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What's anyone done today

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Firstly I'll tell you all how I came to get my face mask. In normal times I go to a country market which is held weekly at a local church hall, currently they're selling stuff on their Facebook page which is how I came to see the mask, if anyone wants one find out if there's a country or farmers market close to home, or maybe a small knittibg/sewing shop nearby that may be able to help, good luck.

So not much again today, my sister came over, first time I've seen her since mum's funeral, she brought me some bits of food which although I didn't ask for them I was pleased to have them, she also plated up some roast beef, potatoes and veg which will do me for tomorrow and Monday, otherwise just tidied up the kitchen, put the food away, cleaned the floors, and sat in front of the TV again

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Hi Jennymary,

It's nice to hear that you were able to get your face mask. It's also nice to hear that your sister brought food to you when she stopped by for a visit. It's always nice to have small surprises. :-)

My day has been going okay. Somewhat quiet, but good. I had breakfast and got done with lunch a little while ago, went on my phone, listened to some music on my bedroom radio, replied to postings and comments, sent messages on and off HU, texted with a few friends and then I closed some windows in the computer room since it was bringing in the pollen and I couldn't stop sneezing. I'm planning to do some reading and work on the next day's word scramble puzzles after deciding what dinner will be for tonight. I will also do more reading before bed tonight if I'm not too tired.

Have a good rest of your evening now, Jenny. Stay safe. :-)

We went out this morning for a couple of hours which made a lovely change. This afternoon I’ve been drawing sitting in the garden 🙂

I’m glad you managed to catch up with your sister. Sounds like you’ve got all of your jobs done too. Now you can have a rest and enjoy the evening x

I felt quite fed up this morning but I feel a lot better now.

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Jennymary in reply to

Hi Catgirl1976, don't worry about being fed up, we've all been there, tomorrow is another day xx

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Glad you are feeling better catgirl. xx

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I think we all go through times when we feel fed up!

Today I walked to the local post office early, went on future learn and got some groceries from the shop and walked back the long way round and will start my mills and boon book after dinner.

Hi Jennymary

So glad you got your mask and well done on getting your mask locally. I got mine yesterday and it's British made so I'm happy with that.

Pleased you saw your sister, how lovely was that. Doesn't it feel good when you've done some housework.

I saw family today and went to the DIY to get some building stuff which was all in stock, I was pleased about that.

Started my day by trying to declutter the bedroom, my husband is a lifelong hoarder and it drives me crazy.

Don't know why I bother to try sorting it because he just won't let things go. I moved things around trying to at least make more space but failing and to be honest if I made space he would fill it.

I then got two wash loads outside to dry and after I had made lunch we spent time in the garden.

Tried to do a shopping list ready for Tuesday online shop but probably forgot something.

Tomorrow I hope to make gluten free soda bread if I can find the recipe.


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Hi Jennymary, I saw your mask, it looks great. It was king of your sister to bring you some dinner over. It's been very warm, I spent a couple of hours in the park with my daughter and granddaughter. Although I was in the shade, the sun and hot weather makes me feel drowsy. I enjoyed being with them regardless of the heat. I have just pottered today. had the dogs out. I've just been on the step filming the lightening on my phone. The thunder is very loud and there are many flashes of sheet lightening in the sky. I've come in now though as I don't think there is much chance of capturing any fork lightening. I've opened all the blinds though, so I can still watch it. xx

Took my dog and went to a park on the bay to meet my sister and niece. We walked along a pier that extended out in to the wetlands. My first time out since March. The world around me looked beautiful! The dog was elated!

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