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Dentist safe when pregnant

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Hiya I’ve been needing a filling a while and when covid started I had an infection with it I’ve now rung my dentist again as I really want the filling done but I’m pregnant the receptionist said I will most likely get an appointment my thinking was I didn’t want it to get worse and need my tooth out I know my dentist will be safe and I’ve not any symptoms I guess I’m just looking for reassurance is it a good idea to go

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I needed a filling as mine had come out. My dentist saw me and put in a temporary one , one that needed no drilling. From what he said, they are only able to put in temporary fillings for the moment until further notice.

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Not mine I’ve been offered it filled

It's a great idea to do it Afrohair. You know what teeth are. They need treatment and don't hurt and then just when you convince yourself that it's going to be OK..... PAIN! And it's almost always unbearable and you don't know whether your dentist would be able to see you as quickly as possible for emergency treatment at the moment.

I believe you told us you were pregnant too, the last time you were in touch on the forum, and it's especially important to look after your teeth then, as your teeth can miss out on their share of calcium.

I think you'll find it's absolutely safe. I was scared when I went back to my hairdresser, but my fears were allayed when I saw all the safety measures in place, and I think you'll find your dentist is being doubly careful. So screw up your courage and go ahead and keep that appointment!👍😊

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The health of your teeth is very important when you are pregnant. You need to keep on top of any problems because in pregnancy, your dental health an deteriorate at a faster rate than it would normally. I'm sure your dentist will have everything in hand. 👍🌸🌷

Hi there,

Did you get your filling done in the end?

I'm a qualified & experienced dental nurse so I can give you some professional advice if you need.

Also, on the general pregnancy side of dental things, you may notice bleeding gums, which a lot of sources say is normal, but in all truth, it's actually because: -

a) there is bacteria trapped around the gumline &

b) the increase in blood volume means that the body is sending extra anti-bodies & bacteria fighting goodness to the gums to fight off any infection risk.

Obviously, the body's defences can only do so much & can't manually remove the biofilm (soft plaque) that can build around the gums. It's very important to floss (up & down each tooth not in & out) every evening & / or use interdental brushes, & ensure the gums are being gently brushed when the teeth are being brushed.

If you've not done this before, you'll notice lots of bleeding at first, that can be quite frightening, but it's because the gums are on high alert & are inflamed. After doing this for 2-4 days, the bleeding should calm or stop altogether, as your gums will tighten up, take on a stipled pink appearance & become healthy again. It can take up to 2 weeks to get your gums back to a great state if they've been inflamed for a while, but well worth it because the gums are the first line of defence for the bone that holds teeth sturdily in place. They also prevent bacteria from entering the blood stream via the mouth, helping keep your heart & lungs healthy.

Who knew how important gums were, right?

Of course, this might not be relevant to you if you have pristine gums, but may be helpful for anyone else reading.

Sorry for the post hijack 😅

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Thanks got sorted in end they did me a temporary fill and clean till baby’s born as I will need an X-ray as the hole was a bit bigger than they thought it might be d

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Glad you got sorted x

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