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I did laugh out loud

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Several neighbours were chatting over the garden wall and one said 'I will be so glad when we can hug and kiss again'

Another neighbour responded and said ''I never hugged or kissed you before Covid19 and i'm not going to start now''

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🤣🤣🤣 Brilliant! Thanks for getting my day off to a good start with a laugh 🐰

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I'll have to tell mam lol well I certainly won't be hugging her nebour he's 81 he tried to hug me when I did some cleaning for him lol he'd been drinking whisky it was Xmas 🤯that made things very arqward I never cleaned for him again but I accepted the box of white zinfandel wine he got me for Xmas lol which he gave me as I left 🤯

Thats just great! True though!


Very funny, gave me a good chuckle. x

LOL 😁😁that's funny good morning secrets hope your well you sound in good spirits 😊xxx

😂😂😂 xx

That reminds me of Les Dawson and his pal dressed as woman and chatting over the garden wall 🤣 ..

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Just remembered his name. Roy Barraclough,? I think he was in coronation street for a while

Les Dawson

Oh I love that secrets22. I can't stop giggling! 👍🤣

Looooool..thnxs for the humor

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