he /it left, but this post seems similar to many "hit and run" troll and spam posts.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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