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This 'one' had me Boiling😁

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This evening I put my kettle on.... Nothing, nothing at all. Tried the 'switch', changed the socket, checked the 'fuseboard'... everything. Took the fuse out of the plug, replaced it.... Nothing. ''Oh well, my Kettles ', bitten it'- not bad, for a Fiver" (which is all I paid). So, I though "Oh well I'll put the Pan 'on'". I had one final Wiggle, of all the 'parts'..... My Kettle came ON and Boiled..... It LIVES. My 'Multi- Meter' even found that the fuse Was working.....



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That's good, it was a divert well spent!!

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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

Magic wiggles.

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What on earth could have gone wrong with it. It might not be safe to use. Be careful. 😊

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AndrewT in reply to bobbybobb

Thanks for the advice- lots of 'b's- but I think it was just either 'Loose' or, not quite 'Fitting' the base. I'm sure it's fine..... I have 'sensitive' curcuit breakers too!

I might 'consider' a new one, once I'm out of Lockdown though.


Amazing how well jiggling things can work.

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MidoriVisually impaired

Like the TV repairman who came to repair the TV (years ago!) , had a look and then hit it; it began working, then charged the owner £16. the owner said 'when I pnoned you you said it would be £2, and all you've done was hit it!' Repairman said 'Yes, it was £2 for hitting it, but £14 for knowing Where to hit it!'

(my father was into radio and TV repair in his spare time back in the days of Valves!)

Cheers, Midori

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AndrewT in reply to Midori

I heard, this one, on a Company IT system... The Expert 'hit' the Server and Hey Presto!


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RLN-overcomer in reply to Midori

LOL Thank you. Have a great day

Hi AndrewT, That was very technical, like the old days of banging the TV to see if it would help when the picture went awry. You've brought it back to life. My friend had a similar problem with her food processor last week. She tried everything to make hers work to grate a batch of cheese. Having tried everything to get it going she was resigned to using her hand grater. Then she noticed it wasn't plugged in! 🤣


A Few years ago now, when I first came of of Hospital, I lived with my Mother.

One evening Mum came over and- guestering to the Computer- said 'Can You Make Sure This System Is Ready, For The Morning, I Need To Do Some Work On It'. I replied that I would and that 'It would be ready, for use'.

I was woken, fairly early, by a very irrate Mother insisting that 'The Computer ISN'T Working'............. A similar problem- she hadn't put the Power SWITCH down.🙄



Snap i had the same trouble unplugged it wiggled a knife about in the hole and hey presto working xx

Never say wiggled a knife in’s been drummed into me at work for years about safe electrical isolations. Test your tester, check circuit, test your tester again...every time.

How many people have changed a light bulb and it comes on?

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