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Today's bike ride

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Hi all

I met a friend for coffee in the city centre today and managed to beat the rain. I have to say it wasn't the best ride as a car pulled out on me as I was on my bike right on the junction on the main road, then a Council vehicle swerved in front of me to turn off left whilst I was cycling across the junction going straight ahead, then a driver overtook me on our main road with cars coming the other way and gave me a miniscule amount of space then a car turned in front of me to pull into a farm whilst I was cycling along our main road and no indicator was used either.

I really needed to get that off my chest and I've made my mind up now that I will be purchasing a cycle helmet camera. This is why I much prefer cycle tracks to roads and I enjoy country roads as there aren't many cars.

The good thing is I do love my bike and I met a friend.

I cycled 40.75km which is 25.320 miles.

I hope you've all had a good day.


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47 Replies
springcross profile image

Sorry about what sounds like a bit of a scary day cf - it's a very good idea to get yourself a cycle helmet camera, especially as there are some drivers on the road who shouldn't be there!! Love the photos, thanks. xx

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It really was and I was so annoyed. I refuse to swear when annoyed so just shook my hands at them and called them stupid. Imgkad I'm a driver as well as I have my wits about me when cycling.

Where I take the photos is a lovely country road xx🙏👍🌈😊🚴‍♀️

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springcross in reply to

Yes, I would have been annoyed too but I'm afraid I have to admit that I would definitely have sworn!! 😱😱😱 xx

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I didn't as I didnt want to bow down to their level. I'll definitely be getting a helmet cam though.🙏🌈

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springcross in reply to

👍 xx

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🌈 xx

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You are right Alicia, traffic almost choose not to see a cyclist. Good move in trying to stick to country roads. The good thing is more and more towns and cities are putting in cycle tracks. Cardiff, in South Wales 40 minutes from me are doing just this. Why not find out what your local town or city's policies are regarding this. Maybe useful to show your interest.


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Thank you. I much prefer country roads. I'm so glad they are putting in more cycle lanes in Cardiff near you, a very good move.

I'm going to write to my Council and maybe start a petition for more cycle ways, much safer.🙏🌈


No wonder you were angry!! I can't ride/drive anymore due to conditions and meds but when I'm with Dave I see loads of idiots about!! I'm glad you got to see your friend.

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Thank you Lynne, yes I was and all because they couldn't be bothered to wait for a few seconds.

I'm sorry you are no longer able to drive but you're right, there are a lot of idiots about.

It was lovely seeing my friend.

Take care xxxx💜💜💜🌈😊🙏

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Thank you, you too xxxx❤️🌈🤗💜

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xxxx 🌈💜💜🌈

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There are some very careless drivers on the roads with no consideration for bike users. I am glad you got to your destination safely in the end and enjoyed your time with your friend. A camera is a good idea. 😊🌸🌷

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There really are Bobby, I'm so glad I have eyes everywhere, wear a helmet and don't wear headphones. It was lovely seeing my friend.

Yes a camera it'll be.🙏😊🌈🚴‍♀️

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Oh blimey Alicia. I think you’re brave to cycle on the roads these days. It’s not you it’s other people! There should be more cycle lanes. There was a pop up cycle lane in ashford which is quite near me and it cost a fortune and everyone complained so they took it down. I thought it was a good idea.

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Thank you Ali. This country needs more off road cycle ways, like other European countries, we are way behind.

I can't believe people complained. I've always said that I'd pay a tax for my bike so we could be provided with such things as cycle ways.🙏🚴‍♀️🌈 xx

mattymoo33 profile image

There are a lot of selfish idiots out there 😣. I have to use busy roads to get to the gym and am often cut up.

Glad you're ok. Wow, 25 miles, I can barely do 25km🚵😏xx

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There really are, all for a few seconds faster!! That's not good, I haven't cycled to the gym yet but well done to you.

Thank you Mattymoo. I do love my bike even if there are idiots out there.🚴‍♀️🌈🙏 xx

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Wow Alicia! You had an Angel watching over you today 🙏 so glad you stayed safe! 💕

And yes, a cycle helmet camera is an excellent idea! Pray you ordered one already darling! I would be extremely sad if you had an accident! I always leave plenty of room overtaking bike riders and definitely not near a junction or corners where I can't see oncoming traffic! Lots of love and hugs, Christiane 🥰❤️🙏

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Thank you Christiane, yes there really was someone watching over me, probably my lovely dad, he cycled a lot when he was younger, he's been gone 24 years now.

I haven't ordered it yet but I will be. I always leave plenty of room for cyclists as well.

Bless you xx🌈🙏🚴‍♀️💜

Well done Alicia. I love cycling a great way to get and keep fit. It’s really helped me with my weight loss and fitness. Keep pedalling


in reply to PedallingMinstrel

Thank you Jeff, I do love my bike and it really is a good way of keeping fit. Well done to you on your fitness and weight loss.👍🚴‍♀️😊🌈

Hi Jerry

Thank you. I know there are bad cyclists, I've seen a few of them, if they're in earshot, that's if they aren't wearing headphones (that's another bone if contention with me as you need your wits about you when on a bike), I'll tell them off. Today wasn't a good day on the road that's for sure.

No I haven't, I'm going to look at that, I do need something that can be heard that's for sure - thank you 🙏.

It was lovely meeting my friend.

Now relaxing.😊🌈👍🚴‍♀️

thara9643 profile image

Do you know of any adapted bikes?

Sorry Thara, I'm not sure what you mean about adapted bikes🤔

blackbeauty99 profile image

I'm sorry to read this, there are some inconsiderate drivers around but i am glad you are safe!

Wow what alot of miles you cycled and the photos are lovely aswell! :)

in reply to blackbeauty99

There really are, I was just shocked ot was all on one bike ride.

Thank you, I do love my bike and cycling along the country road where I take the photos.

Alicia 🌈🏆🙏😊

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Beautiful photos. Absolute must for cyclists 🚴‍♀️ these days I think with all these idiots on the roads. Hope you have a better ride tomorrow.

in reply to Smiler53

Thank you. Yes cameras really are needed. Fortunately I was on a country road when I took the photos, much quieter.

Sadly no cycling today, strong wind and heavy rain. It'll be the gym today.

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Smiler53 in reply to

It's the same here today. This weather reminds me of some of our walking holidays in Yorkshire, on the top of Malham Tarn, wind blowing a gale and horizontal rain 😂 💨 💦 happy days 😊

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Oh I love Malham Tarn, beautiful views but much better of course when it's not raining.

We've had somexsun today with very heavy showers.🌦🌧☔

Hi lovely pictures, I love cycling but my pedals snapped my latest bike. my old Raleigh easy to ride bike was stolen outside my house locked tenfort gates I left it for 5 minutes someone must have jumped over park fence and passed it over it was 2o pound from a car boot sale but irreplaceable, we are looking to get electric bikes next spring as my mam struggles a bit now. Just to use for rides out, I avoid traffic areas now as can't bear the fumes I stay on the pavement too usually I was once knocked off by a car opening door. With all this virus and ignorant people drivers and people that won't wear masks, I'm seriously thinking of moving to the coast. I hope you have a safer bike ride next time with your helmet 🚴🌄

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I'm so sorry to hear about your pedals snapping but what's worse though is the fact you had your other bike stolen, that's disgusting.

Electric bikes are very good, especially for people that want to exercise but can't cycle uphill.

The fumes are awful, especially buses, lorries unturned cars and old cars, we have a chap up the road from us and he drives a stinking old land rover, it's awful and shouldn't be allowed on the road.

I've shouted at a few drivers that just open their doors, I'm so sorry you were knocked off.

Yes unfortunately thisvirushas made some people selfish and ignorant. I live right by the coast so have lovely country and coastal Wilson my doorstep, I count my blessings.

Thank you.🚴‍♀️🙏

Stub007 profile image

It’s four AM here in the States and 63 degrees F; I shall leave for my puny 6 mile ride in about an hour. I am always so much impressed with your rides!

I empathize with your trials with vehicular traffic. Yesterday I had a close call with a vehicle tailgating another as I was seeking to turn left into their (turn) lane. I didn’t see the tailgater and came within inches of turning into him intending to turn back into my neighborhood.

I have a rather trying mile to go to get to our hiking/biking trail, then I go two miles before reversing course and ending the ride. Auto drivers can be so dangerously unreasonable. I suppose it’s the same the world over. Do be as

safe as possible. You are an inspiration.



in reply to Stub007

My goodness Don, that's warm, it's a lot cooler here now, I do love the heat though. Don't call your rides puny, that's good exercise.

I detest tailgaters, there's no need for it, so glad you avoided the car.

I do like bike trails, I have to cycle about 7 miles first before I reach the trail but once on it I love it.

Thank you and you stay safe as well.

Alicia 🚴‍♀️🌈😊👍

Back in the saddle again Alicia! What a pity about such a scary incident. Times like that make you feel very vulnerable on a bike. I think the cycle helmet is a good idea. If nothing else, if a driver spots it, he/she may well have a moment's realisation that he/she could be called to account, and behave a little more responsibly.🙏👍😊

in reply to

Oh yes and I love it apart from the incidences, so glad I react fairly quickly. Yes I'm definitely going to get a helmet camera, at least I'll be able to prove what happened.🙏🌈😊

Williemom profile image

Whew! What a ride.....glad you made it there and back without getting I to an accident.

Cars and people driving them don’t always look out for bike riders like they should.

Lovely pics as usual.

Have a good day.😀

in reply to Williemom

Thank you, it was a very good ride apart from the stupid drivers.

I couldn't agree more, I know it's not easy seeing bikes, I'm a driver as well, but when there's a bike literally in front of you, you can't miss it.

Thank you, it's been the gym today, weather was awful.

Alicia 🌈🙏😊

RLN-overcomer profile image

Good morning :) I am so happy you are okay. Please invest in a helmet camera. As a Christian I would say the devil was trying to steal your joy :( , and I also say tell the devil to get behind you :) . I wanted to get a car camera to record reckless drivers, especially if there is an accident, so that I would have proof of the driver(s )at fault. May GOD give you, and your loved ones travel mercies at all times Amen :)

in reply to RLN-overcomer

I certainly will invest in one, thank you. I agree, the devil does work in mysterious ways. My mum was a born again Christian and she was the kindest most thought person.

We have a dash cam in the car, very good to have them for sure.

Stay safe and well.🤲🙏

Stub007 profile image

When it comes to cold, it must be that we in the Colonies are wimps, while you in the Mother Country are more robust 😀!



in reply to Stub007

Definitely not, do not call yourself a wimp. I'll walk in rain but not cycle, uncomfortable and dangerous.

All the very best

Alicia 😊🌈

Stub007 profile image
Stub007 in reply to

I AM enjoying it, for sure. Here in the States, we’ve had a hurricane attacking Louisiana, but not here. However, tomorrow’s (Sunday) forecast is for rain, possibly downpours, peripheral to the storm. So tomorrow I will probably take a day of rest, for sure. Thanks.

Be Well,


I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

I've so glad you are safe and not had the hurricane. I wouldn't go out in that weather either so don't blame you one bit.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia 🌈😊

Hi Alicia

Blimey, 4 incidents on 1 ride with motors while cycling is scary indeed!

I Have been a lifelong cyclist and yes, have had quite a few selfish motorists

- Pass too close and sometimes clip my bars

- overtake then turn L right in front of me

- overtake a car coming towards me, on a narrow lane, requiring me to get out of their way

- open car doors as I'm passing


But never 4 in 1 ride! - the main thing is you're safe though!

However, I have to say that these incidents are getting much less

I feel this is because motorists are more considerate nowadays?

After all, like me, a lot of motorists are cyclists as well

Yes, a cam would definitely be helpful to report these incidents to the police

And, I have a cam that films front and back at the same time

Which I use on most of my rides

All the best


in reply to

Hi Alps

It certainly is and annoys me.

It really is other cyclists that understands one another. Isn't is awful what they do and as you say clip your bars, I was overtaken yesterday and the car turned in left in front of me and I was on a cycle track! Oh the opening car doors, that really does annoy me and that happened to me yesterday as well.

Because I'm a driver as well as a cyclist I'm second guessing what they are going to do next. I'm so glad the incidents are getting less for you, that's really good. It really is good to be a motorist and a cyclist because, as you say, they understand.

Yes I'm getting a helmet camera and have a feeling that might be a Christmas present.

That's a very good camera you have.

Stay safe on your bike.


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