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made a travel cup of the "back to critters" design

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As I mentioned before, I figured out how to make inexpensive designed travel cups. I did (as we discussed) reach out to the refuge friends group folks a week ago - no response, which could mean anything from "no" to "I'm not sure what you are suggesting" to saving it for a board meeting. No matter, I'm sure I'll find a way to use them for good. I just shared this morning's drawing of a marmot. Here's what it looks like on one of the cups. I really like it.

PS - I used one of the cups yesterday for our "covid pod" gardening get together. Once a week we help out at an organic garden one of our friends has. It works great for keeping hydrated! (And after the get together we picked some lovely greens for the participants and I ran some (along with some potted plants) to one of the members who had to stay home.

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13 Replies
Dovedale4 profile image

I think the travel cups are very attractive, Wallowa and recognised the marmot from your previous post. It's a brilliant idea 😊

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thanks! :)

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I love that idea Wallowa and the design is great. Good luck with your mission.

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Thank you~

I think they are lovely and unusual and I hope they’ll be considered at least. But at least they won’t go to waste anyway!

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Thank you! And for sure, the ones I have will get use!

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No response yet Wallowa, if you haven’t heard anything after another week could you possibly approach the refuge friends group for some feedback?

I think the cup looks very good.

Thumbs up for organic gardening, I don’t use any chemicals in my garden. I prefer to encourage wildlife. 🙂👍🪶🦋🐝🐞

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Good suggestion! And cool about your garden!

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That's great Wallowa, I really hope you get a positive response from the refuge friends group, it would be a shame if they weren't interested. xx

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Thanks! What I know is that they are super busy and not everything works for every one. If they say no, I've got a couple other nonprofits to try :)

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springcross in reply to

That's good. 🤞 xx

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Looks really good. I'm sure it won't be long before some organisation will want them

And they will make good personalized gifts, I do believe!

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