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A Watercolour Painting: Rocks at Crescent Beach

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Painted using not only paintbrushes, but also (primarily) an old credit card and a twig snapped at random from a bush beside our house. The speckled effect I got by sprinkling sand on the paint while it was still damp.

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That looks just wonderful. This might sound like a stupid question but what sort of paper do you use for watercolour. I've been thinking of buying some watercolours and oils but don't have a clue. 😊😊

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BrentWArtist in reply to bobbybobb

There is special paper produced for watercolour painting. Made from cotton, it absorbs colour well and, provided it is heavy (thick) enough, does not wrinkle when wetted. I use paper made by a company called Bockingford. cassart.co.uk/brand/bocking...

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to BrentW


That's really evocative, you are very talented xx

Wonderful! I’ve heard of using salt on paintings so I suppose sand has the same effect 🙂

That is beautiful, reminds me of our beloved Cornwall. You are very talented 🌞 xx

You are getting good at this Brent. Watercolours are quite a difficult medium to use but you are really getting to grips with them. I love this simple painting as the colours really work.

Keep up the good work, it must be very satisfying.

Hi Brent_Wilson, I love art that's completed with random tools, and look at how beautifully it's turned out. Really, really accomplished! 👍🙏

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BrentWArtist in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you. I am still a rank amateur (I started painting in January), but at least I feel to be more in control.

in reply to BrentW

Brilliant 👍

It's a great piece of work.

Very nice. 😊

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Stunning! You're very talented.

Thats lovely, well done you.

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