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not allowed to receive second over 80 vaccine

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My N95 mask I was wearing this morning prevented me from getting into the vaccination centre at Gamston because I refused to put on an inferior surgical mask.

This is the last straw. I have written to Matt Hancock but do not expect a reply as he will be too busy seeing how he can continue to bull sh## in advocating that the so called surgical mask is deemed to be quite OK for the thousands of valuable health workers of this country. It is not OK and the N95 mask should be the minimum.

An observant person will notice the surgical mask cannot seal properly due to the folds in it that go straight to the mouth and nose. It does not fit air tight to the skin around the airways........

It should never be allowed that those who criticise do not possess a fraction of the expertise ,experience or knowledge of those who they criticise.

20 Replies
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Could you simply put the surgical mask on top of your N95 mask? Just giving an idea, I don’t know if it would work or if they’d let you in like that. I hope things work out for you :)

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It wouldn't work comparably with the N95 mask I had on and there are no such people making the diving rules because if there was, then there would be a lot of dead bodies floating around.

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Jacksc06 in reply to FriendlyDude

That's what i did after an altercation at my local hospital, I was asked to remove my N95 and put on a blue surgical mask out of an open box.

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That's ridiculous. Who prevented you ?A medical person or just some steward?

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The lady manager of the covid vaccination centre I assume. What is unacceptable is the fact that 11th March I was interviewed by the lead infectious disease doctor in Nottingham at one of the teaching hospitals. He never mentioned my N95 mask as he knew in all probability that his green thing issued by the NHS was very inferior to mine.This stupidity because that is what it is needs resolving and I'll try to achieve just that.

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MadBunny in reply to

I hope you can get it resolved. I have no medical knowledge so I wouldn't be able to comment but it seems rather odd to me.

I don't expect any reply although my da once got a reply from the prime minister about something he felt strongly about. He was a Japanese prisoner. There are too many people in the country as of now and all those MP's are faceless with someone just as face less of more faceless to do their bidding.There are millions who have taken the mask issue far too lightly. Some of them are dead.

Not many listened but I tried to coax my family members into wearing a suitable mask from day one. There has been and still is a great deal of complacency and quite how these complacent people dare write and show their utter lack of common sense is remarkable. In the first instance on this forum a lady who was not well informed suggested that wearing gloves would protect her. I felt quite embarrassed when I pointed out to her that gloves had nothing to do with protecting her airways. She told me in so many words that I was too forceful.

The government have a lot to answer for and flack may well be coming their way soon because there are a lot of nurses who know the failings of the surgical mask.

They deserved much better protection but they may get that suitable protection next time?

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Write to your MP via email at House of Commons, he/she is obligated to answer..... tell them of your problem, and being prevented from entering the centre, and it’s address!

I always get a reply from my MP.... good luck!

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I have written to my local MP about various things and she does reply but takes a while to come back to you.

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Can't picture the mask you mean as I have only seen people wearing fabric or disposable ones. How do you clean them? When I had a dental extraction last October the surgeon was all masked and gowned and using some kind of ventilator. I've had quite a few hospital and blood test and dental appointments. Some have asked me to wear their masks, some haven't. But I do as asked so that I can see the doctor.My husband wears fabric masts with an insert and washes them after each wear and I use disposable ones as I can't tolerate the fabric ones.

Pity you couldn't have your vaccine today - hope you can get one soon. I have had my first and hope to have second one soon as I have been suffering symptoms of long covid since last March.

I am quite sure you will want to disagree with me, but before you do please bear in mind the post I put up a few minutes ago about why I am going to have to go to hospital next week.

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N95 masks can be seen to fit perfectly well and are air tight to the skin around the airways if fitted properly. The majority of people I see have the green masks on which can be seen to not fit properly. The green blue masks and now white are not fit for anything apart from stopping the wearer coughing or sneezing infected water vapour but the containment would be minimal.Those green mask do not have any legislative protection designation but N95 repirator mask do have that designation and are deemed to be 94.5% efficient and will prevent .3 nano particles going through the filter material.

It was brand new apart from being sprayed with zink oxide which kills viruses within 30 mins. I told that lady it was brand new . She was adamant she would not let me in because my mask was far superior to all those around me. How dare he (me tell her I was not going to put one of her crap masks on.

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I have to wear the FFP2 mask if nursing someone positive for CV-19 and, as in the case of N95, you have to be fit tested before you can wear it and it is one use only. Not everyone can wear these masks correctly due to shape of jaw line basically - they need to be rigorously tested to ensure no aerosol particles can penetrate so whilst I agree we all need to wear appropriate masks, the type you mention won’t be suitable for everyone.

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I would have thought a silicone face mask with a large single or twin filters designated to F3 would be more appropriate because the P3 filters are 97.4% and if 'pre' filters are put over the plastic ones especially the round proprietary filters prefilters are easily fitted and treated materials with zink oxide or the new technology silver kill viruses in minutes.

The silicone face mask with it's filters is called a respirator but how the material ones can be called respirators seems to name material filters better than what they are..

I have been thinking about the imposition by the NHS who in Nottingham are making people wear the so called medical/surgical masks before entering medical facilities. This is taking place even if those who need to get into the building wearing a very protective N95 mask.

Is the intention by the authorities to brainwash ? If all and sundry especially nurses and doctors seen wearing the cheap masks then those around them may well 'get the idea' that these cheap medical masks are OK . They may think that these cheap surgical mask are more protective than they actually are. It is not stated by those requesting that this mask must be worn what level of protection it will give so long as you take the mask you have on to put one of theirs on! Because it is seen that most individuals wear a cheap surgical mask the brainwashing seems to have taken effect.

I see Boris having his injection ,Thursday was photographed with a large black mask on so he has not been brainwashed like the majority. His mask may be the impregnated type who knows?

Most of the population do not know one end of a mask from another but it seems dubious to say the least that individuals are being told to take N95 masks off and put on medical masks that are deemed to be 76% at best due to the fact that they do not fit airtight to the face around the airways.

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Very interesting and informative article.Thank you.

Thank you Scrumbler....... I cannot stop thinking about this issue because it has far reaching implications. It could be construed as a brainwashing exercise although there are more people wearing the so called surgical mask than any other. I see Boris who had his vaccine Thursday had his big black mask on. Dare they tell him to take that off and put a mask of about 76% efficiency? I very much doubt that would happen.

Is this anomaly of being told to put inferior masks on a levelling tactic so that if enough people 'are seen' to be wearing a surgical mask then that fact alone might influence many more who will then 'think' well doctors and nurses are wearing then 'so they must be OK'

I read the of january 2021 where the legislation says that all three types 1.2 and 3 are acceptable in UK hospitals. N where within that 'paper' can it be seen that there is legislation to force a person to wear a particular mask so I wrote to the cheoif executive of the NHS to point that out to her.

She apologised for 'the poor experience I received' by email. It is not enough because we should all be doing what is the maximum achievable protection. That is doing what is best practice. telling someone they must do anything that is contrary to that persons health is counter productive and in my view out of the question. That anomaly that is unacceptable should be rectified immediately.

We will have to see if the promise from the chief NHS executive that the head nurse contacts me and reassures all of us that things will alter for the better.

Scrumbler the article is Excellent. Please urge everyone to look at it. I was a bit taken aback by one phrase that said don't buy masks that have 95% efficiency because they're USA made...... I hope that particular phrase does not put off anyone from buying masks made in the USA . Most of the equipment made in the USA is of the utmost quality. Rarely have I had to complain about anything manufactured in the USA. Their tools are 99.9% best quality.Hence a big chap I knew in the war said a really big yank came to several of them and said - come out of the way 'Tommy' ,this war will go on for ten years more if it's left to you lot'. My pal was 15 stone and the best boxer in his unit but he said he just laughed at what the American said.

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focused1Reading Rabbits

It is annoying especially with so many who have 'forgotten 'their masks laughing at store staff and saying they have medical issues . I am amazed that if you were wearing any mask at all you weren't welcomed to have your Covid jab especially as you are entitled by age to have it .The centre I was at seemed to make things up as they went along as one woman appeared with her elderly Mum and young son . Initially questioned then all 3 of them went in . I rolled up my right sleeve and was told most people have it in their left arm. I pointed to the advice I had read 5 secs ago saying have it in your less dominant hand - I am left handed and can retain info I have just read ....well I could that day . I'll bet if you went back again with different staff no one would say anything .

in reply to focused1

The situation regarding masks has been complacent from day one. Because I have had to protect myself and my apprentices against asbestos dust I have had to deal with protecting myself and others under my care. Can you imagine, when my eldest son came to work with me if I had not protected him from the terrible diseases asbestosis can give an individual I could never have forgiven myself.

It is deplorable that lies have been publicised from the beginning and to pour petrol on the fire the neglect is still continuing,

There is an organisation called IOSH - The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

With such organisations here in the UK and all developed countries why is it and how can the OK be given to masks that are inferior to readily bought N95 masks from all and sundry sellers?

It is down to saving or not affording to buy better and money talks.

When money is involved the logic can be seen to go straight out of the window. Quite how this can be allowed to happen is beyond comprehension when it comes to people's health.

If a visible cloud of gas or fumes was coming towards anyone they'd soon cover their mouth I'm sure but this virus is invisible and what you don't see etc etc.

My last sentence is that, I will not let anyone who thinks they know better than me with less expertise, knowledge, intelligence and experience tell me to do something which I know will be detrimental to my health.

Without health no one can live a 'good life'. You only live once!

The powers that be know what I have written is the absolute truth in this mask matter. People without adequate airway protection may die as a direct result of not protecting their airways. What a diabolical sorry state.... Mind you I see Boris has got his big black mask on and it may be one of the silver impregnated ones -who knows?


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