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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Please stay safe

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Just wanted to stress how serious Covid is.

I've found out that my son in law's dad's future wife, has tested positive and she's quite poorly. She was very poorly last year with Pneumonia and other complications so we're quite concerned at the moment, she's also Diabetic.

Please stay safe, the vaccine is nearly here and I'd rather not see people and be safe.

Take care all.

Alicia πŸ™

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Sending best wishes to the lady who's unwell, hope she feels better soon xx

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Thank you Jennymary. xx

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Our son in law is asthmatic and he went for a test this morning. πŸ™πŸ€ž

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Hello Alicia, just to say how sorry I am to hear your sad news. I'm sure she is in good hands and will make a good recovery. You will all be very worried and concerned so stay strong all of you and do the right thing....stay safe. Best wishes.

Chrys. X

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Thank you very much Chrys. Our son in law is very worried, she's such a lovely person and we get on so well. I'm making their wedding cake for next September.

I'm so glad we have each other.

Alicia xx

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I hope all will be well with her cf, it must be such a worry for your son in law's father. xx

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Thank you, it really is a worry xx

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So sorry to hear this, will say a prayer. 🌸

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Thank you Marnie, really appreciate that πŸ™

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Oh Alicia,I’m so sorry to hear this news. Wishing them a swift recovery and yes we must be vigilant.

All the best

Charlie 🐳

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Thank you Charlie, appreciate your kind words.

Yes we all must be very vigilant, this is an awful virus.


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We are worried, particularly as she was so poorly last year. Please stay safe, this virus is awful.

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Sorry to hear this news Alicia I hope she has a full recovery, saying a prayer and will light a candle for her xx

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Thank you very much Malmal, I really appreciate that xx

Hi Alicia I'm so sorry to hear this I just seen this post before I go to sleep yes it was forecast that one in 5 people would get it and not to mention the other casualties like my friends husband 61 who died from hospitals been full he had a stroke and was a hour before got help so let's all keep safe and keep the hospital's free I'm saying this as I know other people read I know you know this thanks for reminding us yet again how we need to keep vigilant on THE INVISIBLE ENEMY and I stress that's what it is people think there invisible as can't see anything take care πŸ’›πŸŒŸxx

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Thank you Mandy and you are so very right that this deadly virus is invisible. We can't see this enemy and it doesn't take prisoners. It's sad that others are dying if other conditions because the NHS are overrun with COVID cases.

Im so so sorry for your friend, that's awful.

We have to be very vigilant Mandy.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia xx

Sorry to hear this, I do hope she will be ok, we must be so careful even when we have the vaccine it won't be 100 % , so we must make sure especially over XMAS that we don't mix with too many people or people who have been in contact with anyone with the virus , please take care and stay safe

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Thank you for your very kind words. We really don need to stay safe, I'm so pleased now I have a small family and we are all careful.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia πŸŒˆπŸ™

I'm so sorry to hear this Alicia. Please tell your daughter, son in law , his Dad and Mum that they are in our thoughts and prayers as you are and the rest of your family and friends too. too. This is such a horrible virus. We must be so careful, this is why we are staying put this Christmas and not having anyone round or visiting, no get togethers.. We all need to be vigilant and stay safe. All my love Lynne xxxx β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ™xxxx

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Thank you Lynne. I'm going to message my daughter and see if she's heard anything. This virus is awful and so virulent.

I'm so sorry your not going to see anyone but fully understand and in particular if you live in a different area.

Sending hugs

Alicia xxxxxπŸ’œπŸ’œβ€πŸ’œβ€πŸŒˆ

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Yes, it will be me , Dave and Mike. We are going on zoom with Ian , Chantelle and Alannah so we can open gifts off each other together xxxxβ€οΈπŸ’œ

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Thank goodness we have technology Lynne, it's a saviour. Bring back the hugs though.

You are in my thoughts.

Alicia xxxxx🌈❀❀🌈

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You are so kind, I do appreciate your kindness. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx β€οΈπŸ’œ

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Hugs to you Lynne xxxxxxβ€β€πŸ’œπŸŒˆ

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And to you too ((((((((((πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—))))))))))


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So sorry to hear that. Such bad luck. Hope she makes a good recovery. My daughter in law and grandson both had covid but mildly luckily and now they have the antibodies. My son escaped it.

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I'm so sorry your daughter in law and grandson had it, your son's immune system must be very good. I'm pleased they had it fairly mildly.

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Yes, due to their age I think.

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That's good though that it was mild

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Stay positive for her. My sons mother inlaw partner got it when he was in hospital after having an op. He was in hospital for 7 weeks and he’s now home recovering slowly. He had it in March and he as heart problems

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Thank you and I will. Oh my goodness, I really feel for your son's mother in law's partner particularly with his heart problems and after having an op.πŸ™

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Sorry to read this and pray she’ll soon recover. As you say people don’t realise how serious it is and just because rules are relaxing a bit over Christmas, IMHO a bad mistake, doesn’t mean we should.

I’m in self isolation prior to having an operation on my hand for skin cancer on Tuesday. Hopefully it will go well and won’t need further operation so I can see my daughter and her family soon. I am in their bubble but can’t see them until after operation.

Sending love and prayers to you and your family πŸ™β€οΈ

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Thank you very much.

We should never relax with this virus until we know it's more under control and we end up in a routine with having a vaccine every year.

Sending you my thoughts and prayers also for your operation, hope it goes well. My sister in law had skin cancer removed from her face several years ago and hasn't had any further problems since.


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Sorry to interrupt but just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you Lots of love and hugs Lynne xxxx β€οΈπŸ€—πŸŒˆπŸŒΉπŸ’œ 🌻 xxxx

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I do hope she recovers quickly, with no complications xx

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Thank you Leo xx

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Never mind "six degrees of separation"; that is only four. My partner is Type 1 and hasn't had a shielding letter but he is sort of shielding. I hope that lady recovers quickly.

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Thank you very much. I don't know if she had a letter but she was in and out of hospital a lot last year.

Stay safe and well.

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Absolutely. I hope she recovers well.

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Thank you Sheila

Hi Alicia, I think that one of the problems with covid19 is that until we know someone who is affected, we tend to believe that it can't happen to us or ours. Sadly it's not true, so thanks for this timely reminder not to become complacent. I do hope there will be a happy outcome this time.πŸ™

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I personally know 2 people who have officially had covid a friend who is 17 who ended up hospitalised and an old colleague who is 50 was badly hit and all his family had to stay home for 2 weeks but he is fine now.

I think lots have had covid long before it became officially christened like myself thinking it was a bad cold but no it probably wasn't.

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Yes catgirl1976. I remember our dance teacher being so ill last Christmas with a 'flu' which she said was worse than any kind of flu she'd ever had before. She had breathing difficulties and was completely bed bound for several weeks. With hindsight, i'm pretty sure it was an early coronavirus case!

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Hi Sue

Thank you and your so right, it really hits you when it's loved ones. I'll check on my son in law later as I know he's very worried about his dad, he's worried he'll get it as well.

It's an awful virus and we must be careful.πŸ™πŸŒˆ

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Alicia, It is awful, and there are many more symptoms than are widely discussed. We were so careful but still got it back in March. My husband and I got violent gastric problems in addition to the rest. So at first we thought it was e-coli but pretty sure now it was Covid. Never experienced anything like it in my life, my husband , who was worst, lost about two and a half stone. We are both mildly asthmatic and measure our peak flows, mine dropped from 450 to just below 300, my husbands from 650 to 400. We had our inhalers to hand and used them and were sort of OK. But there was one day I was very concerned about what my husband was coughing up (sorry to be so graphic)

We slept in separate rooms as we were both getting up frequently so didn't want to disturb one another even more. But, as I said he was worst and I spent half the night awake listening to see if he needed help, which he did sometimes, and then woke early to, quite honestly, go and see if he had survived.

And we were not even bad enough to be hospitalised, so think how awful it is for those who are.

And we are still experiencing the after effects. So, please, please, don't take this lightly. Keep yourself safe so that you can enjoy life again when the pandemic is beaten.

Sorry if this is graphic but I think people need t know. This isn't just a bad cold, far worse even than 'flu. Keep safe.

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Oh my goodness, having the gastric side as well as the breathing difficulties is awful. The certainly don't say anything about the tummy but people are also affected that way. That was a lot if weight to lose.

What an awful scary time for you.

I honestly can't understand why you weren't in hospital.

That's the problem, the after effects which they don't mention much.

You are right to be what you call graphic, people do need to know and I think survivors and those that have lost loved ones should be interviewed and then be televised.

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πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ‘β€οΈyes definitely. Did you see the programme of a journey of 4 covid-19 patients? Very emotional. XxxxπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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I've been watching, what I think is caked COVID Hospital. We saw it last night and they were so ill but what was lovely is that they survived and looked so well afterwards. A man a year older than me was released but had to self isolate, it was heart rending watching his wife in tears as she saw him but had to keep distant and couldn't hug.


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I totally agree. I'm so sorry to read about you and your husband . I think you need to be graphic sometimes. Some friends of my Mum and Dad's lost their son in April to covid-19, he was 54. It must be so hard for them. He had a twin brother and an older brother. I know there are lots more families just like this , we really must stay vigilant. I would rather stay in my own home for one Christmas so that we can stay healthy and then have many more Christmas Days etc together.Sorry for going on xxxx

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Stay safe and lets hope things will be better soon with the vaccine. Not knowing if we have an immunity from getting it once, but knowing how bad it can be, we are being very careful. We get shopping delivered and just stay at home and make the best of things. But we both survived - for which we thank providence.Margaret xx

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Amen!Hurry up vaccine!!

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Thank you Jerry. I'm very fond of both of them so really hope that she's going to be ok. I feel for my son I'm law as well.

This really is a timely reminder, we can't be too safe.

Alicia πŸ™πŸŒˆ

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oh my prayers ...we too have two family members with it ...prayers for all...stay safe...

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I'm so sorry for you, you are in my thoughts and prayers πŸ™πŸ™

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Hope she's soon on the mend, must be a worrying time for you all.I certainly won't be going to see family for Xmas I'm sure covid won't think oh it's Xmas I'll take a few days off!!

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Thank you, I've sent a message to my daughter to see if she's heard anything. No COVID won't be taking time off.πŸ™

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Praying for all who have Covid and for all of you who have family members who have it. Hang in there.

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Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement πŸ™

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Right now in our local hospital, 41 are inpatient with Covid- our county has been up to 8.1% this week- higher than ever. Hoping for the best for her. πŸ™

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I'm so sorry where you are is bad, really hope people adhere to the guidelines.

Thank you πŸ™πŸŒˆ

Alicia, thank you for posting this to remind us to stay safe. I will Pray for your family!πŸ’•

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Thank you very much, really appreciate your kind words xx

Thank you Alicia. Everyone with covid-19 , a relative with it or sadly when someone has lost their fight with this terrible virus are in my thoughts and prayers. I will say a prayer tonight . Love and hugs Lynne xxxx β€οΈπŸ€—πŸŒˆπŸŒΉπŸ’œπŸŒ» xxxx

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Thank you Lynne, that's so lovely.

Stay safe Lynne

Alicia xxxxx🌈❀❀❀🌈🌹

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