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Wishing a happy Easter to all

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I’ve been inspired by many posts from people showing pictures of their creations. Well, this is my attempt at making Easter cookies for my grandsons rather than getting them a chocolate egg.

Who knew that the gingerbread man is really the Easter bunny!!!

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Ooh they look good, very professional 👍😊

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Thanks, they each seem to have a character as some are holding the egg with both hands & some look like they’re waving! X

They look too nice to eat, hope your grandsons enjoy them x

I have to admit that they smell delicious 😋 I have finished up with over 40 bunnies so I think a few friends will have an unexpected Easter gift too! X

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MadBunny in reply to Jennymary

They wouldn't be too nice for me to eat 🤣🐰

Fabulous! They look far too cute to eat! Very creative indeed and such a good idea. Thank you for sharing and happy Easter 😊

Thank you, they were so calming to make too. 😊


These are amazing. I want to lick the screen lol


I’ve only just realised that they are gingerbread men upside down🤪 that’s clever 👍

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So they are, well spotted MD

They look lovely MM, shame to eat them really but I bet they taste yummy! x

Wow - they're fantastic. Oh yes- I can see what you did😁 Very effective 🐰

What fun. They look really delicious! I'd love to have some of these for Easter! 👍

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