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Wishing everyone a happy day.

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The best gift we can offer our families this Christmas is to not go to meet them. That’s what I’ve done, and although it wasn’t easy, I believe it’s time for us to be responsible citizens

It only takes just one person to infect a whole household.

I will be having steak in a stilton sauce,together with asparagus,roast potatoes,sprouts,caulifower cheese and sweetheart cabbage, followed by Roulade with double cream.....(no i did'nt make the roulade,) and much later on i will have cheese and biscuits with grapes.

I will watch the Queens Speech at 3pm,and then afterwards i might nod off....lol.

Whatever you do,have a happy day,it might will be different but enjoy it as much as possible.x


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I don't have any family to avoid unfortunately.

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secrets22 in reply to klr31

i have many family who i avoid fortunately....lol.

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Happy Christmas Roddy.

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And warm wishes to you too.

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Thank you.

We're having steak here along with roast potatoes and roasted winter veg and prawn salad for starters and a trifle for dessert.

Usually we go to a pub for Christmas lunch but decided to give it a miss this year although I was sorry for the poor people who had booked for coach trips away over Christmas and new year and got them cancelled at the last minute.

Best decision was not to bother this year to save ourselves the upset of looking forward to those things only to have the door slammed shut in our faces at the last minute as we learned a valuable lesson back in September about not listening to the government when they claim you can have something like the September holidays and then at the last minute the door is slammed in your face as no you aren't and even though it wasnt very nice I'm glad I was heartbroken back in September as it spared me the grief of Christmas plans going down the drain.

Are the dogs getting Christmas lunch then?

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sounds lovely,and i also used to go out Christmas Day,but glad i've stayed home this year.Oh yes the dogs are getting a special dinner,but i reckon they have that every day...lol.

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We did the same, our grand children are going to see us at the park on Monday. It will be strictly social distancing though., they care about our safety. When everything is over we are planning a great big party.

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