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A use for my painting 🤨

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Not sure whether to be happy or sad. Willow seems to have found a use for my painting! At least it’s not been relegated to the cat litter tray! (Yet) 😂

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Has willow been driving you crackers with spoilt meows about the heat as baby has driven us bonkers with her bad tempered meows over the heat!

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Well not because of the heat but she wants feeding all the time. She’s eating us out of house and home lol.... Might have to buy shares in Whiskas Fish Selection!

Poor baby she wants you to turn the sun down! Tell her it’s cooling down soon x

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Oh my, our Dave seems to be eating less, not that he really needs much food with his size😂😂

He's been struggling but it doesn't stop him starting it by rolling over and almost saying 'look at me'😂

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Haha they are so funny aren’t they! 😻

Aww bless, Willlow loves your painting. It's been so hot for them hasn't it ours has hardly been in. xx

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Yes so hot. She’s doing well though. She is following me everywhere. If I’m out she’s out and when I come in she follows me. 🥰

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It really was very hot yesterday, it's cooler here today but still muggy. Aww bless Willow, she loves her mummy :) xx

How adorable! You can’t be mad! Willow is so cute!

No I don’t mind at all. We let her do what she wants and she’s so good. Bless her.

Awww, Willow loves it 👍😃

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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

Maybe it looks cool to her.

Yes that’s true. She’s lying on the sea 😀

Well what an adorable piccy of her cat-ching up on her Zzzeeedddssss!!! Ha ha ha. I guess having seen you lavish your attention upon your art work, using it to cuddle up on to is the closest she can come to what it was has been occupying you all this time! It's 'direct contact' by indirect means!!!

Beautiful cat, looks so much like my darling Poppy did...


Thank you...She definitely wants all the fuss!

Awe 😻

Paint can feel cool to the touch as it dries ~ totally cures beneath the surface. But I also think she loves the painting! So sweet!!!

Thank you. At least it was dry and only watercolours 😀

Your Willow looks so much like our Scooter!He lived to be 26 yrs old ... yes, 26! ... per our veterinarian’s records! He loved claiming my papers (and books) when I studied for university classes! Cats are such unique and lovable personalities!!!

26 oh my life. Willows just a kitten then shes only 15 😍 what did scooter eat have you got any tips for Willow to have a long life?

Urmnn... cat-endorsement BEST-endorsement. 🐱

Absolutely 😻

Why must cats do that? Whether it's an important document or your latest painting.... it's claimed as the latest 'must use' bed. But Willow looks so contented, you couldn't possibly object! 😊👍

So typical. Bought her so many beds and she never goes near them. She looks too cosy to move!


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Strongman does that with one of my paintings, sitting on it on the piano. I don't mind, telling myself it's appreciation of some sort.

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Agoodenough in reply to BrentW

I'm sure it is 😀

Thank you Jerry. 😻

I’m glad you don’t mind either. Willow looks to comfy to move her.

Ah! You couldn't be cross with her could you. She is so gorgeous. You can always paint another picture. 😺x

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Agoodenough in reply to Sheila_G

That’s right. I wasn’t cross. I only do quick watercolour paintings for my own pleasure and if Willow wants to lie on them I don’t mind. Also it won’t do any harm, she looks so cosy 🥰

Aww, bless her. She looks so cozy and chilled out. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️💜

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Willow obviously loves it so much she has to be part of it. A cat in vogue. 😸😺

She thinks she’s touched it now it’s hers Lol. If I wanted her to lay on it it would have been the last place she would lay. She’s a one!

Peace Purrfect Peace!

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Awww she looks so content in bottom one

She does doesn’t she. How could anyone disrupt her! The picture has cat fur on it now but at least she didn’t dribble on it lol 😀

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to Agoodenough

She eas giving you her seal of approval

Your painting must be very relaxing as Willow has gone to sleep with it. Lovely picture of cat anyway thank you for sharing.

Thank you she does look rather relaxed and cosy. Couldn’t possibly move her!

Awww looks like she loves your painting 🤗

They don't know what to do with themselves in the heat do they feel so sorry for them

She's a beautiful cat

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Agoodenough in reply to Cat33

Thank you. Yes it’s like she’s hugging it 😻😆

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Cat33 in reply to Agoodenough

Yes definitely awww 💕

That's a gorgeous puss-cat! She reminds me of our dear-departed Mrs Woo, who was a master of the art of contentment too! :-)

Thank you. She is. It’s sad when we haven’t got them any more.

she obviously loves it xx

Aw bless her, she is so cute! :)

She is thank you. 💕

Hi, my cat used to do that, it's just made me think of him 😞😞 take care of hi he's lovely

Thank you. It’s hard not to feel sad when we think of our pets that have passed over x

Aww she looks comfy 😍

Wow Ali, I love these photos of your cat appreciating your Art-work. She loves it.

Zest :-)

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Agoodenough in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest! At least she had the decency to let it dry before she lay on it!😂

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