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What's anyone done today

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I've cleared the ironing, pottered around doing bits and pieces, this afternoon as Iceland home delivery slots only seem to be available for the next few days, I've done a tesco shop to be delivered 2 weeks today which will give me time to run my cupboards and freezer down a bit, I've also got a couple of questions about the vulnerable people food boxes, do they come same day and time each week, and are they easy to cancel, I've been onto my council's website used the enquiry form to cancel mine as I feel that with my cupboards being full, totally unrelated but I did an online shop early in March, so I feel that I've got more than enough dry stuff here so someone else can have it. Although I'm meant to stay in tomorrow I'm going for a short walk, didn't go today as it came in wet earlier and I didn't want to get caught in a shower

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Hey sounds like you've had a productive day Jennymary so well done to you.

In answer to your question about the food box. My friend had one delivered as she has a daughter who has to be isolated as she has a very severe form of JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) and is on many drugs, bless her she's only 16. Anyway, my friend didn't need the box and asked what she could do with it and she was told to phone the homeless place near to here, leave it outside and they would pick it up, which they did. Therefore nothing went to waste and the homeless ended up with a lovely food box. I hope this helps.

I did my weekly shop at Tesco this week and, as fairly normal at the moment, could get everything. I then cycled into my local city centre and bought the spelt flour that I buy each week as I cannot have any other flour because of my special diet for IBS. I'm buying as much as I can each week so I've always got a stock and can feed my sourdough starter which is in the fridge.

I had a fairly late lunch, around 14:00 and have been on the computer since and am now just about to think about cooking dinner.

I hope you have a lovely relaxing evening.

Alicia :)

Hi Jennymary,

Sounds like you have had another busy day today. Glad you got a lot done.

Today, I had breakfast and lunch, did some emails, replied to postings and comments and took a few pictures on my phone. I will do some reading later today before dinner and bedtime tonight.

Have a good night.😀👍🌈

Been for my usual daily walk this afternoon, laid in bed until 12 today, watched junior and Moonraker on DVD and started a great book by Vanessa Greene called the seafront tea rooms which I am really enjoying and couldnt put down!

I don't think the police will begrudge anyone sitting down on their own for a breather.

Its things like picnics that aren't allowed at the moment.

Hi, hope you are feeling ok. I’m on Denosumab Letrozole and Ibrance. When I go back on my Ibrance after a week off I ache all over for a few days. My head is in the clouds and I feel crappy but.......it passes. As far as food parcels go you should have had a contact telephone number for enquiries and cancelling. If they do deliver you can always give it back. I have deliveries same time every week although they delivered twice last week. Don’t know why. I just send back what I don’t want. I’m on the at risk list also but we have an allotment that I have been to a couple of times and go to Lidl really early with hubby when there is no one there. I live in Liverpool City Centre and the students have gone home, they use the Lidl. So that’s great. It’s only a ten minute walk and it’s a bit of excersise. If we are sensible it should be ok. I wear a mask and gloves when I’m in the shop and always deep clean when I get home. Clothes as well. Hope it helps re food parcels. Have a good weekend. Cheryl

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Hi Jenny. I had a bit more energy today so spring cleaned the sitting room then took the Hound out. Also worked on my knitting and I'm altering a couple of pairs of trousers. Kept the fire going as it's been chilly. Have a good weekend.

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Hi Jennymary, The weather has been unsettled the past couple of days. I took the dogs out, Bobby doesn't like the wind so was glad to get home. My granddaughter who is four didn't have a very good day. Her plastic Wendy house was smashed to bit's by a man being chased by police who was running over the back gardens and he fell onto the Wendy house. It's a good job my daughter and granddaughter where indoors at the time. My daughter got a fright and luckily the granddaughter is too young to fathom what had happened but very upset about her Wendy house in the garden. The family have clubbed together to get a new one. I can only be thankful she wasn't playing in the garden at the time. xx

Hi Jennymary, Sounds like another busy day for you. You'll end up making me feel guilty as I haven't done much that was productive today. I seem to spend longer and longer doing less and less, and don't even feel bad about it!

I bet you are one of very few people who would like to stop a delivery of food and I'm not surprised to hear that it's not easy to find out how. It's really good of you to consider that someone else could use it. Hope the weather's looking better for tomorrow so you can get your walk in. I'd like to get out for one early too. Take care as always and stay well. 😊

We drove to our cabin in the Sierra foothills for some mowing and getting the irrigation going on the fruit trees.

Now we can visit the neighbors and relax for a few days.

Hi we have also decided that someone else would benefit more from the food box. The paperwork with it explained how to cancel it so I've done that and hopefully next week it will.gontonsomeone else who needs it more.

I also cleared ironing. Took dog out briefly as I was waiting for a washing machine engineer to come then my daughter-in-law came with my shopping and some extra wool. Yay 😃

I am busy sewing scrub bags and ear savers for NHS. I am delighted to be able to give something back. I have come out of retirement as far as sewing goes but the fact that it is helping our nurses is spurring me on. X

Do you mean Iceland are stopping deliveries? I’ve had no problem getting them 🤔

No I'm stopping my vulnerable persons food box, Iceland are still delivering

Oh that’s good. Thank you.

now if you can afford it, NOT MANY CAN, if on pension....do 35.00 next day delivery Iceland, if run out of deliveerry slots...I AM NOT PENSION AGE yet, but disabled and cannot shop, so rely on deliveries, or stimes try ASDA, but count with 2 weeks wait, LUCKY IF YOU GET THE SLOT...for very urgent like milk or bread, try family, or neighbours, cannot give you any advice on these specific deliveries, by social...

Same as any other day. In the morning I am on computer & read the local news. Then I do emails, Make lunches and suppers. Every few days I do some laundry , but NO Ironing. Everything is wash & wear. From the dryer to the hangers. About once a week, one of us goes grocery shopping.

We are so lucky here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our virus count since March is only 275 cases and most of them are recovered. I think we have only 40 active cases today. There were only 6 deaths due to virus.

That means our lockdown is partially over. Most shops and business are opening on Monday and back to almost normal. We still have to physical distance and no groups over 10 persons. We go out for walks every day. Some days we drive to a different location & walk around there. It gets boring walking the same routes around our neighbourhood.

Spring is finally here so we raked the lawns. It's been mostly sunny with one day a high of 22"6 C on Thursday. Then some rain yesterday and cloudy today, with 55 km NW winds.

The ice is off the lakes so we are planning to go to the lake next week. Fishing season opens on the weekend and my hubby likes fishing. He catches pickerel (aka walleye), black crappies and northern pike.

It's almost 2 PM in the afternoon, so we are headed out for our daily walk.

Good wishes for everyone and an enjoyable weekend.

Hi Jennymary. This morning I played my accordion outside the sheltered accommodation near my home. Some of the residents came out to sing and others opened their windows and sang. They all seemed to enjoy it. Later I played on our street which I have been doing regularly now for a few weeks. I always finish with the okey kokey. Well that's what it's all about. Stay safe, everyone.

Regards Flyer.

Hi all. I wake with the sun so I have the house to myself for a leisurely porridge and a coffee during which I pay careful attention to the weather forecast. At about ten if the weather is good we are out for a walk along some of the local community paths (converted old railway tracks) and back through a strangely empty village.

After our main meal at lunchtime , I was going to go and do some decorating but I made the mistake of going into the garden, then into the shed and a pair of shears appeared in my hands.

My wife appeared in the garden and looked at my handiwork and grinned ' you are not very good with trees' , she said . 'There's a cup of coffee on the table' she said as she grinned again, ' It looks better from up there'.

Yes, I like to get all domestic jobs up to date and keep on track with grocery orders. I dont think anyone with ataxia should feel guilty or lazy as it is only practical to pace yourself. Fatigue is not something we can totally ignore but listen to your body and state of mind.

I was told in a counselling session, dont think to yourself I have to do this but I want to do this .. it works for me. My biggest challenge is to read everyone's comments and news storeys .. I have a reminder on my google mini to go outside at 11am and 4pm -ish but only if I want to. take care xxx

What a great idea to tell each other! You have been busy! Today, so far, I helped my son with his newspaper round which meant we travelled 23 km in the car and took 1 hur 20 mins to deliver tons of papers round the area. I will be more considerate in future and always make sure my house number is prominently displayed and even maybe a post box at the garden gate. So much nicer for deliveries.

Cleared out a tea towel drawer to get rid of the ones with holes in.

Then I did a 12 minute virtual tour of Buckingham Palace to make me feel I'd had an outing, and watched a video on early 1900s Russia, marked some essays and had a Zoom lesson with some students: that is always a highlight as it is human contact!

Then a Joe Wicks workout (ultimate beginners, in case you were concerned). Now for lunch.

Ironing soon and then a 2 mile walk in my lounge with Leslie Sansone.

Be well and thank you all whoever reads my day.

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Jennymary in reply to Kickupbum

I've read it, and you've been busy, I started doing this a few weeks ago and people answer regardless of whether it be good or bad day for them, I'll be posting tonight's in a while

More gardening since that is easy to do when we can’t do anything else. We are going to be swimming in vegetables later on.

Also did some birding.

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