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What's anyone done today

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Changed the bed, and did the washing, nothing yet from work so thinking I'm going back next week, but time will tell

Otherwise just pottered around doing a lot of nothing, weather here has been rubbish, not much rain but quite windy

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Hi Jennymary

I do love it when the bed has been changed, it feels so lovely to slide in the bed at night with clean sheets. I hope you hear from work very soon.

We did the housework, then I spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon cooking as weather here today has been pretty rubbish so I made the most of it by being in the kitchen.

Hope you have a good evening.

Alicia :)

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I changed our bed sheets on Saturday and yes it feels nice when you put fresh sheets on the bed!

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It really does doesn't it😊

I went for a walk today in the morning. I saw some ducks and fed them leftover bread. I needed to get out and smell the fresh air. Now I am looking at tarot readers online for my next birthday party next March. I cannot wait.

That will be nice for you when you get told officially when you are going back to work.

Busy day here today with future learn and heavy rain this morning so I had decided on an afternoon walk instead so had one of those and did 5 miles and took in some new streets I wouldn't have gone to before if lockdown hadn't happened and had really enjoyed it!

I have discovered some new routes during lockdown for walks from home that I never would have done if lockdown hadn't happened and will carry on using them in the future.

Hi Jennymary, glad you had a good day. I hope you hear something from work soon. I know you've been looking forward to getting back.

Weather similar here and just did one quick dash out to Ikea to pick up an order, and was glad to get back home.

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Hi Jennymary, hopefully it will be nice for you to get back to some sort of work routine. it has been heavy rain earlier but cleared into a warm evening. I visited my mum this afternoon, Been pottering and watching tv. 😊🌼

Hello Jennymary, did my bed last week and put a new bedspread on, but had to iron too as I needed pillowcases. Today was time for smalls, delivery from Sainsburys and repacking items for the freezer in smaller bags . Spoke to a couple of freinds and caught up on some paperwork yesterday. Now I must go and do next weeks food order. Hope work goes well for you when you do start back, it might be a little stressful after all this time.

Cut up some sheets surplus to requirements from when we upsized the bed. Used some to make Spanish style pillowcases, we like the long narrow pillows but can't find quality pillowcases. Then I made face masks, thought the cooler cotton would be more comfortable and the high thread count good for safety. I'm quite pleased with them but it did strike me as a very strange thing to be doing. But middle of the day is too hot to be out and my sewing room has aircon so it was time well spent.

Started the day with a swim, that was lovely.

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