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Tonight’s dinner. Fried chicken, tomatoe and cucumber salad from our garden, zucchini waffles also from our garden. With watermelon for dessert.

Pretty tasty.

Last night and this morning we got 4000 lightning strikes and 70mph winds. Lots of fires started around the state. One went from zero to 16,000 acres in about 12 hours. In the Mojave desert. It’s still going.

Some of the fires had strong fire tornados. These can flip heavy equipment over. Fires can make their own weather.

Tonight and tomorrow we get more of the same. Our heat spell is due to last for the next week or so. Mostly over 100f.

On the bright side we are still good at our location but are ready to help out or runaway whatever the need is.

Hope everyone is safe.

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Please stay safe re covid-19 and fires. 100⁰ wow!! That's frightening. Hope everyone is ok.

Your meal looks delicious. Did you have anything with your water melon? I would have had to have ice cream with it, this would be a treat for me , I've got diabetes type 2 my Dr said I'm allowed a couple of treats per week as long as I'm sensible otherwise.

Take care and stay safe Lynne

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Ice cream! What a good idea. We didn’t think of it.

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Dinner looks great, the waffles look very nice. I was watching an article on the TV about the fires, they where saying how they are starting much earlier in the year than expected. They where dropping some sort of pink foam from planes. It must all be very scary you must have too be on the highest alert. Keep safe. 👍🌈

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That is what they call retardant. It helps slow the fire down. Fires are still breaking out due to the massive amount of lightning today.

Things are getting busy here with local fires starting to burst out. I haven’t been called to help with communications yet but am expecting it.

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to daveh121

You and your family take care and stay safe. 👍😊

Fried chicken is a favourite daveh121, so that looks delish! (I love the idea of zucchini waffles. I've had them often as pancakes, but never 'waffled'. They look really good! That was some severe weather and I hope that you'll escape its worst effects as it seems there is more to come. (Blessedly cool here at the moment, but weather forecasts seem to be predicting more hot, humid weather.) Stay safe! 👍😊

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Send some cool our way!

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Goodness dave, I hope everyone will be OK. What frightening weather you have. On another subject, what a tasty sounding menu you had, sounds Yum!! Stay safe. x

Please stay safe Dave as that's scary. I'm so pleased that you are okay where you are and I really hope it stays that way.


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So far so good. Thanks!

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Excellent, hope it's okay for you today when you get going.

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Thanks. We are trying.

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Looks delish! 👍

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Good morning Dave

Stay safe my friend!

Do you have fire breaks around your property? With that heat everything is so dry and so dangerous when it catches fire and with those winds nothing can stop them.

Fire tornados are just too terrible, l have seen a few, we used to call them ‘devil winds’.

It is not only the wild animals that cannot escape, so be careful Dave!

Wishing you cooler weather with a good downpour of rain to slow down these fires.

Stay well, Tim.

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