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Do you feel powerless?

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We do not need magic to transform our world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.


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Very inspiring quite

I honestly wish I had the power to create a living that would enable me to become a millionaire never mind billionaire as JK Rowling

The fact she is JK Rowling everyone will listen

But if she was an ordinary human being like me I ask you who would listen

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4woody in reply to Roukaya

Do you know Rowling’s story? To state that Rowling or myself or any human is ordinary is to demonstrate your choice to not use the imagination you have simply as a member of humanity. Know one knows where they might be down the road. It depends on our choices. I choose to use my imagination and let it take me where it will. Writing fiction will never be a gift of mine. And I have no wish to work that hard. Ever tried writing? I have. I also have no need for that measure of wealth. I know my imagination is a wonderful asset none the less. Would you consider reconsidering your estimation of your own imagination and the power it gives you?

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Roukaya in reply to 4woody

Thank you for your reply

I know the story of JK Rowling very well

and I should have made it clear that no one would listen to me as an ordinary human being

This is what I meant

As JK Rowling is a phenomenon, people all the world over will listen to her

Have I tried using my imagination

May be I should use my imagination in creative short stories

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4woody in reply to Roukaya

I guess my point is that Rowling wasn’t a phenomenon before Harry Potter. Application of her imagination along with a lot of work moved her from unknown to what you call a phenomenon. Writing is hard. If it suits you why not apply your imagination there? I don’t even try to share my own thoughts on this forum. But sharing the thoughts of those to whom people will listen is far more helpful. Maybe some day I’ll share one of your quotes. Enjoy the trip your imagination can provide you.

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Agoodenough in reply to Roukaya

My advice to you would be sit sit quietly and think about what you would do if you didn’t need the money. What would you do because it would fulfil you and then find a way to do it and the money will come. To say you want to be a millionaire, billionaire isn’t the way forward, when you chase money, you never have enough. 😃 remember the saying abundance isn’t something you acquire its something you tune in to.

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Roukaya in reply to Agoodenough

Good evening

I hope you are safe and well

I would like to explain that even though I said I would like to be a millionaire I have never chased the accumulation of riches

To me having abundance would be one of

the greatest feelings

I also have been told if you do what you truly live with passion and dedication the wealth will follow

My great aim is to become a Licensed Wills and Probate Practitioner and to treat each and every client as I would my own Father

It would be an affordable legal service based on the clients affordability

If I were to earn a living even modest with what I would like to do would be a dream come true for me

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Agoodenough in reply to Roukaya

Ah that’s lovely Roukaya and I hope you can make this a reality. Remember to focus on what you want. Imagine yourself in the role you want to be in. I hope it works out for you. I’m sure it will 👍

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Roukaya in reply to Agoodenough

Thank you

I hope you are keeping well

I expect it is knowing what makes you feel fulfilled is the driving force from the idea to the actual reality

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement

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Agoodenough in reply to Roukaya

Yes that’s very true. I’m fine thank you. 🙏

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Roukaya in reply to Agoodenough

Kind words


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Hi 4woody ,

The saying by JK Rowling is great! :-) I agree that imagination/power is an important and valuable item. :-)

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4woody in reply to Activity2004

🤗and quite fun when employees that direction!

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I'm with you Woody. I look at what I have and it makes me happy. After all I could be living in a mud hut, hungry and walking a long distance to get unclean water. I have more than one room to my house, running water, electric lights and appliances, not to mention a clean bed. I have free medical care and medication. I live in a beautiful coastal town, with stunning walks. I don't crave, or have monetary riches, money doesn't buy happiness - I have all I want to make me happy in those things I have mentioned.

I would say to everyone, smile even if you don't feel like it and if you have to, pretend to be joyful when you meet others. I can guarantee it will change your life for the better.

There's a saying I've heard that goes a bit like this: Listen, for if you do you will learn, but if you talk you only repeat what you already know.

I too am blessed with a vivid imagination.


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Agoodenough in reply to jeanjeannie50

I’d say you definitely have the right idea Jean. There are things more important than stuff 😃

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Thanks Jean. I like that saying... very repeatable.

Excellent quote and so very true, we hold the keys to transform.😊🙏🌈

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4woody in reply to

I appreciate not feeling helpless....

in reply to 4woody

Same here😊

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Combine it with courage and steadfastness and we can get through just about anything, as so many brave people are demonstrating right now.😊

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Great words ❤️🌈

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