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Well Snow is here ☃️❄️☃️❄️😍

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It's snowing here in Ripon and Harrogate ❄️❄️❄️❄️😁⛄☃️😍

And I think my postman Pat got lost 🤣⛄❄️📪

But went on my exercise bike for 25 mins whilst waiting and worked out a bit after that! Feel so much better when I exercise 🚴⛹️🏋️👍😍

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And this is Harrogate 😍⛄❄️❄️☃️

Very pretty photo. Snow does look lovely when it first falls. The children in your area will be excited no doubt. Will they be persuaded to leave their ipads to go outdoors? I wonder. It very cold here in South Wales but north Wales has had a fall I believe.Keep warm Snowdrops.

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I think it’s forecast for us the weekend too 😳👎

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It be right Mydexter! I am on furlough so don't need to drive to Harrogate! Love snow 💞❄️ but not metre deep 🤣🤣🤣

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Not to heavy I hope.X

Yesterday Roadrunner it was -5 here! Went to the an Auto Garage to get exhaust checked, it was still sounding a bit rough, bracket had come loose and he just fixed it for naught 😁👍But oh my feet, ice clumps after waiting for bus into town centre, then back up after that with bus! Took me 2 hours get me feet warm! Taking Bisoprolol doesn't help but not going without again! But went on my bike yesterday and worked out, then felt lots warmer after that🚴⛹️🏋️🥰☃️

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Oh beautiful Yorkshire, spent many holidays up there, I love it.It’s been very cold here in S.wales Too, no snow yet but it’s coming down to us too, I haven’t been able to get warm all the week until today, I dread to get our heating bills😳 but we’ve got to stay warm👍

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Yes we have to stay warm especially when it is so bitterly cold at time! I tend to put more layers of clothes on and warm slippers indoors! I don't like the air in the house too hot , makes me feel sleepy! Rather move around if you can as sitting still makes you feel colder 🚴⛹️🏋️😁❄️☃️

Hi again. I was interested to note you take Bisoprol tablets. I take them too for blood pressure. So, maybe thats why I always have cold feet. In fact, I have even on line looking for socks that can help with this problem I have. I recently found some lambswool insoles that I had bought and they help too. I've ordered some socks online that are part wool so I'm hoping these work as my feet are like blocks of ice. I found some hand knitted, lined mittens I had forgotten about and they proved to be warmer than any of the acrylic gloves I have. Wool looks to be still best for warmth.What a, kind man to sort your car problem out for you. Not many do something for nothing these days.


Yes Bisoprolol is definitely the culprit for giving you cold hands an feet, especially in this weather! And apropo garage, been going to same Garage for 2 years now and Garage owner went to school with my youngest lad and they were best friends!

Can't wear wool sadly as it makes my skin itchy! But was thinking of lambswool insoles RoadRunner! I better get some soon! Got a few thermal socks but layer of clothes and socks are recommended to keep warm ☃️❄️💞🔥


Absolutely Jerry, just waiting for postman and then will go outside 😁❄️⛄

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And how appropriate your name is today lol 😁xx

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Snowdrops be soon out as well I reckon, must check that soon Mandy 😍😁

None here in Hertford yet

Let hope you get some to enjoy Maria ❄️☃️💞

I hope so although it's not forecast. The sky does have that look you get when it's going to snow.

To be honest I looked at the sky and the thought HM.... First sleet and rain this early morning, then at 10 am it came down and it hasn't stopped since! Just crackers 😍☃️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Hi lovely you have snow to enjoy for a while and hey your not that far from me I'm in hull good to know not everyone's so far, and not sure which way the snow cloud lol will blow maby I will get some it's been a couple years here my mams making bread cakes so having chips and dried egg for tea we no bread until sort her priority shopping order with Asda, 😊🌷xx

We had snow here in the Garden of England this morning, but not enough to worry about, thank goodness!

Compared to this morning it's a lot more now Don 😍☃️❄️


Veteran just posted this guys! Please read and then be careful okay! Love you all ❤️

About vaccination Scams on phone, door etc 👍

We've had snow but it's melted now!!! Xxxx💜❤️💜❤️

Hi Snowdrops_17

Lovely to see the snow!

Glad you're enjoying using your exercise bike, that's great that you're feeling better for exercise - and well done for doing 25 mins, that's a lot.

Zest :-)

Plenty of snow there. Just like me, exercise makes you feel so much better.👍🌈

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