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I honestly didn’t know what to give as a title. My husband Shane has been fighting Stage 4 metastasis prostate cancer for about three years. Unfortunately he has been in the hospital since the Sunday of the 6th. Shane has been through hell and back and still fights strong. Over a year ago he ended up in the hospital the day we was to get married. The marriage still happened. We ended up getting married in our local emergency room before they transported him to IU in Indy. Two days later he had two nephrostomy tubes put in. Shane has tried so many treatments it’s so hard to name them all. Toward the end of 2018 Shane started retaining fluid everywhere. We ended up having tubes put in the space around the lungs so we can drain all the fluid as needed. My poor husband had four tubes coming out is body and yet he still tried to be positive. Just yesterday we got the worst news imaginable. We got his CT scan back and it showed that the cancer has progressed. It has now moved into his liver and has taken over more of his lymph nodes. They tell us there really isn’t much more they can do. Now is the time for quality of life. My heart is breaking they give my husband Shane two weeks to maybe a month. I honestly do not know how to prepare myself. How do I help my husband with this? He is my heart and soul. We have only been together for about four years but seems like a lifetime. The day I found him was the day I found myself.

Thank you for letting me share my story.

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Your title is fitting. It is so unfair. And I have not walked this path yet, but in the future who knows what it will hold. Praying for your strength and peace through this time. Rejoicing over your love for your husband. He is a man to be admired with his strength in adversity.

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Thank you

I pray for you. I hear you. I am/was you. It’s not going to be easy. I just went through this from December 17 to last Friday. I am here for you if you need to ask anything. Sheri

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Sheri I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you

Thinking of you ...🙏

I am so sorry to hear of your situation. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer last May. He is fighting and so far holding his own. I know this path is coming and it is a blessing that there are people here who are on the same path and are there for you. Take care of yourself, I will say a prayer for you.

Try to focus on the fact that you did find each other. And you are there for him. He hasn't been going through this all alone, and it sounds like, you probably gave him a lot of strength with your love in the past few years. Treasure the feelings you've had for each other, and do what you can to be good together now.

Talk with each other as much as you can, about good times you've had together. Hold his hands and look in his eyes, and smile.

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