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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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The Calm Corner update, Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are having as good a start to the week as possible, given our very unusual circumstances. I think many of us are beginning to settle into a very new and different routine to our usual ones.

I've had some feedback concerning these updates, and there are two or three of you who seem to want to continue with some daily contact. With that in mind, from the end of this week, I think I'll resurrect the original pinned post, The Calm Corner and do some shorter updates there. And if there is anyone who wants closer support too, I'm more than happy to take questions and offer advice on Mindfulness meditation in private messaging too. Of course I'll let you all know when to switch back to the original pinned post.

And for those of you who have tried Meditation, but given it up for any reason, you can then always check back in to that pinned post, if you decide to give it another try. And I'd always encourage any one to do that. Often we try a new thing at the wrong time, and it works next time around. So I'll still be there!

We've really covered the very basics now. You've also learned about Loving Kindness meditation. It's not essential, but is a wonderful adjunct to Mindfulness because it reminds us to think of all other beings who are here in the same 'soup' with us. But before the updates finish, I'd just like to introduce a forgiveness meditation tomorrow, because that too, although not essential to practice, helps to calm the mind.

For today, you all know now what the routine is. Keep pressing on towards an ideal 15 minutes of meditation, twice a day. And continue to sit through anything, including racing thoughts. That's not a failure in meditation. It's actually meditation!

So have a good day everyone, and happy meditating. 🙏

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Personally, I'm finding keeping to a routine Monday to Friday whilst my husband has to work suits me. I am doing some exercises/workouts each morning for 30 mins. These have helped me enormously, stopping me get into a low mood. Its actually makng me feel happier. In the afternoon after lunch & finishing my housework I do some meditation/relaxing exercises. It certainly does help, along with eating sensibly. Told myself not to be baking whilst self isolating cause I will end up eating it all & that wouldnt help me at all. Stay safe everyone & try to keep positive!!

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Hi Poohbear2, and thanks for your very positive feedback! I'm delighted that you're routine is keeping you going, and that sounds like a lesson for us all! Thanks so much and do enjoy your day and stay safe.

Thank you for your lovely update about meditation. I really must get into a routine of getting my yoga mat out, my yoga teacher even said to us get your legs up the wall and relax and breath.

I'm keeping to the housework routine but everything else has changed. Myself and my hubby have cut our very big hedge, the grass has been cut and we've got the driveway to work on as we have some cold tarmac to lay.

What is keeping my mental health in check is similar to Poohbear2 as I'm going out jogging/power walking mostly in the mornings although I cycled today as I needed something from the pharmacy. I'm fortunate enough to have the countryside right on my doorstep so I've been enjoying the sunny weather and being outside the once a day that we are allowed. The hardest thing for me is when the weather turns and it starts to become inclement again as I'll have to exercise indoors, I don't like that as much but I will do it as I know it makes me feel good.

Finally, keep safe and well.

Alicia :)

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It's great to hear you're being so positive. Fortunately, I've got an exercise bike so get on that when cold outside & just look out over the farmers field imagining I'm outside. Like you, I stick to a routine but today decided to it different as I was getting bored. Ive started writing a memory book for our granddaughters about our life, their mummy's life growing up then onto their lives. Keeps my brain motivated & brought back many good memories. Look after yourselves, sending best wishes! X

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Thank you Poohbear2 , exercise has been very important to me for many years now and it makes me feel so good about myself. I did have an exercise bike but stupidly sold it last year, wish I hadn't now but of course hindsight is a wonderful thing. How lovely writing a memory book for your granddaughters, I think that is so lovely and it certainly does keep your brain motivated. That's got me thinking to start a photo album to write in for my granddaughters as well, I have 2, one is 4 and the other 8.

Keep safe and well.

Take care

Alicia x

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Ha, same here, my oldest granddaughter nearly 8 & other nearly 5. So precious aren't they. It's hard not seeing them isn't it? As long as they are happy & healthy that's our main concern. Have a good evening, best wishes!x

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Oh my, they aren't to far apart in age and yes it's hard not seeing them but the main thing is they are safe and healthy.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Alicia x

I did my meditation this morning

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Fantastic Sara_2611,

How did it go for you?

hello callendersgal

Ok ta - some years ago there was a half hour 1 off show about yoga & I got my mat & copied them -it was quite fun - my mum laughed

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