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Another pancake painting

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I found painting (almost) white flowers a real challenge. I call this one "The last in the hedgerow", though ours are still full of snowdrops.

This is A4 watercolour, salt and watercolour pencils. As ever, much fun was had. Perhaps next time I will make the background colours far more vibrant.

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I really like the muted background colours, my favourite combination . I think it’s a beautiful painting Brent.🙂👍

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BrentWArtist in reply to Rachmaninov2

Thank you. I was a little concerned that the flower was distinguished from the background.

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Rachmaninov2 in reply to BrentW

I like it just as it is.🙂

I love that one Brent, an excellent nod to Spring.🙏

You've captured the shape and drop really well, such beautiful colours.

Thank you

I can understand that BrentW. I guess the knack is in the shading, but you seem to have got there in the end. This is a beautiful study of a lovely little snowdrop and the background is perfect!

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focused1Reading Rabbits

The flower looks sad . Almost it’s too cold get me out of here . Art evokes so many emotions for me The pastel water wash enhanced those winter feelings I have . I have more energy and motivation in summer

Beautiful. I love that style of paining.

You got an anazing Talent Brent! Love your pictures you done so far!

**After Lockdown Art Exhibition!!!!**

That would be brill!!! 👌😁😍

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