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My Paintings

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I’m feeling brave today so here are a selection of my watercolour paintings. I started to do them a couple of weeks ago when I decided that the time was going by and I’m not doing anything constructive in the lockdown. I’ve always had a mental block with art but now I am pleased that through people sharing their art on here I have had a stern word with myself and overcome the barriers. I’m not joking when I say a few weeks ago I could barely draw a straight line with a pencil! 😂

I was especially inspired by the person who did the loose watercolour flowers and the flowers/rabbit in the field birthday card so I would like to thank you for somehow giving me the impetus to put something on paper.

It’s very early days but with practice I’m sure I will improve but more importantly I’ve had such fun!

Have a great day

Ali 💚🙂🌈

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Be assured you have a gift! Love your paintings.


Thank you so much x

Good morning

I am very impressed with the beauty of each painting

An excellent creative outlet for your gift

I particularly like the pastel colours which are calming and soothing

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Agoodenough in reply to Roukaya

That’s kind Roukaya, thank you 🙏

They're absolutely beautiful x

Thank you 😁 at least I have somewhere to start as a base now x

Hi Agoodenough, beautiful and delicate work. I especially love the irises!💖

Thank you 💚

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Considering you couldn't even draw a straight line, these are very impressive. You have done a great job. 🎨🎨

Thank you. No I honestly couldn’t. I feel now I have a basis to improve on and bring more detail.

Ooh Ali, I love them.

They are so calming. Carry on as you sure have a gift.

Alicia xx

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Agoodenough in reply to

Thank you Alicia 😃 I’ve really enjoyed it. I have an attention span of a gnat so a quick dabble here and there has been fun!

in reply to Agoodenough

They really are good and I can see your attention span is much better than mine. I really do like them. Carry on, looking forward to seeing more.

Alicia :)

Ah Thank you Jerry. Hopefully my talent will come out of hiding and not be so shy! 🙂

I particularly love the little round one. You are doing so well and growing in confidence.

Keep it up now you've found t again.

Thank you. I like the little round one best too. Yes need to keep momentum up as I don’t want my mental block to come back!

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