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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Friday 12th June 2020

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Good morning all,

Last night wasn't a good one for sleeping and I was reading a book into the wee small hours and sipping on a goodly quantity of tea.

So this morning I'm posting a quotation from C S Lewis in praise of books and tea!

"You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me."

I completely agree with him, so long as the book's a good one!

Hoping you all have a really good Friday.

Picture Jill Wellington, Pixabay.com

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Good morning

I hope you are well

Thank you for being kind enough to reply to my posts .

I hope you manage to get some rest given your sleepness night

I will begin to start applying for employment and resume studying

Life is all our attitude and ability to persevere with resilience

The tea set looks very nice and welcoming

Can’t beat a cup of tea ,it is such a tonic

Hi Roukaya, I'm very well thank you, and I hope you are feeling fine today too. The really great thing about being 72 is that I don't have to be very structured about life, so if I nod off later, it won't really matter! So I don't get stressed about sleepless nights.

Tea's such a part of British culture isn't it? One time I was involved in a car accident and sure enough, out of her house toddled a dear old lady with a bone china cup of tea on a tray with a couple of biscuits for me!

I admire how you have resolved to 'get back on the horse' and to try again to reach your goals. It's true that it's really our own determination that provides our resilience to get up and try again.

One of my favourite ever sayings is the one from Nelson Mandela when he says, "Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again."

Very best wishes to you once again, and keep striving for whatever it is that will bring you peace and happiness. 🙏

Good morning

I hope you do get some rest

My Mother is 72 years as well but she seems to be always very busy and she is also a perfectionist and runs everything like a well oiled machine

Very inspiring quote from Nelson Mandela , again an extraordinary special man

Came fir a purpose and delivered his purpose

Kind Regards

Love the picture and love CS Lewis' words so so true!! Mmmm time to make a pot now I think!! Ps wholeheartedly agree with Mandela quote too!

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Love the picture. Hope you sleep better tonight. 😊🌸

Thanks bobbybob! 😊

Hi Callendersgal, I'm so sorry you had such a restless night but so glad you could fall back on a decent cup of tea and a book, I do hope that relaxed you.

You can't beat a decent cup of tea, or in my case coffee.

Take care and I hope you get a better night tonight.

Alicia xx

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Callendersgal in reply to

Thanks Alicia! It’s a bit of an old age curse to be honest and I try to just take it in my stride. I’ll probably nod off in the middle of my favourite TV show later! 😃😃xx

in reply to Callendersgal

Well all I can say is well done to you for being stoic. Enjoy nodding off with a cup of tea of course, possibly a biscuit as well. ;) xx

lovely tea set -gives a very countryside impression

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