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It is Father’s Day tomorrow and I will be thinking of mine sadly gone but always missed

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I wonder how any of you are feeling for Father’s Day

For those who still have a Dad and for those who no longer have a Dad

I miss mine even though a difficult relationship but he was a very charming and funny man

He was a strong independent free spirt and I am always remember him as a Peter Rabbit , always getting into mischief

I would call him the ASBO Dad when he was eighty

Hard for me to believe he has gone but his legacy always there

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I miss my dad, he left us in 2004 but I'll think about him tomorrow, something else I've thought about is that my grandad will get a gift from his daughter, my mum, for the first time in many years

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Roukaya in reply to Jennymary

I hope you are well

I expect you will think about Dad

I lost Dad in 2018 and he is the driving force why I would like to do Wills and Probate

I am learning it is the legacy we leave behind us is equally as important as the life we lead on Earth

I wonder how you remember your Dad

What stands out for you ?

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Jennymary in reply to Roukaya

How do I remember my dad, that's quite a question to answer, I was a, daddy's girl he would have done anything for me, I only had to ask dad can I..... And if could resolve my problem he would, but the best way to say how liked and respected he was is this, he retired 10yrs before he died and at his funeral which was on a November afternoon people he had worked with came to pay their respects, but I also remember going with him on the bus to football matches, he always made sure he had snacks for us both with him

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Good Afternoon

It seems you were blessed to have a very caring and supportive Dad

To remember his outstanding qualities which will stay with you forever

Very touching he brought snacks for all of you

Mine was genuinely generous too until he met a younger his tenant

He became ill in the end but lived to be 83

In the end it is our character and the characters of our parents that never leave us

Consider yourself blessed to have had such a wonderful Dad

Good morning

I hope you are well

I will always miss Dad

I am his only child I cared for him during the last years of his life until he required 24 Nursing Care

I think in all of this , I will try to follow through Wills and Probate and give to clients the care and advice I gave to Dad

I think this is why I chose to persevere

I wish you a good and peaceful day

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Hi Roukaya, I will also be missing my Dad tomorrow, he was 67 when he died. About 18 years ago. I miss him, my mum misses him. He was a great Dad. I think about him most days. Tomorrow, let's remember our father's for the happiness they brought us and think of the good memories and times spent with them, when they where here. 😊🌸🌼

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Good morning

I hope you are well

To remember the legacies of our Fathers

I think this is one of the ways we can treasure their impact on us

I look back and think of the Grand Plan of life that I chose to spend my forties caring for an elderly and vulnerable parent

I lost mine as he was 83 telling retired ladies at the cake shop I am married you know

He was a funny man but at the time I found him to be a rebel at 80 years old

I hope to visit the Mosque which did his last prayers

Thank you for being kind enough to answer my post

I lost my father in 2001, still miss him and think about him lots. Fathers day is also difficult as my partner still has her dad and and we tend to visit him so i tend to stay in the background. I usually get the old photos out and remember the happy times we had, upsetting but also uplifting.

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Roukaya in reply to Jacksc06

Good morning

Our parents are part of us

There impact on us never leaves us

I often wish I had the robust mentality and resilience of a Father who would never keel over on the face of adversity

Think about the positive impact your Dad made on you

Undoubtedly he has taught you certain life lessons which will stay with you for life

I look at a small of of Dad everyday sometimes he even comes in my dreams

Tomorrow is a timely reminder but in reality I remember Dad everyday

Hi Roukaya,

Lovely words for your late dad and good to know you keep him safely in your heart and remember him often.

I lost my dad very early at the age of 15, and now 57 years later and with my own life well lived, I still hold him as dearly. He wasn't perfect and he'd had a big and lasting sorrow in his life, but he was kind and a gentleman. In the short 15 years I knew him, I never heard him raise his voice or to become angry. His face is as familiar to me now as it was then. Rest in peace Dad, I love you still. 🙏🌺

Good morning

I hope you are well

You have become a humane, compassionate and kind person and for this your Dad would have been proud of you

To think you lost your Dad at 15

It is admirable to see that despite such a loss at a young age , you have had to grow up and mature. quickly in my opinion.

I lost mine two years ago he was 83

I also had a difficult relationship with mine as he was torn between me and his younger woman but I still cared because I knew he was ill

I think and I have learnt how important a kind word or a positive word can impact on someone who is lonely and vulnerable

Remembering Dad tomorrow but I remember Dad everyday

Hi Roukaya, Thank you so much for saying so. I know you said previously that your relationship with your dad was difficult at times, and I think it's good to be real about all human relationships because none of them are perfect. We are human after all. But after a loved one's gone, it's best to just remember the good times and their good qualities. I agree that the right few words when you are feeling upset and vulnerable, can make all the difference in the world. 🙏💖

Thank you

To remember the positive legacy that our Dads have left behind

My tribute to Dad

You were a trailblazer and a hell raiser


I lost my Dad in a terrible accident when I was 14, I'm 70 now. Like you I still hold him dear. I have had a very successful career, at key points I have often thought how proud my working class Dad would have been of 'his girl'. I am also married to a wonderful man who is an artist and a craftsman, he and my Dad would have had so much to talk about, I know they would have loved one-another.

Sometimes I feel sad, sometimes I think of the tragedy of his death, but mainly I hold a warm glow for the lovely man who set me on the road to pursuing education , working hard and having a good life.

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Lovely post Roukaya, my Dad died in 1980 he was only 65 which is young today, but I think of him and my Mum every day,

I always put a bunch of roses by his photo at home because as you know it was my Dad who planted the rose garden , to everything a season.

As pooh said in another post on here

If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in you heart, I'll stay there forever.

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Roukaya in reply to Hidden

Good Afternoon

I hope you are well

But I think you have a wonderful Dad in the sense he left you a beautiful rose garden

I cannot think of a better tribute as you put his Roses by his photo

Very moving

I am beginning to understand my own personality through Lock Down and to a certain extent we are products of our parents and childhood

I think it is best to remember the positive aspects of our Fathers

Mine lived to be 83 but he was assaulted in his home by one of his tenants and he went on to live just over seven years

This is when I came in to manage his personal responsibilities

But in retrospect I can see he was very ill and a vulnerable person which I expect is the driving force which compels me to persevere in my career aims

I hope you are keeping well

I love Roses and may be I will do another flower arrangement in the next few days

How will you spend your day ?

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Its wonderful to have such memories isn't it , they will always be with us, yes you seem to have your Dads determination to succeed and you will get there in the end with him behind you,

I'm hoping to do a. bit of pruning in the garden today if it stays fine, the more you prune roses the more they flower, they usually last from early June right through to October so plenty of flowers.

What flowers are you going to use for your arrangement this time.

are you feeling better today you seemed down yesterday

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Roukaya in reply to Hidden

I hope you are keeping well

I may buy some peonies or sunflowers

It will depend what I see in the Supermarket

I may buy anything that appeals

As I get older it is the simple things that can appeal

My Mother the Pocket Rocket says as well I have my Fathers determination and reliance

He was a rebellious character and he would use his freedom pass to the extreme , he would often drop buy ad my home was situated on his bus route

A free spirit and I would always give him a Lavely cup of tea

How will you spend your day

Always nice to hear from you

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Hidden in reply to Roukaya

It's good to be rebellious sometimes,

You too, it's great to know there's always someone on here for a chat isn't it,

,I'm going to have a Lavely cup of tea now lol I'll be thinking of our Dads

Have a good day

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Good Afternoon

I hope you enjoy your Lavely cup of tea ☕️

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Thank you

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