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My turn for a corny joke.

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Here's one passed on to me by my daughter's partner earlier today, which made me chuckle.

Channel 4 are looking for people to take part in a documentary about people who made the most of the summer holiday by camping in their back gardens.

It's being directed by Tentin Quarantino! πŸ•

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Veteran250 profile image

I camped in my back garden back in the day, when testing my tent before my first backpacking holiday in Cornwall. πŸ˜€

in reply to Veteran250

That's not as daft as it could sound Don. We used to do that as well to check for leaks and to air our tent out before setting out on holiday!

bobbybobb profile image

I loved that, very clever. It made me laugh also. xx

PatsyIpswich profile image

my brother and wife who has MS and their 2 dogs .. spend a night in camper van on their driveway the night before their holidays. sounds very sensible spose

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Carol5 in reply to PatsyIpswich

Great idea. Have a trial run. Also it gives you chance to pop back in case you have forgotten something vital before going on your travels. Very good tip.πŸ‘

RoadRunner44 profile image

Yes, it does make you smile. Smile is getting broader.....

Love that, very original xxπŸ˜‚

Marnie22 profile image

Ouch! That was as bad as some of my worst ones! πŸ˜€πŸŒΈ

Sara_2611 profile image

aaahhh !! ha ha ha -very witty indeed

VelvetSky profile image

It gets worse!

MaggieSylvie profile image

Tentin Quarantino! Tee hee!

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Lol lol

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My youngest sister "camped at home" once... my mother was concerned (surprise) and went looking for her ... but she camped on the far side of the farm - over half a mile from the house!

This one is great, made me smile 😊 xxxx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Good one

Dalia74 profile image

πŸ˜‚ made me giggle

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