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Last look for a while

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As I'm shielding and in tier 4 plus at the Beatson hospital for the full day tomorrow I am aware it will be some considerable time before I'm outdoors again. Therefore decided to go to my favourite place 5 mins from my home, Loch Lomond. The Ben was covered in snow and so quiet and peaceful and it reminds me there is a world out there. Good for my soul

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A great idea to go and look at something that uplifts you Madmolly. I hope the memory of that view will sustain you through your lockdown. 🙏

Oh my goodness, we are really being treated today with these wonderful photos. This is beautiful Madmolly, a great shot and it's absolutely stunning. Hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. xx

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Madmolly in reply to springcross

Had CT scan of liver waiting result at the moment in remission had cancer of right Overy which has been removed problem being it was stage 4

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springcross in reply to Madmolly

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well with your CT scan results. xx

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mariootsi in reply to Madmolly

Praying for good results!

Beautiful and within walking distance! Lucky you!

Yes certainly blessed with the surrounding views

Beautiful photo,Good luck for tomorrow 😘

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Madmolly in reply to

Thanks remaining positive

It will still be there when you stop shielding, so I'm looking forward to seeing your post shielding picture, best wishes for tomorrow 😊❤️🌈

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Madmolly in reply to Jennymary

Thanks I will certainly follow up with another pic

That’s beautiful.

Oh thank you Madmolly,. Seeing this Loch brings back some very happy memories. Many years ago my husband and I and our young daughter drove from South Wales to Fort William to spend a holiday.. One of the stops we made was at Loch Lomond. We set up camp by the waters edge and cooked breakfast on a primus stove. It was and is a magical place as your photo shows. I saw many other beautiful Lochs on that holiday but none compare with this one. Thanks again.

Yes I would say she is the most scenic of the Scottish lochs

We eventually stayed in a log cabin in Loch Leven but was a bit disappointed after seeing the majestic beauty of Loch Lomond. It really is picturesque. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Scotland though and loved the people we met.Cheers.

Best of luck for tomorrow!

It will be great when I can go travelling again but for now watching videos of places will have to do!

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I enjoy seeing other people's pics

Wonderful place to have access to. Keep that picture in mind when in Hospital. Thankyou for posting it.

Beautiful, it’s one of my fav places as well. Take care and fingers crossed for a good result xx

Beautiful photographs.I am waiting for word from Beatson to see if I am suitable for the Matrix trial.


I am in ICON B8 trial

Very uplifting photo I wish you well for the future xx

Good for your soul and good for all readers!

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