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Photo: front of the large house from my walk yesterday

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I posted a picture of the back of this house yesterday:

The house is, I think, now owned by an industrialist, but much of the "Parky" landscapes I photograph, with nice trees, are, I think in the grounds of what used to be the estate of this house.

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This is a lovely house S11m and looks like the ideal setting for a film or TV drama. 😊

Wow! It is so beautiful! Also looks haunted and I bet there is a lot of vintage furniture inside. Would love to know the history! My kinda house! ; )

Beautiful house. I love the pillars by the door.

It is a gorgeous house! I was looking yesterday at all the various add ons that have been done over the years, fascinating, thank you for that xx

That's a really good one S11m.

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