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What's anyone done today

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Again not much, but I've achieved a lot. Pottered around, went to the shops, went into a charity shop, not the one I intended to go into. Yes, they're taking donations, either a large black bin liner or up to 3 small bags, they're also happy to take the bubble wrap I've got here, so got home put the shopping away and got charity shop bits parcelled up, they open at 10.30 tomorrow so I can drop that off then whizz home for reading group, also booked a pub lunch with sister for Saturday

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19 Replies

Hi Jennymary

I see you have said that you've not done a lot today but it certainly looks like it to me. Well done on getting to the charity shop and I see you have a meal booked for Saturday with your sister, that's something to look forward to.

I've been on a bike ride today, had lunch, planted some seeds in my new planters, made a soup and washed the dishes, spoken to my youngest daughter and been on the computer.

Hope you have a lovely evening.

Alicia xx :)

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I hope you enjoy your pub lunch with your sister, that sounds lovely! 😀🌸

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Jennymary in reply to Marnie22

Thank you, pleased to read that you received such great customer service in your post today 😌

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Today I spent most of the day unwell. However I did finish off my future learn courses and even managed to sort out the toy cupboard as well.

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Hope you recover quickly. 🙂🌸

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Hope you feel better soon

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I haven’t done much but shower and lay in bed. I was going to hang out with my friend but i’m too much of a mess to do that. I hope tomorrow will be a productive day for me..

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Oh that's good. My daughter has some bags of children's clothes to give the charity shop. I've done the chores and this afternoon, in fact, I'm still doing it, I've been practicing the watercolours. I've been popping on and off here. Hope you have a pleasant evening. 😊🌼

Hi Jennymary, So good that you've found a charity shop to take your donation. I know how pleased we were to find one a big accumulation of things we had to get rid of after a de-clutter. I see you have another Saturday treat booked too. That's terrific. I've done a supermarket shop today and sent back a food processor I'd used all of twice before it gave up the ghost. I find food processors so capricious. I really wouldn't bother if they didn't do such a good job when they are working. Hope you have a good evening!😊🙏

That sounds lovely that pub lunch on Saturday!

Today I have applied for some jobs, watched junior on TV, been on future learn and applied for some jobs.

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Hi Jenny, funny you talked about charity shops as I went back to mine as a volunteer yesterday and also today. I work in the front of the shop ie the till and checking and pricing books, cd's, DVD's etc. It was great to be back but exhausting as we were only doing card payments, and I have to ensure we either only have either 3 individuals or 3 social bubbles in at any 1 time.

Everybody was saving their donations til lockdown finished and we got mountains (literally). Whilst this is great, our warehouse and 1 shop are completely full so we have to refuse any more for the time being which is a shame. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. 😀

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Sorry, please don't take offence. I am pleased for you all. but am starting to feel really envious reading about your 'outings' even if it is only the charity shop. Wasn't too bad when everyone was staying in, and we could all have a moan together, but now I really have had enough. I feel I am being left behind whilst others are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Longing to get out and have some interaction with other people. DH is struggling, though he won't admit it, which in turn is depressing me. We have managed a couple of short walks outside the garden - about 300 yards , but then, apart from helping with preparing meals and washing up he spends most of the day sat watching TV and nodding off. Any attempts at conversation are very one sided. I try to stimulate him but there is little interaction and it seems to be limited to him to him asking me the same questions over and over, or arguing with the TV (and me at times) and I am starting to feel brain dead myself. Not good when I already have fibro fog and chronic pain, plus digestive and other issues with fibromyalgia. Phone calls seem to have pretty much dried up and I feel reluctant to be the one always ringing, so I am now having a rest from that. I have finally got a hair appointment (HURRAH) tomorrow, but I am even feeling nervous about going for that, having not been out yet, still isolating. lus DH is moaning about being left on his own for an hour or so, but it is a case of needs must! At least the sun is shining, so moan over and here's hoping things will get better! Stay safe everyone. xx

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Moan as much as you want, pleased you've got your hair appointment, hopefully that'll lift your spirits if only for a short time.

I haven't lived with anyone with dementia but I visited my late Great Aunt for 10 yrs as she was in a Care home close to me and I popped in every couple of weeks, and my mum lived with it for 3 yrs and I know how demanding she was, sending love and hugs ❤️

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Was up early ,rather pleased this morning had arrived ......my fridge was

looking rather bare and today was Asda day .......

Their delivery van was due between 10 & 12 mid day.

Right on the dot of 10 am the van was out side.

From then on it all went steadily down hill.

With mask in place I stood on the front door step and offered a greeting.

Maybe he didn't hear ,but started to walk towards me with three large black baskets ,. To the the back door please..

"" I only deliver to the front door ,don't go through to the back.""

Must admit I was getting a bit upset by his attitude. As I explained to this man ,

I have a medical condition , I can't carry those heavy baskets through my property to the kitchen, and it's on the driver's instructions.

Well have you girls heard a man nag.......he went on and on and on.

After dumping the baskets on the back door step he walked away .

I got some bags and started to load up the shopping ,by the time I had emptied the second basket my breathing had really deteriorated, and I was wheezing like a set of bagpipes.

He must have been just out of my line of vision because he heard my

breathing and suddenly wanted to help me. Without him wearing a mask.

There were only a few items left .........I declined help ,but he insisted .

I did feel like sending it all back ...but ......anyway I closed the door ,only to hear him say I was rude.........maybe for not thanking him.

I am sure he was under the impression I should fall about thanking him ..

To say I have never met a more objectionable man would be putting it mildly. Did wonder if I was the last call on that round , several frozen cardboard outer packets were a bit soggy........But why me. ?

All the other drivers have been lovely and have looked forwards to their visits and chatter.

Yes , I will be talking to Asda about this episode.......it did upset me and I don't like being bullied .......As good as Asda have been it makes me feel

reluctant to order again in case he turns up to deliver.

At least the end of July is not far away.


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Jennymary in reply to Buzzytruk

Sorry to read of your experience with Asda, and you're doing the right thing by telling them about this driver so that he doesn't do it again, and yes the end of July is now only 2 weeks away

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Got some masks made yesterday and delivered to my cousin’s friend who lives around the corner from me, shades of navy blue for the boys as requested and took my bag of spares so the friend could choose, then headed to a local fabric shop for some more navy, grey and black fabrics as I’m running low. While in the shop a lady came in looking for masks, the shop owner explained they were too busy to make them, luckily I still had my spares with me... so I’m now spending my day making more!

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Hi there I’ve been on the go since silly o clock this morning after only getting to bed about 1 am.I have just finished making 7 doz fruit 🍇 scones for the needy my wife makes a lot of #Loaf cakes then it’s donated too go into the food parcels it’s only 2 pm what I will do with the rest of the day is anybody’s guess stay safe


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