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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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A bike ride today

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Hi all

I'd planned to ride my bike today as the weather is on the turn as we are due some rain, although it's quite bright here at the moment. I decided to ride into our City Centre and see if I could get some vanilla extract which is another item that's now hard to find. I thought I'd pop into our local health food shop whilst in the City Centre to see if I could find any more spelt flour and lo and behold, they had some. I've now got some in reserve and should be able to keep my starter going and also make more bread.

I took the long way round home so I could incorporate the country road so took some photographs - enjoy.:)

I cycled 22.4 miles.

Hope you've all had a good day so far under the current circumstances.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia :)

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Hi Alicia, Your flour situation has definitely improved! It's a good job you can get out and about on your bike and seize any opportunity to get spelt flour. The weather was a bit mixed today and is reflected in your pics, but if it's anything like Hampshire, the cloud has gone for now and sunshine's returned. Stay safe and well too.

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To be fair the food situation is a lot better than it has been lately.

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Hi Hidden , thank you and it certainly has, I was pleasantly surprised, I could have bought more but only had my small bag with me, I so wished I'd taken my larger rucksack but it's an excuse for more exercise next week if there's no rain. I'll walk in the rain but not cycle as I don't feel safe enough when it's wet. The weather's been the same here, cloudy most of this morning and the sun came out this afternoon which was unexpected.

Have a lovely evening.

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Thank You, I miss the English country side. Glad you found the supplies you needed. I was going to go shopping today (by car) but do not feel like it!!!! The rain is on its way, we had some 3 days ago, supposed to warm up, a bit windy and sunny the rest of the week. Sprinkle in S.C. USA. love n hugs, I love the fact that you do all those miles on your bike, I have not ridden mine this year, only the stationary bike!!! Always 5 miles... in my living room. Stay safe, be happy....

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I do love the countryside. It's a lot better cycling into our city centre as it's been so quiet since lockdown as it's so much easier to avoid people as the shops are smaller and this particular one is only allowing one person in at a time which I'm more than happy about. We were supposed to get rain today but it hasn't happened.

I don't mind the wind as long as it's a warm one, mind you when on a bike it makes the ride a lot harder if it's windy. I love my bike and this has given me the opportunity to ride it more as the traffic is lighter although more cars are appearing on the road. 5 miles on a stationery bike is very good going, keep it up.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia :)

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Well done Alicia. All I need now is to find a way of me eating cake and you being able to burn off the calories for me 😂

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Thank you Ali. Ah well, I'm sure there must be a scientific way I could do this LOL

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Super snaps. As we are not allowed out at the moment we really appreciate the views posted. However we sat up when we saw Wembury. It's a lovely area. We spent about eight weeks in total at Bovisands last year, such a relaxing place. You are very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the country.

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Thank you,I am very appreciative on where I live.

How funny is that that you stayed at Bovisand, it's a small world.

Stay safe and well.😊

Yes they seem to be Jerry, Dove's Farm seems to have really struggled to keep up with demand but it was Doves I bought today and Saturday so they must be getting more stock now. Vanilla extract is what I can't get now, everyone is all of a sudden a baker🙃

Thank you. You stay safe and well and enjoy your spring cabbage,I used to love that as a child.😊🚴‍♀️

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