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Photo: Another path picture

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I was not happy with yesterday's picture - I think this is a bit better - but does not have the distant view.

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A bit dodgy to get along in my electric powerchair..... sadly! 😕🌈

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S11m in reply to Veteran250

I was disabled for five years - and I have a power chair and a scooter.

The powerchair would manage this - but might trip out on overheat before it got to the top!

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Both pictures are just perfect and thanks again for sharing them. I would love to walk that path.

That is better, great photograph 👍

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I grew up in Somerset and there were lots of these "tunnelled" paths. Soooo lovely and cool in the summer. I was lucky enough to have a pony and could ride these all the time …. beautiful picture, thanks for bringing up these memories xx

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This looks like a very nice walk.

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That is a lovely photograph. 😊

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Hello S11m

Thank you, when I saw your photograph l had to give a heavy sigh with a smile, l must add. How l miss these beautiful country walks, my mobility just will not allow it, my imagination is still able though to feel the warmth and smell nature all around me. Thank you again!

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to footgo

There are places now......Well not in middle of a pandemic... That have powered bike like chairs that enable disables to got out into countryside so check them out

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Just as beautiful 😊😊

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Great picture. I can't wait to get out in the country again. x

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What a beautiful photo.The tunnel looks so inviting!

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

That's a well walked path TFS

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S11m in reply to Craftyperson

Last Summer I took my Jeep up it with loads of gravel in an attempt to make it usable through the winter... then it got muddy and we put another few tons of gravel on it using a track barrow.

It is not farmer-maintained, as it is on the boundary between two farms.

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to S11m

Well good on you for trying

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Oh yes! doesn't it look inviting? You just want to go through there to find out what's at the other end. You have a good eye choosing this as a subject for a photograph.


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S11m in reply to RoadRunner44

The last photo I posted:

was taken not for from where this one was - and you can see that the path leads down to the town.

There are hundreds of yards of "tunnel" path... and it is difficult to find the ides l spot or the ideal lighting - bright sunlight, makes for very dark shadows.

If I could be bothered to take a camera (instead of just an iPhone) I would be able to do more with it with Photoshop.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to S11m

It can be a very pleasant past time photographing interesting nooks and crannies on our walks. The UK has so many beautiful areas to explore and enjoy. A friend of mine is a great walker and is never without his camera. As he is also an artist he often snaps an area of interest then uses the photos as a base for a painting. He likes buildings with ruined, old brick walls. Other favourites seem to be landscapes and seascapes featuring something interesting to focus on which draw the eyes into the painting.


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S11m in reply to RoadRunner44

I prefer stone buildings - I like to capture textures.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to S11m

Me too!

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Reminds me of the tree canopy you often get in a countryside hollow way.

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